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Top 50 Online Quiz Contest Questions

50 Online Quiz Contest Questions


Online Quiz Contest Questions


1) Who said “Direction is telling the people what to do and seeing that they do it in the best possible manner”?
Answer: Ernest Dale.


2) Cryptography is usually used in what for protecting secret messages?
Answer: Computer Networks.


3) Which band is used for T.V, F.M, air navigation, radar?
Answer: VHF.


4) The purpose of distribution reservoirs is:
Answer: City water supply.


5) What is the name of the project aimed at building a viable self-sustaining National Dairy Industry on co-operative lines?
Answer: Operation flood.


6) The centre of mass of a body is known as:
Answer: Barycenter.


7) Velocity of sound in a gas is proportional to what?
Answer: Square root of adiabatic elasticity.


8) Who opened the world’s first school of navigation in 1416?
Answer: Prince Henry of Portugal.


9) Mr. Henry James writes fiction as if it were a painful duty – a critic said. Who?
Answer: Oscar Wilde.


10) According to Astrology friend planets of Mars:
Answer: Jupiter, Sun and Moon.


11) Which one is more compact engine, internal or external combustion?
Answer: Internal.


12) In modern times, which engines are most commonly used in automobiles?
Answer: Internal Combustion Engines.


13) Which are the eight fold paths of Buddhism?
Answer: Right view, right resolution, right words, right action, right living, right effort, right thinking, right concentration.


14) Whose dying words were : ‘I am dying as I have lived, beyond my means’?
Answer: Oscar Wilde.


15) In 1740 Henry Carey was attributed with the composition and singing of a famous musical work-what was it?
Answer: The British National Anthem-God save the king.


16) In Hindu Mythology Who is the Guru of Bhishma in archery and other arts of war?
Answer: Vasishtha.


Online Quiz Contest Questions Part 2 (Questions 17-31)


17) Who is the prime minister of Spain in 2019?
Answer: Pedro Sánchez.


18) Which shoreline is formed by the raising of the continental shelf above the sea water caused by epeirogenic forces of earth?
Answer: Emergent Shoreline.


19) In sociology, a community becomes a community any if it has:
Answer: Common territory.


20) What is the title of the two epic Hindu poems written in Sanskrit?
Answer: Mahabharata, Ramayana.


21) How many Accepting houses are there in England?
Answer: About 17.


22) When was Samuel Morse patented his telegraph?
Answer: 1840.


23) Who were the leaders of the ‘Big Three Nations’ met at the Yalta Conference to plan for the peace that would follow the war?
Answer: President Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S), Winston Churchill (Great Britain), Premier Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union).


24) Name the mother of Prophet Muhammad:
Answer: Aminah bint Wahb.


25) Who were North African Muslims who had invaded Spain in the A.D. 700’s?
Answer: Moors.


26) Which is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere?
Answer: Aconcagua.


27) Which fins consist of a fleshy stalk fringed with rays?
Answer: Lobed.


28) When was some people in the Middle East began to do farming?
Answer: About 8000 B.C.


29) In which process the digital files may be output directly to laser platesetters?
Answer: Photo composition.


30) Who was the master of trilogy?
Answer: Aeschylus.


31) What is the legal term which indicates the rejection of a case due to the non-existence of the remedy?
Answer: infructuous.


Online Quiz Contest Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


32) Which are the most common camera filters for photography?
Answer: Gelatin filter.


33) Who did offering to God among the head of the fathers house on the first day?
Answer: Nahshon.


34) What is the real name of Kumar Gandharva who was a famous musician in Carnatic music?
Answer: Shivaputra Siddharamayya Komkalimath.


35) What is the name of the fashion institute at Mumbai?
Answer: National Institute of Fashion Technology.


36) The conscience of the revolution is the book of:
Answer: Robert Vincent Daniels.


37) 1000 kilograms are equal to how many metric ton?
Answer: One metric ton.


38) What is the currency of Botswana:
Answer: Pula.


39) Where in Italy most of the tourists reach during summer season?
Answer: Venice.


40) What are two types of dandruffs?
Answer: Pityriasis Capitis Simplex and Pityriasis rosea.


41) Which is the Western border of outer plateau?
Answer: Karakoram Range.


42) In which countries did Cha Cha Jiva, Rumba and Samba dances flourished?
Answer: Latin American countries.


43) Gandhi regarded his participation in 1919 session of the Congress as his real entrance into the Congress politics. Where was this session held?
Answer: Amritsar.


44) Some of the understory trees are smaller species that grow well in the shade of:
Answer: Canopy.


45) How does scientists classify streams?
Answer: By stream order.


46) Analogous organs are those organs having similarity in:
Answer: Function.


47) Instrumental conditioning is studied by:
Answer: Edward Thorndike and B. F. Skinner.


48) Rationalism arise in:
Answer: 1600’s.


49) If sharp things are entered into the body, shouldn’t pull out it. Pull out only from the hospital. Why?
Answer: Bleeds uncontrollably and the person will die.


50) Which English poet illustrated all his major work himself?
Answer: William Blake.


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