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Environment Quiz Questions and Answers


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Environment Quiz Questions Part 1

Environment Quiz 1 – 10

1) Which are the main factors that decide the conditions of environment?

Answer: Temperature, pressure, wind velocity and humidity of atmosphere.

2) What once covered 14% of the earth’s land area, but by 1991 over half had been destroyed?

Answer: Rain forest.

3) Which environmental pressure group was founded in the UK in 1971?

Answer: Friends of the earth.

4) Which is called the farmers friends?

Answer: Earthworm.

5) Which is the world’s largest type of earth worm?

Answer: The South African Giant Earthworm.

6) Rain or other forms of precipitation containing acid formed by industrial pollutants is called _?

Answer: Acid Rain.

7) What is BOD?

Answer: Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

8) This layer absorbs 99% of sun’s ultraviolet radiations which are very harmful for animals and plants. So this layer is called a shield to the earth. Name this layer.

Answer: Ozone layer.

9) Which is the worst disaster from a nuclear power plant?

Answer: Chernobyl, Russia (April 1986)

10) What is the effect of acid rain on the soil?

Answer: The soil becomes acidic which reduces the growth of crops.


Environment Quiz Questions Part 2

Environment Quiz 11 – 20

11) What is dispensed from the green pump, and must be used if a car has a catalytic converter?

Answer: Unleaded petrol.

12) Which country produces the world’s largest quantity of municipal waste per person per year at over five-sixths of a ton?

Answer: USA.

13) What was the original of the British Green Party when it was formed in 1973?

Answer: The Ecology Party.

14) What contributes to the greenhouse effect at lower atmospheric levels?

Answer: Ozone.

15) Which color is used as the sign of conservation and environment?

Answer: Green.

16) What kind of satellite makes the global studies of the environment?

Answer: Meteorological Satellites.

17) Which is the city most affected by the air pollution in the world?

Answer: Tokyo, Japan.

18) What is the main factor responsible for ozone layer depletion?

Answer: The use of chlorofluorocarbon by man.

19) Which is the world famous monument of India is affected by air pollution from a nearby factory?

Answer: Taj Mahal, Agra.

20) This is a combination of smoke and industrial fog. Name this.

Answer: Smog.


Environment Quiz Questions Part 3

Environment Quiz 21 – 30

21) What is the name for land in the Britain officially designated ‘not to be built on but to be preserved as open space’?

Answer: Green belt.

22) What describes all the species protected by the CITES agreement?

Answer: Endangered species.

23) What is caused by the release of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere?

Answer: Acid rain.

24) Which capital city has less green space than any other European capital and severe air pollution that is destroying the classical buildings?

Answer: Athens, Greece.

25) Which highly polluted Italian river discharges 234 tons of arsenic into the sea a year?

Answer: River po.

26) How can we reduce the pollution by smoke from factories?

Answer: By using electrostatic filters in the chimneys of factories.

27) Name the general term used to mean all the plants and fish thatcher live in water.

Answer: Aquatic living beings.

28) When the environment is unhealthy and unsafe to living and non-living things, what’s the condition usually known as?

Answer: Pollution.

29) Those animals which are active during day are called?

Answer: Diurnal animals.

30) Those animals which sleep in the day and actively move round during the night are called?

Animals: Nocturnal animals.

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