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General Knowledge Quiz – 1000 GK Quiz Questions Answers


General Knowledge Aptitude Test Part 9


1. Which Union Territory attained statehood in February, 1987 ?

2. Which oxyacid of halogen has maximum acidic nature?

3. From when was the Zero Base Budgeting in India first experimented?

4. What is most important reason for dwindling forest resources today?

5. “The best and bravest of the military leader of the rebels”- about whom was this said by Sir Hugh Rose?

6. Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test cricket?

7. The greatest threat to organisms and biodiversity in which process?

8. Which Article of the Constitution of India makes a specific mention of Village Panchayats ?

9. How much of earth surface is covered by the forests?

10. Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress?

11. The unidirectional property of a pn-junction is useful for its use as which thing?

12. Who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the year 2012?

13. Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission?

14. The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer broad?

15. During India’s Freedom Struggle, which led to the first ‘All India Hartal’?

16. Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo?

17. Which Amendment of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening of the Panchayati Raj?

18. Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name?

19. How many islands of India are located in the Bay of Bengal?

20. In ancient India, at where was the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom?


Quiz Question Answer

1. Goa 2. HClO4 3. April, 1987 4. Over felling 5. Rani of Jhansi 6. Shane Warne 7. Process of habitat loss 8. Article 40 9. 30 percent 10. Sarojini Naidu 11. Rectifier 12. P.R. Ramesh 13. Vijay Kelkar 14. 150 to 400 15. Protest against Rowlatt Act 16. Red pandas 17. 73rd 18. Cracking 19. 204 20. Rajgir


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