General Knowledge – GK Questions 2018

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General Knowledge - GK Questions 2018


1.  What sign of the Zodiac is represented by a goat?

Answer : Capricon.


2. A horse’s height is measured from the ground to which part of its body?

Answer : The highest part of its withers – base of the crest-line of its neck.


3. What is the name of the common fireproof material used for thatching house roofs?

Answer : Asbestos.


4. How did ‘passport’ get its name?

Permission to ‘pass’ from ‘port’ to ‘port.’


5. What is the Japanese word for “Goodbye”?



6. Nationality of Christopher Columbus:

Genoese (Italian).


7. Which European Prince was known as “The Navigator”?

Prince Henry of Portugal.


8. In share market what do the “bull” and “bear” represent?

Upward trend and downward trend in prices respectively.


9. What was the trade mark of the first umbrellas manufactured in India?

Stag Mark (I860).


10. The first Navigator to go around the earth was a Spanish named Magellan. What was the name of his ship?



11. There is only one continent on the earth that doesn’t have any deserts. Which is that continent?



12. All the currency notes of India except the one Rupee note bear the signature of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India. Whose signature is found on the one rupee note?

Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance.


13. Timbuktu was discovered by Europeans in 1807. Where is it?’

In Mali – in Africa on the southern boundary of the Sahara on the River Niger.


14. In medieval times what was a ‘mangonel’ used for?

Launching missiles or stones – it was a siege engine.


15. What was the name of the god of Tamil region, Mullai (forest)?

Mayon (Vishnu).


16. What is a “ha-ha”?

A sunken ditch or fence surrounding a park or garden.


17. The largest syndicated crime organization in the world is reputed to be the ‘Mafia’. By what other name is it commonly known?

The Family or La Cosa Nostra.


18. What is the name of Dublin’s prison – the largest in Ireland?

Mountjoy Prison.


19. What was the name of the goddess of the Tamil region, Palai (desert)?

Korravai (Durga).


20. Which day is celebrated as ‘Earth Day’?

April 22.


21. One of the greatest rulers of Europe was nick named – “The Little Corporal”

Identify him:

Napoléon Bonaparte.


22. Why is the head of the Reserve Bank of India called ‘Governor’ while the head of other bank is called Chairman?

Because the Reserve Bank is administered by the Government of India.


23. Which is the oldest existing newspaper in India?

Bombay Samachar (It was started as Gujarati Weekly in 1822 and became a daily in 1832).


24. What is the color of an emerald?



25. The name of the largest daily newspaper published from Moscow means ‘truth’. What is its name?



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26. Who was the most celebrated and longest lived poet of the Sangam Age?



27. In which ocean is the Maldives Island group?

The Indian Ocean.


28. What substance is processed in a “ginnery”?



29. Across which city does the statue of Christ of Corcovado look?

Rio de Janeiro.


30. What is the highest peak in the United Kingdom – south of the Scottish border?

Snowdon in Wales, 3560 ft..


31. What do the Dead Sea, Caspian Sea and Salton Sink in California have in common – other than water?

They all lie below sea level.


32. Name the Mughal emperor who was an excellent connoisseur of painting:


33. On what island is “Fingal’s Cave”?

The Island of Staffa in the Inner Hebrides.


34. What is a ‘cordwainer’?.

A shoe-maker.


35. Akbar is reputed to have been a good player of:

Nakkarah (kettle drum).


36. In which castle would you find the piece of Ordinance called “Mons Meg”?

Edinburgh Castle.


37. In which city in the USA was President Kennedy assassinated?

Dallas, Texas.


38. The Victoria Cross is the highest British decoration for gallantry. What is its American equivalent?

The Congressional Medal of Honor.


39. Which British Monarch was described as “The Wisest Fool in Christendom”?

James I (VI of Scotland).


40. Name the traditional garment of the Japanese:



41. At which place Buddha passed away?



42. What does Maundy Thursday commemorate – falling as it does on the day before Good Friday?

The Last Supper.


43. Who was the British dress and fashion designer who revolutionized the world of clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and fashion in the sixties?

Mary Quant.


44. In which field of invention was Sir Frank Whittle a pioneer?

Jet propulsion.


45. In which month of the year does “Lammas Day” occur?

August 1.


46. Name the infamous maximum security prison which was situated on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay:



47. What is made Using the “Bessemer Process”?



48. What Indian tribe did the chiefs Cochise and Geronimo lead?



49. What form of illness caused the Black Death in the 14th century?

Bubonic Plague.


50. Name the capital city of Tanzania:

Dar es Salaam.


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51. Which nation administers the territory of the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico?

United States of America.


52. Our silver coins are no longer made of silver. What two metals are they made of?

Copper and nickel (or cupro-nickel).


53. What is on the reverse side of a ten pence piece?

A lion.


54. Which emergency device was first used in 1945 and has since saved the lives of more than 5,000 pilots?

Ejector seat.


55. What is printed on most articles for sale and is read by a scanning device to identify the manufacturer and the product?

Bar code.


56. Which state of India is called the botanists paradise?



57. Who is the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims?

Prince Karim Aga Khan.


58. What stands 1050 ft. tall in the Champ de Mars and was designed for the 1889 Paris Exhibition?

Eiffel Tower.


59. Roman soldiers were paid part of their salary in salt. True or False?



60. Which 18th century cattle thief, smuggler, robber and highwayman was hanged at York in 1739?

Dick Turpin.


61. What does the ‘Ml’ of ‘MI5″ and ‘MI6’ stand for?

Military Intelligence.


62. What is the unit used for measuring the fineness of yam especially in stockings and tights?



63. Which country shares its name with its currency?



64. In which city can you find the river Thames?



65. What is dry ice?

Solid Carbon dioxide.


66. Who made the Eiffel Tower?

Gustave Eiffel.


67. In comparison with the sea dolphins the fresh water dolphins are smaller in size. Name the only river in India where freshwater dolphins are found:



68. Where do you find a ‘Joystick’?

In an airplane.


69. What is a ‘Joystick’?

It is the control liver of an aircraft.


70. A number of countries display stars on their flag. Which country has the stars of the constellation of the Southern Cross on its national flag?



71. What is the name common to three Scottish kings, eight Popes and three Tsars of Russia?



72. Who set up a pillar in honor of Vishnu near Vidisha?



73. What is the surname of the Hungarian inventor whose multicolored rotatable cube became a world cult?



74. What is the set of 26 letters whose name is derived from the names of two Greek letters?



75. In 1721 Britain’s first Prime Minister took office. How many since then have been Labor Prime Ministers?



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76. The ice in the Antarctic reaches a depth of:

16,000 ft.


77. Ramakrishna Mission was founded in 1886 by:

Swami Vivekananda.


78. In ’53 Winston Churchill won a Nobel Prize for:



79. The color of polar bear’s skin is:



80. Who said, “ That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” on 20 July 1969?

Neil Armstrong.


81. The first winner’ of Param Vir Chakra?

Somnath Sharma.


82. Of the four American state whose names begin with ‘A’, which ends in a different letter?



83. Which film actress, originally called Frances Gumm, had the theme song “Over the Rainbow”?

Judy Garland.


84. If all the US states were listed in alphabetical order, which would be last?



85. For what are the American cities Reo, Atlantic City and Las Vegas renowned?



86. Which American boxer was stripped of his world heavy weight title for refusing to be drafted into the army in 1968?

Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay.


87. The Territorial Army is citizen’s volunteer force. In which year was it established?



88. What was Jacqueline Kennedy’s maiden name?



89. What is the Russian word for ‘peace’ and the name of the Soviet Space Station launched in 1986?



90. What is the name of the world tree that spans heaven and hell in Norse mythology?



91. What was traditionally followed by a beating of the skin with birch twigs, and a roll in the snow?



92. The National Fire Service College is located at:



93. What is the height of the Mount Everest?

29028 feet.


94. The official residence of the French President:

Elysee Palace.


95. The water bird stands on one leg:

The Crane.


96. The Home Guards, a voluntary force, was first raised in the country in:



97. One word signifies the following: a military weapon, a type of cement, an article used by a chemist. What is the word?

A mortar.


98. What is the maximum age limit for entry into the Indian Army?

25 years.


99. If a staff with a coiled serpent symbolizes medicine, what is said to symbolize education?

A torch.


100. It was formerly known as Nyasaland. By what name is it now known?



101. Which all are the five airlines formed an alliance under the banner ‘One World’?

Answer: British Airways, American Airlines, Qantas, Canadian Airlines and Cathy Pacific.