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30 Basic Computer General Knowledge Quiz

30 Basic Computer General Knowledge Quiz


Computer Quiz Questions to Improve Your Computer Knowledge Part 16


1) What are the different types of Printers?

Answer: Daisy -wheel printer, dot-matrix printer, impact printer, ink jet printer, laser printer and line printer.


2) To move a program or operating system from one hardware plat form to another is:

Answer: PORT.


3) A computer which is smaller than a laptop and about the size of a text book is:

Answer: Note book computer.


4) Language processing means:

Answer: Analysis of source program + Synthesis of target program.


5) Language processor consists of two phases. What are they?

Answer: Analysis phase and Synthesis phase.


6) The process of recognizing the lexical components in a source string is called:

Answer: Scanning.


7) AST stands for:

Answer: Abstract Syntax Tree.


8) There are two fundamental approaches to parsing. What are they?

Answer: Top down parsing and bottom up parsing.


9) Many languages provide built in facilities for writing macros. Well known examples for these are high level languages:

Answer: PL/I, C, Ada, C++ etc.


10) A macro call leads to:

Answer: Macro expansion.


11) MDT stands for:

Answer: Macro Definition Table.


12) SST stands for:

Answer: Sequencing Symbol Table.


13) APT stands for:

Answer: Actual Parameter Table.


14) In compiler, which analyzer converts the source program into a sequence of atomic units called tokens?

Answer: Lexical Analyzer.


15) Identifiers, keywords, constants, operators and punctuation symbols such as commas and parentheses are typical:

Answer: Tokens.


Simple Computer General Knowledge Quiz


16) A secondary processor used to speed up operations by taking over a specific part of the main processor’s work is called:

Answer: Coprocessor.


17) The name of the device used for user to computer communications, usually the display and the keyboard is called:

Answer: Console.


18) What is CON?

Answer: It is abbreviation for console.


19) CAE stands for:

Answer: Computer Aided Engineering.


20) CADD stands for:

Answer: Computer Aided Drafting and Design.


21) A program that translates a high level programming language such as C or Pascal into a machine language program is called:

Answer: Compiler.


22) A processor that can recognize and execute well over 100 different assembly language instruction is:

Answer: CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing.


23) RISC processors are 70 percent faster than which processors?

Answer: CISC.


24) Novell Netware’s local area network protocol used to route messages from one network node to another is called:

Answer: IPX Internet Packet Exchange.


25) Examples for interpreted languages are:

Answer: LISP and APL BASIC was an interpreted language.


26) What are the popular programming languages for knowledge representation?

Answer: LISP Prolog and Small talk.


27) In expert system, where we stores information about the particular domain?

Answer: Knowledge base.


28) Name of a high level programming language which is used in artificial intelligence applications:

Answer: LISP.


29) A programmer’s term for one unit of mouse movement, typically 1/200th of an inch is called:

Answer: Mickey.


30) The leading personal computer software company, Microsoft Corporation is founded in which year? 1975 by:

Answer: Bill Gates & Paul Allen.


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