Engineering and Technology Related Online GK Quiz Questions

Engineering and Technology Related Online GK Quiz Questions


Engineering and Technology Related Online GK Quiz Questions



Engineering and Technology Online Quizzes


1) Who was the French engineer who conceived the idea of the Suez Canal completed in 1869?

Answer: Ferdinand de Lesseps.


2) What type of bridge is the Tower Bridge in London?

Answer: A bascule bridge.


3) What is mean by pollution-free car?

Answer: The car runs on stored electricity in batteries.


4) Teflon is widely used for making kitchenware. What is the chemical name of teflon?

Answer: Polytetrafluoroethylene.


5) What is an infra-red telescope?

Answer: This telescope makes use of the infra-red radiations of stars and other objects in the sky to study them.


6) What is microfilming?

Answer: It is a technique of storing large documents in small microfilms by photographic process.


7) How is the electric power provided to the instruments in a space craft?

Answer: Solar cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy.


8) What is the popular name given to invisible spectacles that correct eye defects?

Answer: Contact Lenses.


9) Some automobile engines are called four stroke engines. What are the names of these four strokes?

Answer: Intake stroke, Compression stroke, Power stroke and Exhaust stroke.


10) When and by whom was the First laser made?

Answer: Theodore Harold Maiman, USA, 1960.


11) What are metalloids?

Answer: The elements with properties of metals and non-metals together.


12) In countries like Japan, Philippines, and the USA, the heat energy lying deep down the earth used to produce electricity. What is the energy lying deep down earth called?

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Answer: Geothermal energy.


13) What is the name of photography which can give the picture instantly?

Answer: Polaroid photography.


14) What is the name of battery-like device in which gas or liquid fuels combine chemically to generate electricity?

Answer: Fuel cell.


15) What is optical communication?

Answer: It is the transmission and reception of information by light.


16) What is the name of the glass that is made by adding boric oxide in melted glass?

Answer: Heat resistant glass.


17) In telecommunication system what does IDDD stand for?

Answer: International Direct Distant Dialing.


18) What is the new name of IDDD?

Answer: ISD.


19) What does C A T stand for?

Answer: Computerized Axial Tomography.


20) Enoscope is used to determine?

Answer: Spot vehicle speed.


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