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101 Quiz Questions and Answers – Learn and Win Quiz Competitions

Quiz Questions and Answers


Quiz Questions and Answers


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1


1) Which was the book written by Zoroaster?

Answer: Avesta.

2) What was the important event which took place in 1665?

Answer: The Discovery of Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

3) A short-sighted person uses spectacles fitted with _?

Answer: Concave lenses.

4) What is the science of colors?

Answer: Chromatics.

5) Which force done by the system will increase the potential energy of the system?

Answer: A conservative force.

6) Who invented the microwave?

Answer: Dr. Percy Lebaron Spencer.

7) The atmosphere is held to the earth by _?

Answer: Gravity.

8) The band width of fringes is independent of what?

Answer: Order of the fringes.

9) What is the function of ‘Tendril’ in plants?

Answer: Climbing.

10) What is the phenomenon that makes light to propagate through optical fibre?

Answer: Total Internal Reflection (TIR).


General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 2


11) If the physical properties of a solid do not depend on the direction, the solid is known as?

Answer: Isotropic.

12) Who founded the branch of science known as spectroscopy?

Answer: Anders Jonas Angstrom.

13) What is the name of the chemical with formula KCNS?

Answer: Potassium thiocyanate.

14) Which type of fish covers the sea for miles together and is a wonderful sight to see?

Answer: Jelly Fish.

15) The use of grid in a triode valve is?

Answer: It controls plate to cathode current.

16) What is the ring of bones at the hip called?

Answer: Pelvic girdle.

17) An extra or redundant bit used to detect transmission errors is called?

Answer: Parity bit.

18) When was the ‘Four color theorem’ every map on flat surface or a sphere can be colored without using more than four different colors proved?

Answer: 1976.

19) A thermo flask is polished well. Why?

Answer: To reflect all radiation from outside.

20) Who was known as the ‘Man of thousand faces’?

Answer: Lon Chaney.


GK Questions Answers Online Test Part 3


21) What is the harmful material left in a sugarcane after its juice has been extracted?

Answer: Bagasse.

22) Who was the inventor of Rh-factor?

Answer: Karl Landsteiner.

23) Mathematical study of oscillatory motion began with the basic aim to improve the method of _?

Answer: Telling time.

24) When sound waves travel from air to water which of these remains constant?

Answer: Frequency.

25) What was the name of the ship in which Captain Scott and his expedition sailed to Antarctica in 1900?

Answer: Discovery.

26) Who was the first to study the solar system?

Answer: Isaac Newton.

27) Which source is associated with a line emission spectrum?

Answer: Neon signs.

Quiz Question 28) Who proposed the idea of debt for nature swap, which is now catching up fast all over the world?

Answer: Thomas E. Lovejoy.

29) Which is the most unreadable mathematical classic?

Answer: Principia Mathematica.

30) HTML stands for?

Answer: Hypertext Markup Language.


GK Quiz 2017: General Knowledge Questions Answer 2017-2018 Part 4


31) What is aphonia?

Answer: Total loss of voice.

32) Where does the US Congress meet?

Answer: Capitol in Washington.

33) Who was the stamp distributor who became a great poet?

Answer: William Wordsworth.

34) Which country was known previously as Indo China?

Answer: Vietnam.

35) In which sea does Malta lie?

Answer: The Mediterranean.

36) Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?

Answer: New York City in US.

37) Which is the world’s most visited site?

Answer: Eiffel Tower.

38) Who was the promoter of paperback?

Answer: Sir Allen Lane.

39) What did the Dutch scientist Leeuwenhoek invent?

Answer: Bacteria.

40) Golden Pagoda in Yangon belongs to?

Answer: Buddhists.


General Knowledge Quiz Challenge General Quiz Questions Part 5


41) Who said “A thing of beauty a joy forever”?

Answer: John Keats.

42) “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”

Who said this?

Answer: Milton.

43) The peculiar bird found in Antarctica is?

Answer: Penguin.

44) Which country uses zloty as its currency?

Answer: Poland.

45) ‘The Year of the Dragon’ was celebrated by?

Answer: China.

46) “All for each and each for all” is the motto of?

Answer: Co-operation.

47) New York City stands on?

Answer: Manhattan Island.

48) The river Brahmaputra rises in?

Answer: Manasarovar.

49) What is the Roman symbol for number 50?

Answer: L

50) River Volga goes to?

Answer: Caspian Sea.


Questions & Answers – General Knowledge Part 6


51) Where can you find “Golden Gate” bridge?

Answer: San Francisco, US.

52) Which animal is called the ‘old man of the sea’?

Answer: The otter.

52) What are marsupials?

Answer: Animal with pouches to carry their young ones.

53) Through which organ do humans produce sound?

Answer: The Larynx.

54) Where is the driest place in the world?

Answer: The Atacama Desert, South America.

55) Which is the largest palace in the world?

Answer: The Vatican Palace.

56) Which is the world’s largest concrete dam?

Answer: The Grand Coulee Dam, USA.

57) Which country has the same flag as of USA?

Answer: Liberia.

58) Blue revolution refers to the production of what?

Answer: Fish.

59) What is the name of Parliament of Norway?

Answer: Storting.

60) What is the name of the Parliament of Netherlands?

Answer: Staten-Generaal.


Quiz Questions to Improve Your General Knowledge Part 7


61) What is the name of the Parliament of Malaysia?

Answer: Diwan Raquat.

62) Who discovered New Zeland?

Answer: Abel Tasman.

63) Which place is known as Venice of East?

Answer: Alleppey.

64) Who abolished slavery in America?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

65) Where was the first Asian Games held?

Answer: New Delhi, India.

66) Which country conducted the first civil service examination of the world?

Answer: China.

67) One planet in the night sky is easily identifiable because of its reddish hue. Which planet?

Answer: Mars.

68) Who devised the carbon transmitter or microphone for the telephone?

Answer: Prof. Hughes.

69) The oldest inhabited capital city in the world?

Answer: Damascus.

70) America’s Statue of Liberty located in?

Answer: Liberty Island.


Latest Online Quiz with Answers Part 8


71) Lawrence Durrell a novel called Justine. Who had written a book with the same name much earlier?

Answer: Marquis de Sade.

72) What is ambivalent mean?

Answer: Simultaneous existence of two conflicting attitudes.

73) Name the pigment in carrot?

Answer: Carotene.

74) What is rubella?

Answer: German measles.

75) Which football player is known as ‘Black Pearl’?

Answer: Pele.

76) What is the superiority of Arabic numerals over Roman numerals?

Answer: Arabic numerals have the zero.

77) Name the ‘unsinkable ship’ sank on its maiden voyage?

Answer: Titanic.

78) In whose books is Miss. Marple, the amateur detective?

Answer: Agatha Christie.

79) Who were the first to notice that a snowflake has six sides?

Answer: The Chinese.

80) Write a word which connects cook, atmosphere and blood?

Answer: Pressure.


Quiz Questions and Answers Updated 2017 – 2018 Part 9


81) Name the largest water lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Superior, USA.

82) Name the main character of classic Jungle Book?

Answer: Mowgli.

83) In which year Denmark have adopted a national flag?

Answer: A.D. 1219.

84) Which is the first country to have adopted a national flag?

Answer: Denmark.

85) In which European city can you ride in a gondola, a type of boat?

Answer: Venice.

86) Name Britain‘s most luxurious ocean liner?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth.

87) Where would you be if you were actually walking on the ‘way of sorrows’ the path along which Jesus is said to have carried the cross?

Answer: Israel.

88) Which is the largest volcano in the world?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.

89) Which explorer made the largest number of expeditions to Antarctica?

Answer: Richard E. Byrd.

90) Which is Nepal’s best known camping style trekking destination?

Answer: Lake Rara National Park.


Basic General Knowledge Quiz Part 10


91) Which milk pudding is made from starch extracted from the pith of the palm tree?

Answer: Sago.

92) Which vegetable is a green variety of banana, used as a staple food in the tropics?

Answer: Plantain.

93) What type of flowers produce vanilla pods?

Answer: Orchids.

94) Where was India’s first ship-building yard established?

Answer: Kochi.

95) Which disease in children is caused by the intensive use of nitrate fertilizers?

Answer: Methemoglobinemia.

96) Which Scottish waterway links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Caledonian Canal.

97) What is the other name of vitamin A?

Answer: Retinol.

98) Which one of the five Great Lakes lies totally within the United States?

Answer: Lake Michigan.

99) What is ichthyology?

Answer: The study of the natural history of fishes.


100) What is the expansion of M.B.B.S?

Answer: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

101) Only one astrological sign is not named after a living creature. Which one?

Answer: Libra (The Scales).


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