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General Knowledge Quiz – 1000 GK Quiz Questions Answers


GK Quiz With Answers Part 45


1. What is the name given to an almost circular coral reef inside which there is a lagoon?

2. Chocolates can be bad for health because of a high content of which element?

3. In which Photosynthesis occurs?

4. Which are the important species of the Mediterranean biome?

5. At which place was the headless statue of Kanishka found?

6. Who has the power to form a new State within the Union of India?

7. By whom was Electron first identified?

8. When was EXIM Bank set-up?

9. The annual average rate of net plant production is highest in which forests?

10. The religious literature of the Jains at the early stage was written in which language?

11. Which animal can tolerate more summer heat?

12. What is the estimation of age of woody plant by counting annual ring?

13. In whom the executive authority of the Union is vested by the Constitution?

14. Kula, Kufri, Kajjair and Dalhousie are all tourists place of which state?

15. Of which Religion-wise the sculpture were found at Kankali tila in Mathura?

16. Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of which metal?

17. By whom was the famous ‘Kirti Stambha’ at Chittor built?

18. Which is at the apex of Industrial Finance in India?

19. Which state receives rainfall from north-east monsoons?

20. Where are the traces of Portuguese culture found in India?


Quiz Question Answer

1. Atoll 2. Nickel 3. Chloroplast 4. Pine, cedar, fir 5. Mathura 6. President 7. J. J. Thomson 8. 1982 9. Temperate forest 10. Ardhamagadhi 11. Donkey 12. Dendrochronology 13. President 14. Himachal Pradesh 15. Jaina 16. Zinc 17. Rana Kumbha 18. Industrial Development Bank of India 19. Tamil Nadu 20. Goa


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