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General Knowledge Quiz – 1000 GK Quiz Questions Answers


GK 2018 Latest Quiz Questions with Answers Part 18


1. Which game is Davis Cup associated with?

2. When did the last female Alpine ibex disappear in France?

3. To whom is the resignation letter of a State Public Service Commission member addressed?

4. Equatorial forest of the Amazon basin is known as by which name?

5. To which work is Devichandraguptam related?

6. Purification of petroleum is carried out by which method?

7. Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to which field?

8. From which sector is the largest contribution in India’s National Income?

9. Thick stems and thorny wax coated leaves are commonly found in which area?

10. Who is most famous for” the establishment of an elaborate system of municipal administration?

11. What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach?

12. Which is the State having the largest population of scheduled castes?

13. Where will be the Time period in a vibration magnetometer infinite?

14. Which is considered to cause an adverse of effect on Indian monsoon?

15. Who was a lexicographer?

16. Who was the first Indian to be honoured with a lifetime achievement Oscar Award?

17. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat?

18. Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child?

19. Which region does not receives much rainfall in the south-west monsoon season?

20. By whom was the city of Agra founded in 1504?


Quiz Question Answer

1. Tennis 2. 2000 3. Governor 4. Selvas 5. Chandra Gupta II 6. Fractional distillation 7. Literature 8. Tertiary sector 9. Deserts 10. Chandragupta Maurya 11. Duodenum 12. Utter Pradesh 13. At magnetic pole 14. El-nino 15. Amarslrnha 16. Satyajit Roy 17. 32” 18. Quantitative analysis of DNA 19. Tamil Nadu coast 20. Sikandar Lodi


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