Top 50 Multiple Choice General Knowledge Quizzes


Top 50 Multiple Choice General Knowledge Quizzes


Top 50 Multiple Choice General Knowledge Quizzes


(1) If somebody is three sheets to the wind, what is he?
A) Drunk
B) Hungry
C) Angry
D) Silly


(2) Which author’s family launched a campaign in 2011 to save the hut in which he wrote many of his best-loved stories?
A) Ernest Hemingway
B) Ray Bradbury
C) George Orwell
D) Roald Dahl


(3) Which of the following celebrities was born first?
A) Jamie Theakston
B) Brad Pitt
C) Robson Green
D) Ricky Martin


(4) Where about in the body are the semi-circular canals?
A) Heart
B) Throat
C) Ear
D) Foot


(5) Who is the Bear Of Very Little Brain?
A) Paddington Bear
B) Winnie the Pooh
C) Yogi Bear
D) Danni Behr


(6) Snaphead, Tinman’s and Pop are all types of what?
A) Joints
B) Rivets
C) Nails
D) Screws


(7) Which well-known chef is the author of Pukka Tukka?
A) Jamie Oliver
B) Ainsley Harriott
C) Delia Smith
D) Keith Floyd


(8) What was the name of Mary Quant’s original boutique opened in 1957?
A) Bazaar
B) Figure
C) Style
D) Model


(9) Jonathan Aitken was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment in 1999 for what crime?
A) Tax Evasion
B) Perjury
C) Fraud


(10) In golf, how many strokes less than par is an eagle?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4



1. A) Drunk
2. D) Roald Dahl
3. B) Brad Pitt
4. C) Ear
5. B) Winnie The Pooh
6. B) Rivets
7. A) Jamie Oliver
8. A) Bazaar
9. B) Perjury
10. B) 2


GK Part 2


(1) Which Happy Days star received an honorary OBE in 2011 for his educational work on dyslexia in the UK?
A) Tom Bosley
B) Henry Winkler
C) Danny Most
D) Ron Howard


(2) Tim Henman was born in which year?
A) 1966
B) 1974
C) 1979
D) 1983


(3) In which ship did Captain James Cook circumnavigate the Antarctic?
A) Endeavour
B) Resolution
C) Santa Maria
D) Victoria


(4) In which city was John Lennon murdered?
A) Los Angeles
B) Houston
C) Chicago
D) New York


(5) Who set out the famous laws of universal gravitation in 1687?
A) Isaac Newton
B) Alexander Fleming
C) George Eastman
D) Galileo


(6) The Welland Ship Canal is in which country?
A) Belgium
B) Cyprus
C) Canada
D) Brazil


(7) Which of the following films does not star Montgomery Clift?
A) The Man Who Would Be King
B) I Confess
C) Red River
D) The Misfits


(8) What is the chemical symbol for potassium?
A) Na
B) K
C) Pb
D) Fe


(9) Who, in the 2011 Guinness Book Of Records, was named the most watched leading man on television?
A) David Hasselhoff
B) Martin Clunes
C) Hugh Laurie
D) Charlie Sheen


(10) Defender of the Faith was a name given by Pope Leo X to which King of England?
A) Henry VIII
B) Edward VI
C) Henry VII
D) James 1



1. B) Henry Winkler
2. B) 1974
3. B) Resolution
4. D) New York
5. A) Isaac Newton
6. C) Canada
7. A) The Man Who Would Be King
8. B) K
9. C) Hugh Laurie
10. A) Henry VIII


Part 3


(1) How many internet users did the USA have at the end of 1999?
A) Over 110 Million
B) 80 – 110 Million
C) 65 – 80 Million
D) 50 – 65 Million


(2) What are leucocytes?
A) Red Blood Cells
B) Viruses
C Fungi
D White Blood Cells


(3) The New English Bible was published in which century?
A) 20th
B) 19th
C) 18th
D) 17th


(4) Who were Lost In Music in 1979?
A) Hot Chocolate
B) Kool & The Gang
C) Rose Royce
D) Sister Sledge


(5) What type of court would be held amongst prisoners?
A) Kangaroo
B) Crocodile
C) Donkey
D) Leopard


(6) Which of the following was born first?
A) Hermann Hollerith
B) John Napier
C) Joseph-Marie Jacquard
D) Charles Babbage


(7) The first cable television transmission took place between Washington and where?
A) Chicago
B) Cincinnati
C) New York
D) Houston


(8) In the 1992 FA Cup Final, Steve McManaman lifted the ball into the penalty area to which goal corer?
A) Ian Rush
B) Robbie Fowler
C) Stan Collymore
D) Michael Thomas


(9) Which of the following cheeses has the lowest moisture content?
A) Brie
B) Limburg
C) Edam
D) Cheddar


(10) Mike Tyson was disqualified in which Round of his June 1997 fight with Evander Holyfield?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4



1. A) Over 110 Million
2. D) White Blood Cells
3. A) 20th
4. D0 Sister Sledge
5. A) Kangaroo
6. B) John Napier
7. C) New York
8. D) Michael Thomas
9. D) Cheddar
10. C) 3


Quiz Questions Part 4


(1) Who keeps Gotham City safe?
A) Spider-Man
B) Superman
C) Green Goblin
D) Batman


(2) Which of the following statements is true?
A) Camels were being used in the Arizonan deserts as recently as 1938
B) King Arthur’s sword is called Gilbert
C) The left side of your brain controls your left thumb
D) John Wayne was christened Marion Morrison


(3) In which year did Clive Sinclair release his first Micro Computer?
A) 1967
B) 1974
C) 1980
D) 1995


(4) Which of the following events occurred in the 17th Century?
A) Spanish Armada Defeated
B) Hong Kong Acquired By Britain
C) Compilation Of Domesday Book
D) Death Of Rembrandt


(5) What is the name of the tiny submarine that set a new record for a deep-sea rescue in 1973?
A) Capricorn 6
B) Aries 4
C) Pisces 3
D) Leo 5


(6) Which of the following was not a Football Writers’ Association Footballer Of The Year in the 1970s?
A) Pat Jennings
B) Billy Bremner
C) Terry McDermott
D) Kenny Dalglish


(7) Who directed Pulp Fiction?
A) Richard Attenborough
B) Alan Parker
C) Roman Polanski
D) Quentin Tarantino


(8) What is the usual English translation for the Latin word ubique?
A) Everywhere
B) Somewhere
C) Anywhere
D) Nowhere


(9) Which number is opposite 4 on a dice?
A) 2
B) 5
C) 3
D) 6


(10) Who, in 2011, insisted he was pumped with “tiger blood”?
A) Robbie Williams
B) Alex Reid
C) Prince Harry
D) Charlie Sheen



1. D) Batman
2. D) John Wayne was christened Marion Morrison
3. C) 1980
4. D) Death Of Rembrandt
5. C) Pisces 3
6. C) Terry McDermott
7. D) Quentin Tarantino
8. A) Everywhere
9. C) 3
10. D) Charlie Sheen


Part 5


(1) Which of the following was invented first?
A) Pocket Ashtray
B) Detergent
C) Aerosol
D) Air Conditioning


(2) Who had Big Love in 1987?
A) Fleetwood Mac
B) Cyndi Lauper
C) Pat & Mick
D) Sisters Of Mercy


(3) How many chambers does the human heart have?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8


(4) In cricket, what colour balls were used by ladies in Edwardian times in case they became over-excited at the prospect of red ones?
A) Green
B) Blue
C) White
D) Yellow


(5) In which city were the 1980 Summer Olympic Games held?
A) Moscow
B) Rome
C) Munich
D) Los Angeles


(6) Who is the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes?
A) Athena
B) Poseidon
C) Zeus
D) Eros


(7) Which British coin replaced the shilling?
A) Five Pence
B) Ten Pence
C) Twenty Pence
D) Fifty Pence


(8) In which year did Tony Blair become Prime Minister?
A) 1997
B) 1994
C) 1999
D) 1992


(9) What did two Maori activists throw at the Queen during her visit to Aukland in 1986?
A) Rocks
B) Eggs
C) Potatoes
D) Darts


(10) What type of animal is a dik-dik?
A) Lion
B) Giraffe
C) Antelope
D) Hamster



1. D) Air Conditioning
2. A) Fleetwood Mac
3. B) 4
4. B) Blue
5. A) Moscow
6. B) Poseidon
7. A) Five Pence
8. A) 1997
9. B) Eggs
10. C) Antelope


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