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General Knowledge Quiz – 1000 GK Quiz Questions Answers


Quiz Questions with Answer Part 41


1. Which right conferred by the Constitution of India is also available to non-citizens?

2. What is the relative permeability of a paramagnetic material?

3. The United Nations declared 2008 as which International Year?

4. On which thing Erosion of soil by a river mainly depends?

5. What was the main basis of social organization in India during the early medieval period?

6. Which country stood second in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics medal tally?

7. Where is the national institute of nutrition located?

8. Which is a human right as well as a fundamental right under the Constitution of India?

9. What is the average salt content in a litre of sea water?

10. Why is Sher Shah is well known for his administrative skill,?

11. In which Tyndall effect is not observed?

12. Which can be used for checking inflation temporarily?

13. Dhyan Chand’s name is associated with which game?

14. Which are the “Horn of Africa”?

15. By whom was the Sarak-i-Azam which ran from the Indus to Sonargaon (in Bangladesh) built?

16. Which is Nuclease enzyme begin its attack from free end of polynucleotide?

17. After howmany years One-third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire?

18. A soap bubble is given negative charge then what happen in its radius?

19. Israel has common borders with which countries?

20. The Upanishads were translated into Persian by the orders of which rular?


Quiz Question Answer

1. Freedom to speech 2. Greater than unity 3. Planet Earth 4. Its speed at which it flows 5. Caste 6. US 7. Hyderabad 8. Right to Education 9. 35 gm 10. Land revenue system 11. Sugar solution 12. Decrease in money supply 13. Badminton 14. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia 15. Sher Shah 16. Exonuclease 17. Second year 18. Increases 19. Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Jordan 20. Dara Shikoh


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