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100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers



Quiz Questions

General Knowledge Quiz Part 1

General Knowledge 1 – 10


1) What is the name given to wooden carving?

Answer: Xylography.


2) Intelligence agency of UK?

Answer: MI5.


3) Name the nuclear plant that closed for ever in Ukrain.

Answer: Chernobyl.


4) What is the basic principle of Miss Universe Competition?

Answer: Beauty with brains.


5) What is Heliport?

Answer: Airport of Helicopter.


6) Haiti is an independent country of this seashore. Name the seashore.

Answer: Caribbean sea.


7) Which ex-president of America had given the leadership in the peace activities of Haiti in 1994?

Answer: Jimmy Carter.


8) Name the Indonesian president who formed the movement called West Pacific Forum?

Answer: Abdurrahman Wahid.


9) Which section of United Nations Organization stands against the pollution?

Answer: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


10) How many countries had sign in UNEP?

Answer: 120.


GK Questions Part 2

General Knowledge 11 – 20


11) Who came into power in Canada continuously for the third time?

Answer: Jean Chretien.


12) Which country’s capital is Ottawa?

Answer: Canada.


13) A city of one mile width and two miles length as 177 canals of 28 miles length. Name the city.

Answer: Venice.


14) Fianna Fail is a political party. Name the country where it belongs.

Answer: Ireland.


15) In which day ‘Good Friday Agreement’ was signed?

Answer: April 10, 1998.


16) The force which forms under the earth region causes earthquake. Name this earth region?

Answer: Hypocentre.


17) According to the laws of Israel, if a Prime Minister resigns his post, within which period a new Prime Minister should be appointed?

Answer: 60 days.


18) Write the scientific name of lie detector which uses by the police for proving lies?

Answer: Polygraph.


19) What is the name of military intelligence organization of Israel?

Answer: Mossad.


20) Which president of Pakistan did issue the order of exilement of Nawaz Sharif?

Answer: Muhammad Rafiq Tarar.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 3

General Knowledge 21 – 30


21) A military group of Chile killed 73 political prisoners in 1973. This incident is known as _?

Answer: Caravan of Death.


22) Which democratic republic has given the right for ‘mercy killing’?

Answer: Netherlands.


23) Which planet has the feeling that sun rises in the west?

Answer: Venus.


24) Which scientist got a record of patents for his discoveries?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison.


25) Which virus causes bleeding in the body due to the destruction of blood vessels?

Answer: Ebola virus.


26) Name the top most civilian award of America?

Answer: Presidential Medal of Freedom.


27) In which place of Russia the body of Lenin is embalmed?

Answer: Red Square.


28) Who discovered Walkman?

Answer: Akio Morita.


29) Where is the longest highway tunnel of the world situated?

Answer: Norway.


30) Which woman is selected in US Senate firstly?

Answer: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

General Knowledge Quiz Part 4

General Knowledge 31 – 40


31) Which country has the world’s one-fourth oil reserve?

Answer: Saudi Arabia.


32) What is the old name of Taiwan?

Answer: Formosa.


33) Which is the dangerous mark of the Richter scale which records earthquake?

Answer: 6 and above.


34) Which is the largest internet complex of America?

Answer: America On-line.


35) Name the biggest cement producers of the world?

Answer: Lafarge, France.


36) Name the first monkey born on genetic technology?

Answer: ANDI.


37) What is Ganymede?

Answer: A moon of Jupiter.


38) Which is the largest moon of the solar system?

Answer: Ganymede.


39) Who is known as African Gandhi?

Answer: Kenneth Kaunda.


40) Who wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’?

Answer: Stephen Hawking.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 5

General Knowledge 41 – 50


41) Which country is known as ‘Economic Power House of Europe’?

Answer: Germany.


42) Who wrote Galileo‘s Daughter?

Answer: Dava Sobel.


43) Which day is celebrated as International Customs Day?

Answer: January 26.


44) Name the highest town of Europe?

Answer: Daos.


45) Who discovered Richter scale?

Answer: Charles F. Richter.


46) Where is the headquarters of International Press Institutes?

Answer: Vienna, Austria.


47) Who discovered the genetic code of rice?

Answer: Scientists of Torrey Mesa Research Institute, America.


48) What is the national emblem of New Zealand?

Answer: Kiwi.


49) What is ‘Hey You’?

Answer: A computer virus.


50) Who is Anna Kournikova?

Answer: A Russian tennis player.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 6

General Knowledge 51 – 60


51) ‘Triple Therapy drug cocktail’ is a medicine to this disease. Which disease?

Answer: AIDS.


52) Which award is known as the Nobel Prize in music?

Answer: Polar Music Prize.


53) Who is the most famous Pole-vaulter of the world?

Answer: Sergey Bubka (Ukraine)


54) After observation of wild life of this island Charles Darwin derived the theory of Evolution. Name this island?

Answer: Galapagos Islands, at distance of 965 km from Ecuador.


55) Which day is celebrated ad ‘World Mother-Tongue Day’?

Answer: February 21.


56) What is the official name of North Korea?

Answer: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


57) Which country is known as Hermit Kingdom?

Answer: Korea.


58) Which are the official languages of Switzerland?

Answer: German, French and Italian.


59) Which is the biggest city of Washington State?

Answer: Seattle.


60) Who is known as the father of Modern Turkey?

Answer: Kemal Mustafa.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 7

General Knowledge 61 – 70


61) Which mathematical engineer of America is known as Father of Information Technology?

Answer: Claude Shannon.


62) Who is the father of Green Revolution?

Answer: Norman Borlaug.


63) Which country’s capital is ‘Bogota’?

Answer: Colombia.


64) International Woman’s Day?

Answer: March 8.


65) World Handicapped Day?

Answer: March 15.


66) World Forest Conservation Day?

Answer: March 21.


67) World Water Conservation Day?

Answer: March 22.


68) World Atmospheric Day?

Answer: March 23.


69) World Tuberculosis Abolishment Day?

Answer: March 24.


70) World Oceanography Day?

Answer: April 5.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 8

General Knowledge 71 – 80


71) World Haemophilia Day?

Answer: April 17.


72) World Heritage Day?

Answer: April 18.


73) In which country the first modernized census conducted?

Answer: America.


74) In which yearly book, UNO publishes its census report?

Answer: Demographic yearbook.


75) Which is the purest water of nature?

Answer: Rain water.


76) “Baby is a book. Teacher should study each pages of this book” who said this?

Answer: Rousseau.


77) Who formulated the principle ‘Tech through play’?

Answer: Froebel.


78) Who prepared intelligence test firstly?

Answer: Alfred Binet.


79) Which country’s airline is KLM?

Answer: Holland.


80) Name the pope who had visited most countries?

Answer: John Paul II.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 9

General Knowledge 81 – 90


81) What is the name of Australian Airlines?

Answer: Qantas Airways.


82) Which country’s airlines is Druk Air?

Answer: Bhutan.


83) Which woman had controlled space shuttle firstly?

Answer: Eileen Collins.


84) Which woman had walked in space firstly?

Answer: Valentina Tereshkova.


85) Name the oldest man who had gone to space?

Answer: John Glenn.


86) The next day of Christmas commonly known as?

Answer: Boxing day.


87) In which country the barter system has started?

Answer: Europe and South Africa.


88) What is known as ‘Perfume Ball’ in cricket?

Answer: The bounced ball at the height of nose-level of batsman.


89) Who developed the first computer languages BASIC?

Answer: John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz.


90) Father of Zoology?

Answer: Aristotle.


General Knowledge Quiz Part 10

General Knowledge 91 – 100


91) Which is the biggest mosque of the world?

Answer: Al-Haram Mosque, Mecca.


92) Name the headquarters of INTERPOL?

Answer: Lyon, France.


93) In the production of coconuts in world, which country ranks top?

Answer: Philippines.


94) Which is the largest consumer country of gold?

Answer: India.


95) Name the dance movement of honeybees to inform others about the presence of food?

Answer: Waggle dance.


96) Which star is exploded itself and puts the material into space?

Answer: Supernova.


97) Who derived the first theory on a universe which expands gradually?

Answer: Arthur Eddington.


98) Who was the first woman high court judge of New Zealand?

Answer: Dame Silvia Rose Cartwright.


99) World’s coldest desert Gobi belongs to which country?

Answer: Mongolia.


100) Name the official residence of French President?

Answer: Elysee Palace.


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