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Computer IT and Technology Quiz Questions with Answers 2020

Computer IT and Technology Quiz Questions with Answers 2020


Computer and IT Quiz Questions with Answers 2018


1. What was acquired by Google for $3.1 billion (in cash) from a San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman along with JMI Equity and management?
Answer: DoubleClick Inc.

2. Who has launched an electronic book reader called PRS-700?
Answer: Sony.

3. Which telephone giant has a trademark on the term ‘flip phone’?
Answer: Motorola.

4. What is Microsoft’s paid-search advertising program called?
Answer: MSN AdCenter.

5. Who developed the Token-Ring LAN technology in the 1980s?
Answer: IBM.

6. What is the new service started by Apple Inc for all its iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC to keep everything in sync?
Answer: MobileMe.

7. Name the Indian IT services company taken over completely by Citigroup for about $126 million?
Answer: E-Serve.

8. Who gave the name ‘Computer Virus’?
Answer: Dr. Fred Kohen.

9. Which very popular site was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005?
Answer: YouTube.

10. What was the former name of Google Book Search?
Answer: Google Print.

11. Of which famous computer company was Michael M. Scott the first president in 1977?
Answer: Apple.

12. The new product of which Taiwanese major it company is Iconia?
Answer: Acer.

13. Which famous California-based company has the NYSE ticker STX?
Answer: Sea Gate.

14. Which globally famous job-search portal’s trademarked tagline is `never settle’?

15. Whose search technology is called Web Fountain?
Answer: IBM.

16. Which famous PC company is headquartered at Round Rock, Texas
Answer: Dell.

17. Who has registered the domain name leading to the speculation of a browser on the anvil?
Answer: Google.

18. Which highly successful portal takes its name from a Song Dynasty poem written several centuries ago?
Answer: Baidu.

19. Which cyber-major picked up Serious Magic, a privately held maker of video production software?
Answer: Adobe.

20. ‘Experience Change’ is the tagline of which company?
Answer: Videocon.

21. Who bought Right Media, which operates a real-time online display ad exchange, for $680 million?
Answer: Yahoo.

22. Who claims to be the ‘First Internet search engine to launch Image, Audio, and Video search capabilities’?
Answer: Alta Vista.

23. Who is regarded as Father of Wi-Fi?
Answer: Vic Hayes.

24. Who quoted “I Would Trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates”
Answer: Steve Jobs.

25. Pescadero, Oceano and Indio are codenames of earlier versions of which popular software?
Answer: Firefox browser.


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26. One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) was proposed by whom?
Answer: Nicholas Negroponte.

27. Name the only Indian on Google’s Board of Directors.
Answer: Ram Shriram.

28. If its iPad for Apple, for whom will it be Optimus?
Answer: LG.

29. Which doyen of the Indian IT industry resigned from the company he built to start up “Happiest Minds India Ltd”?
Answer: Ashok Soota.

30. Who makes the Reclaim and Blue Earth range of mobile phones?
Answer: Samsung.

31. Expand UWB.
Answer: Ultra Wide Band.

32. Which was the world’s first spreadsheet?
Answer: VisiCalc.

33. Who makes the Angry Birds game?
Answer: Rovio Mobile.

34. What is Asus tablet called?
Answer: Eee Pad.

35. What is sometimes described as the “SMS of the internet?”
Answer: Twitter.

36. Expand HAN.
Answer: Home Area Network.

37. Which company was the first to develop GUI?
Answer: Xerox.

38. Which company began as ‘Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory’?
Answer: Canon.

39. Whose Web site tagline is `The Trusted Choice for Online Business’?
Answer: Akamai.

40. The Development Gateway Foundation is an enabler of development. They were originally started by which organization headed by Robert Zoellick?
Answer: World Bank.

41. What was developed by Lary Wall as a replacement for AWK, a text processing language?
Answer: Perl.

42. If Google owns the PageRank trademark, who owns the patent to the process?
Answer: Stanford University.

43. Which game-maker is the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners, an MLB team?
Answer: Nintendo.

44. Who developed Xross Media Bar (XMB), the Emmy-award winning GUI system?
Answer: Sony.

45. Expand GPRS.
Answer: General Packet Radio Service.

46. Who makes the very popular Facebook games FarmVille and PetVille?
Answer: Zynga.

47. Who sold off social network Bebo, chat client ICQ and an investment in travel searchsite Kayak in the past quarter?
Answer: AOL.

48. Epic is a web browser made by which country?
Answer: India.

49. When you have a CD which is given free with a magazine, what is that called?
Answer: Onsert.

50. Which Web Site tells that “Discover what’s happening right now”?
Answer: Twitter.


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