Computer and its Technology Quizzes – General Computer Quiz Questions


Computer and its Technology Quizzes – General Computer Quiz Questions


Computer and its Technology Quizzes - General Computer Quiz Questions


Computer Quiz: True or False

Is QWERTY a computer language? Was the first Web site established in the U.S.? Log into this computer quiz and prove that man is smarter than machine.


1. A computer keyboard has more germs than does a bathroom sink.
True or False?


2. Nanomemory is something that applies to computers.
True or False?


3. QWERTY is a popular computer language.
True or False?


4. The size of a computer typeface affects how much ink a printer uses.
True or False?


5. The world’s first Web site was in the United States.
True or False?


6. The computer and printing press are much alike.
True or False?


7. The digital computer was first conceived of before World War II.
True or False?


Computers and Operating Systems Quiz Questions

How does the Internet move information between computers? What is the operating system made by Microsoft? Log into this quiz and test your knowledge of computers and operating systems.


8. Which of these relates to a computer?
A) Megabyte
B) Megaphone
C) Megaton
D) Macrame


9. Which of these is part of a computer?
A) Keyboard
B) Keylock
C) Keystone
D) Key lime


10. Which of these is not a well-known computer manufacturer?
A) Mercedes-Benz
C) Lenovo
D) Apple


11. Which of these operating systems is made by Microsoft?
B) Linux
D) Windows


12. Which of these is not a computer operating system?
A) Photoshop
B) Microsoft Windows
C) Apple OS X
D) Linux


13. Which of the following is a computer operating system?
A) Xenon
B) Xerox
C) Linux
D) Borax


14. What was the Universal Automatic Computer nicknamed?
A) Unicell
B) Eurythmics
D) Univac


15. What is a word relating to transferring electronic data?
A) Downslope
B) Downturn
C) Downstream
D) Download


16. Which of these is not a computer font?
A) Garamond
B) Helvetica
C) Windows
D) Times


17. In what form does the Internet move information between users’ computers?
A) Encrypted letters
B) Elfish tongue
C) Data packets
D) Complete digital files




1. True
Computer keyboards are cleaned much less often than bathroom fixtures—and thus have more germs, often flourishing on bits of food that have fallen between the keys!


2. True
Nanomemory involves placing computer memory in smaller and smaller areas, so that an object such as an iPod can hold many thousands of song and movie files in a very small space.


3. False
QWERTY describes the most common configuration of a typewriter and computer keyboard in English, based on the frequency of usage of the letters of the alphabet.


4. True
The larger the lettering, the more ink a printer will use. Some new typefaces have tiny holes in the letters that are almost invisible but that save little quantities of ink.


5. False
The world’s first Web site,, was established in Switzerland in 1990. It is still operational today, called “the Web site of the world’s first web server.”


6. True
Like the personal computer and Internet, the printing press made it easy to make many copies of words and pictures.


7. True
British mathematician Alan Turing wrote a paper on computing in 1936. After World War II he helped develop what was called an Automatic Digital Machine, a forerunner of the modern computer.


8. A) Megabyte
A megabyte is a unit of computer memory. It is made up of 1024 kilobytes.


9. A) Keyboard
A keyboard is an important part of a computer. It allows the user to enter data by typing numbers and letters.


10. A) Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz is a famed German automaker.


11. D) Windows
Microsoft released the first version of its Windows operating system in 1985.


12. A) Photoshop
Photoshop is a program used to manipulate digital images. The other programs operate whole computers.


13. C) Linux
Invented in the early 1990s, Linux is a variant of the UNIX operating system, which has been in use since the 1960s.


14. D) Univac
The Univac computer was built in the 1950s. It was one of the most powerful computers of its time, though it seems very primitive by today’s standards.


15. D) Download
To download something means to move data from one location to another. Usually a download involves copying data from the Internet.


16. C) Windows
Helvetica, Times, and Garamond are popular typographic fonts, widely distributed in computer systems such as Windows.


17. C) Data packets
Data is broken into small groups called packets that contain the recipient’s address so that they can travel over available lines and be reassembled in order on arrival.


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