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Random Facts that Everyone Should Know – Learn These Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know Yet

Random Facts that Everyone Should Know – Learn These Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know Yet


Random Facts that Everyone Should Know - Learn These Amazing Facts You Didn't Know Yet


Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know Yet


1. Experiments have shown that male rhesus macaque monkeys will “pay” for them to look at pictures of female rhesus macaques’ bottoms. Apparently, someone thought this was a worthwhile academic venture.


2. The duckbill platypus stores worms in the pouches of its cheeks, sometimes as many as six hundred at any one time. What it does with this, I do not want to know and you shouldn’t bother asking either.


3. Pigs cannot look up into the sky. Because of their very short necks, their range of motion is limited that they cannot look up at the sky from a normal standing position.


4. Rats and horses cannot vomit. But we don’t need to know any more about that, do we?


5. Rats are so adept at reproduction that if you started with 2 rats, there would be more than a million descendants after an 18-month period.


6. A shrimp’s heart is in its head.


7. A duck’s quack doesn’t echo. At least that’s what people have come to believe. The next time you hear someone say that, tell them they’re wrong. Duck quacks do echo!


8. Skunks are sharpshooters. They can accurately spray their smelly fluid as far away as ten feet. They prefer to blast away with no regard for what’s in their path. However, if necessary, they can be accurate shooters too.


9. A crocodile cannot chew. It also cannot move its tongue. And as if that’s not enough, its digestive juices are so strong that they can digest a steel nail in just a few days.


10. It’s a common misconception that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they are afraid. They wouldn’t be able to breathe if they did this. A study of 200,000 ostriches conducted over an 80-year period (yes, some people were that determined!) claimed that there has not been a reported instance where an ostrich buried its head in the sand. (Bonus fact: Ostriches run faster than horses and the males can roar like lions. If it was up to me, there is no reason for an ostrich to stand still and hide its head when it can simply run away from the thing that’s scaring it!)


11. Camels are called “ships of the desert” but that is not because they transport cargo over huge distances. Instead, it’s because of the way they move. The humps in a camel look like waves so as the camel moves, its head appears to be moving against the backdrop of its wavy humps. The humps are also used as fat storage so if your camel is undernourished, it will not have a hump.


12. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.


13. Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot sweat. Both animals have no sweat glands.


14. A sloth’s digestion is, well, sloth-like. It is so slow that it actually takes two weeks for a sloth to digest its food.


15. There’s still some debate as to whether or not dolphins or porpoises are the second most intelligent animal on the planet. (Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that man is the first, although there’s still some debate about that as well). Both animals are known to recognize their own reflections and have been characterized as having the intelligence equivalent to that of a secondgrader.


16. Deer can’t eat hay.


17. There are only two animals known to man that don’t get cancer. These are rays and sharks. Let’s hope that scientists can figure out why and put it to good use.


18. In Arizona, gopher snakes are not poisonous. However, they do a pretty good imitation of rattlesnakes by hissing and shaking their tails when frightened.


19. Beavers take care of their young for up to two years before they are made to leave the nest.


20. It is common fact that dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans. However, dogs also have better eyesight, on average. The caveat is that dogs only see in a narrow range of colors so their world is certainly not as colorful.


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