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150 Computer Quiz Questions Answers – Learn about Computer – Latest Computer General Knowledge Quiz

150 Computer Quiz Questions Answers – Learn about Computer – Latest Computer General Knowledge Quiz


Computer Quiz Questions


Computer Quiz Questions General Knowledge Part 1


1) Digital computers are classified in four categories. What are they?
Answer: Microcomputers, Mini computers, Mainframe computers and Super computers.


2) PC/XT stands for?
Answer: Personal computers extended technology.


3) PC/AT stands for?
Answer: personal computers advanced technology.


4) MIPS is?
Answer: million instructions per second.


5) Example for mini computers?
Answer: IBM AS/400/B60, VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, WIPRO LANDMARK 860, HP 9000 etc.


6) In the case of Microcomputers speed of CPU is?
Answer: 1-10 MIPS.


7) Speed of CPU in the case of Minicomputer is?
Answer: 20-50 MIPS.


8) Speed of CPU in the case of Mainframe computer is?
Answer: 30-100 MIPS.


9) Speed of CPU in the case of Super computer is?
Answer: 400-10000 MIPS.


10) Word length of Microcomputers?
Answer: 8-32 bit.


Computer Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2


11) Word length of Mainframe computers?
Answer: 48-64 bit.


12) Word length of Super computers?
Answer: 64 or 96 bit.


13) Main memory has 3 distinct parts. What are they?
Answer: Ram, Rom, Cache.


14) Two different types of Semi-conductor RAM memories are there. What are they?
Answer: DRAM (Dynamic RAM), SRAM (Static RAM)


15) In which memory, the data stored are lost in the event of power failure?
Answer: DRAM, SRAM.


16) EPROM stands for?
Answer: Erasable programmable Read Only Memory.


17) UPROM stands for?
Answer: Ultraviolet Programmable Read Only Memory.


18) EAPROM stands for?
Answer: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.


19) A standard protocol that describes communication between computers, synthesizers and musical instrument is?
Answer: MIDI.


20) The program change that makes up the operating system, along with the associated utility program change, as distinct from an application program is?
Answer: System software.


Learn more about Computer Online Quiz Questions General Knowledge Part 3


21) The basis of internet is?
Answer: TCP/IP.


22) To remove permanently, the content of data file in a database management system erase is?
Answer: ZAP.


23) 4GL stands for?
Answer: Fourth generation language.


24) FORTRAN is acronym for?
Answer: Formula Translator.


25) The first compiled high level programming language developed by Jim Backus of IBM is?
Answer: FORTRAN (it is widely used in engineering, technical and academic settings)


26) An optical device used to digitalize a whole page on a large image is ?
Answer: Flatbed scanner.


27) FIFO stands for?
Answer: First In First Out.


28) A method is used to process information in which the first item in the list is processed first is?
Answer: FIFO.


29) Any software stored in a form of Read Only Memory – ROM, EPROM or EEROM that maintain its contents when the power is removed is?
Answer: Firmware.


30) A computer peripheral that presents computer output as a printed image or paper or film is?
Answer: Printer.


Computer  Quiz Questions Communication

Computer Quiz Questions – E-mail


31) What is used for computer communication between users?
Answer: E-mail.


32) What refers to the processed of creating messages and answers?
Answer: Composition.


33) Moving of messages of from originator to recipient is called?
Answer: Transfer.


34) What are special test messages consisting of empty envelopes?
Answer: Probes.


35) The message transfer agents and presentation layer together called?
Answer: Message transfer system.


36) A technology used for transferring email is called?
Answer: Message handling service (MHS)


37) A special characteristics of all email systems is?
Answer: Speed in delivery of mail messages.


Computer Quiz Questions – Optical Data Storage and Communication


38) The technology related to light for data storage is?
Answer: Optical data storage.


39) Which is an optical disk?
Answer: CDROM.


40) Which beam is commonly used for optical data storage?
Answer: Laser.


41) The smallest version of optical disk can store?
Answer: 550 Megabytes.


42) The electronic systems that transfer data from one point to another are called?
Answer: Data communication system.


43) Which is the most commonly used transmission medium in optical data transmission system?
Answer: Optical fibre.


44) What are main parts of optical fibre?
Answer: Core, Cladding, and plastic sheath.


45) What are two chances for loss of data in optical fibre?
Answer: Absorption and scattering.


46) Why optical fibres are used in military applications?
Answer: Due to high security.


Computer Quiz Questions – ISDN


47) ISDN stands for?
Answer: Integrated Services Digital Networks.


48) The two types of ISDN available are?
Answer: BRI and PRI.


49) The key idea behind the ISDN is?
Answer: Digital Bit Pipe.


50) The two types of communication channels are used in ISDN are?
Answer: B channel and D channel.


51) Which type of ISDN is used for big data transfer?
Answer: PRI (Primary Rate Interface)


52) What are the two types of signaling used in ISDN?
Answer: DSS 1 and SS 7.


53) The unique feature of combining B channel is referred to as?
Answer: Inverse multiplexing.


54) The device which translates signaling from non ISDN TE2 called?
Answer: TA (Terminal Adapter)


Computer Quiz Questions – PAGER


55) In numeric pagers what type of messages can be received?
Answer: Numeric type.


56) In operator assisted paging systems who act as a link between the calling party and the called party?
Answer: Operator.


57) What happens when a new message is identical to stored message?
Answer: A ‘Duplicate’ prompt.


58) What is the main disadvantage of PAGER?
Answer: It is only a one way communication system.


59) When was the first paging system used?
Answer: In 1957.


60) Which type of paging system two parties are directly linked?
Answer: Automatic paging system.


Computer Quiz Questions Computer Graphics Part 1


61) The term morphing comes from Greek word?
Answer: Morphe.


62) When the number of frames in between two images increase the?
Answer: Clarity of morphing increases.


63) What are the two types of morphing?
Answer: Distortion and Transition morphing.


64) Which type is commonly used for advertisements in TV?
Answer: Distortion morphing.


65) The first film which uses the morphing is?
Answer: Willow.


66) The technique for 2D morphing comes from digital image processing and?
Answer: Texture mapping.


67) Morphing process varies depending on whether the image is?
Answer: 2D dimensional or 3D dimensional.


68) Which algorithm is used as an initial image is stretched and deformed to conform to the shape of final image?
Answer: Digital image warping.


69) Specify a morph, the animator demonstrate correspondence with the _?
Answer: Initial and final image.


70) Adobe photoshop has revolutionized the world of _?
Answer: computer graphics.


71) Photoshop was one of the first revolutions of _?
Answer: Macintosh graphics programs.


72) How many channels are supported by photoshop?
Answer: 24 alpha channels.


73) How many layers are supported by photoshop?
Answer: 99 independent layers.


74) In photoshop using what format, that you can export images to other programs like adobe illustrator.
Answer: Desktop color separation format.


75) Adobe photoshop recommends that a minimum system is _?
Answer: Intel 1386, 1486, or Pentium processors.


76) For photoshop to run all operations smoothly, it requires?
Answer: 24 bit video card.


77) Flat bed scanners use _?
Answer: CCD’s or charge coupled device as photoreceptors.


78) What were among the first input devices to hit the computer graphics world?
Answer: Video digitalizers.


79) Photoshop is a _?
Answer: Electronic dark room.


80) When and where was the origin of Computer Graphics?
Answer: In 1940’s in the US department of Defence.


81) The sophisticated and impressive use of computer graphics is the production of images that can be manipulated in three dimensions. This technique is called?
Answer: 3D Animation.


82) Which computer is used for computer graphics imaging?
Answer: Silicon computer.


83) The technique with which the objects in a 3D environment were created by digitalization is called?
Answer: Modelled Animation Techniques (MAT)


84) Which technique is used to transform the shape of an object?
Answer: Linear Interpolation Techniques.


85) The menu which is used for pointing to the selection of colors is called?
Answer: Palette.


86) Which are the two types of coloring algorithms used in animation?
Animation: Region filling algorithm and Polygon filling algorithm.


87) Which algorithm works much faster?
Answer: Region filling algorithm.


88) The most difficult problems in three dimensional computer generated are?
Answer: Synchronization and parallelism.


89) Which is the biggest annoyance in computer generated modeling?
Answer: Aliasing.


90) What is the reason for aliasing problem?
Answer: Low resolution.


Computer Quiz Questions Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Part 1


91) What is Robotics?
Answer: The scientific study of robot.


92) Who is considered as the father of industrial robot?
Answer: Joseph Engelberger.


93) Who holds the patent for the first industrial robot?
Answer: George Devol.


94) What are the three major components of a robot?
Answer: Manipulator, Brain, Power supply.


95) Which part controls the movement of robots hand?
Answer: Manipulator.


96) What is the purpose of a computer in a robot system?
Answer: As its controller.


97) What are the hardwares essential in a computer controlled robot?
Answer: Memory, CPU, A/D and D/A converters.


98) Give one example for a computer programming language that can be used for robot programming?
Answer: AML (A Manufacturing Language)


99) What is flexible manufacturing system (FMS) or computerized manufacturing system?
Answer: A combination of CAD/CAM & Robotics)


100) What is the major disadvantage of using a robot?
Answer: Heavy investment.


101) The Expert system was introduced in?
Answer: 1958.


102) The expert system was developed by which university?
An: Stanford.


103) The first expert system was?
Answer: DENDRAL.


104) In which field the expert system has application areas of A.I?
Answer: Artificial intelligence.


105) Name the language used in Expert system?
Answer: LISP & PROLOG.


106) Name one of the most important parts in Expert system?
Answer: Knowledge Base.


107) Which system was designed for diagnosis and therapy recommendation for infectious disease?
Answer: MYCIN.


108) DENDRAL system is widely used by?
Answer: Research chemists.


109) Which system has been designed for solving mathematical problems?
Answer: MACSYMA.


110) Which system has been designed to assist geologist in mineral exploration?


111) What is Artificial Intelligence?
Answer: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with the study and creation of systems that exhibit some form of human intelligence.


112) What is the importance of AI?
Answer: Human intelligence have certain limit in speed and accuracy. It is interrupted due to the lack of presence of mind, mood, etc. Bu AI systems have their own superb abilities.


113) Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence?
Answer: Allen Turing.


114) Which is the first test programming language?
Answer: IPL.


115) The beginning of Artificial Intelligence in?
Answer: 1958.


116) What are the languages used for Artificial Intelligence programming?
Answer: 1. LISP, 2. PROLOG, 3. SMALL TALK & ACTOR.


117) LISP is?
Answer: List Programming Language.


118) PROLOG is?
Answer: Logic Programming Language.


119) SMALL TALK & ACTOR are?
Answer: Object Oriented Programming Language.


120) What are the branches of Artificial Intelligence?
Answer: 1. Expert System, 2. Natural Language System, 3. Perception System.


Computer Quiz Questions Internet Part 1


121) What is INTERNET?
Answer: Internet is the world’s of largest computer network, the ‘networks of networks’ scattered all over the world.


122) When was INTERNET created?
Answer: It was created nearly twenty seven years ago as a project for the U.S. department of defence.


123) The internet helps in three ways. Which ways?
Answer: To get information, to provide information and to compile information.


124) The most recent and very successful attempt at presenting information over the internet is?
Answer: The World Wide Web (WWW)


125) What is internet service provider?
Answer: It is a company that provides the internet access.


126) What is WWW?
Answer: It is a system based on hypertext and HTTP for providing, organizing and accessing wide variety of resources that are available via the Internet.


127) What is a web page?
Answer: It is a unit of information, often called a document that is available over the WWW.


128) Name the protocol that allows a computer to use the TCP/IP protocol and to be connected directly to the Net using a standard voice telephone line and a high speed modem?
Answer: PPP (Point to Point Protocol)


129) It is a software program that acts as an interface between the user and the WWW. What is it?
Answer: Web Browser.


130) Name two different types of web browser?
Answer: Text-Based Browser and Graphical Browser.


131) It collects and organizes resources that are available via the WWW and is designed to provide a starting point for locating information. Name it.
Answer: Web index.


132) It is an interactive tool that enables to locate information available via WWW. Name it.
Answer: Search engine.


133) It is a unique numeric identifier used to specify a particular host computer on a particular network and is part of a global standardized scheme for identifying machines that are connected to the internet. Name it.
Answer: IP Address.


134) It is a way to identify and locate computers connected to the internet. Name it.
Answer: Domain Name.


135) It provides a standard hierarchical way of identifying and locating internet resources on the WWW. Name it.
Answer: Uniform Resource Locator.


136) A binding document signed by all users that explains the rules of the internet use at an institution. Name this policy.
Answer: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


137) What is Telnet?
Answer: It is the protocol that enables one computer to establish a connection to another computer. Telnet provide access to many resources around the world.


138) What is Gopher?
Answer: It is a protocol designed to search, retrieve and display documents from remote sites on the internet.


139) It is an Internet search tool that has the capability of searching many databases at one time. Name it.
Answer: Wide Area Information Server (WAIS)


140) Name the net based services that lets you locate files that are available for downloading via FTP.
Answer: Archie.


141) What is FTP?
Answer: File Transfer Protocol (The medium that allows transferring of files between computers on the net using an FTP program or via Web Browser.


142) What is an E-Journal?
Answer: It is an electronic publication typically found in academic circles.


143) What is E-mail?
Answer: A network service that enables users to send and receive messages. Communicating via E-mail is the number one use of the net.


144) What is Finger?
Answer: Software that allows the user to enter the address of an internet site to find information about that system users or a particular user.


145) What is Homepage?
Answer: The first page of a website and the starting point for navigating the web using web browser.


146) What is Host?
Answer: A computer that acts as a server, users at remote computers are allowed to access information that is stored on the server or host computer.


147) What is Hotlists?
Answer: List of frequently accessed web site document name and URLs.


148) What is URL?
Answer: An addressing scheme used to link resources on the web.


149) What is Netscape?
Answer: A web browser.


150) What is NNTP?
Answer: Network News Transport Protocol (This is used to distribute network news)


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