50 Music Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


50 Music and Answers


Music Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


General Music Questions with Answers


1. Name the person who replaced Ozzy Osbourne as Black Sabbath ‘s lead singer?
a. Ronnie James Dio
b. Judas Priest
c. Dokken
d. Whitesnake
Answer: Ronnie James Dio


2. To consider a band as a Big Band what is the minimum number of musicians to be needed?
a. 11
b. 21
c. 12
d. 10
Answer: 10


3. Bjork was lead singer of what Icelandic band before pursuing a solo career?
a. Kukl
b. The Sugarcubes
c. Cocteau Twins
d. The Elgar sisters
Answer: The Sugarcubes


4. In an Orchestra, which is the largest brass section instrument?
b. Tenor
c. French horns
d. Tuba
Answer: Tuba


5. Name the singer who released the album Alf?
a. Alison Moyet
b. Aretha Louise Franklin
c. Michael Joseph Jackson
d.Christopher Maurice
Answer: Alison Moyet


6. Name the singer who released the album, Here, My Dear?
a. Frankie Gaye
b. Bruno Mars
c. Elton John
d. Marvin Gaye
Answer: Marvin Gaye


7. Puff the Magic Dragon lives in which place
a. Neverland
b. Asgard
c. Bristol
d. Hanalei
Answer: Hanalei


8. A tribute to David Bowie’s ex-wife was given with a song by The Rolling stones, name the song?
a. “Wild Horses”
b. “Gimme Shelter”
c. “Angie”
d. “Satisfaction “
Answer: “Angie”


9. Name the blues great who was born Ellas Otha Bates?
a. Little Richard
b. Muddy Waters
c. Bo Diddley
d. Chuck Berry
Answer: Bo Diddley


10. Name the band having its name after a scientist from the movie Barbarella?
a. Duran Duran
b. A Ha
c. Nile Rodgers
d. Tears for fears
Answer: Duran Duran


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11. Name the orchestral instrument that can play high note?
a. Viola
b. Piccolo
c. Violin
d. Cellos
Answer: Violin


12. Name the all-time bestselling movie soundtrack?
a. I have nothing
b. My love is your love
c. Waiting to exhale
d. The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album
Answer: The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album


13. The most played song on American radio during the 20th century was?
a. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”
b.”Just Once in My Life”
c.” Danger Zone”
d.”Soul and Inspiration “
Answer: “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”


14. Name the musical director of the New York Philharmonic from 1958 to 1970?
a. Jaap Van zweden
b. Alan Gilbert
c. Leonard Bernstein
d. Kurt Masur
Answer: Leonard Bernstein


15. The Clawhammer is a playing style associated with an instrument, what is it?
a. Ukulele
b. Banjo
c. Mandolin
d. Fiddle
Answer: Banjo


16. The 2001, Grammy Award for Best New Artist was won by whom?
a. Sam Smith
b. Amy Winehouse
c. Meghan Trainor
d. Alessia Cara
Answer: Amy Winehouse


17. Who recorded “Groove is in the Heart“?
a. Q-Tip
b. Deee-Lite
c. Technotronic
d. The B-52’s
Answer: Deee-Lite


18. The lead singer of Evanescence is?
a. Jen Majura
b. Lzzy Hale
c. Ben Moody
d. Amy Lee
Answer: Amy Lee


19. Among the following, name the musical group that had the 1967 Top 10 single, “I Think We’re Alone Now”?
a. The Rascals
b. The Troggs
c. Tommy James and the Shondells
d. The Turtles
Answer: Tommy James and the Shondells


20. The musical composition “Rhapsody in Blue was written by whom?
a. Leonard Bernstein
b. Cole Porter
c. Claude Debussy
d. George Gershwin
Answer: George Gershwin


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21. What does a spectrum mean?
a. Stick
b. Guitar pick
c. Showel
d. Matchstick
Answer: Guitar pick


22. Name the former Victoria Secret model appeared in the Guns N’ Roses videos “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain”?
a. Christy Turlington
b. Stephanie Seymour
c. Karen Mulder
d. Peter M Brant
Answer: Stephanie Seymour


23. Mariah Carey got married to whom in the year 1993
a. Nick Cannon
b. James Packer
c. Tommy Mottola
d. Benny Medina
Answer: Tommy Mottola


24. The oldest member of the Spice Girl is?
a. Geri Halliwell
b. Mel B
c. Victoria Beckham
d.Emma Bunton
Answer: Geri Halliwell


25. The number of strings on a Ukulele is?
a. 3
b. 6
c. 4
d. 8
Answer: 4


26. “My Sharona” was recorded by which band?
a. Ramones
b. AC/DC
c. Judas priest
d. The Knack
Answer: The Knack


27. vName the lead singer born Farrokh Bulsara?
a. Brian May
b. Rami Malek
c. Freddie Mercury
d. Jim Hutton
Answer: Freddie Mercury


28. The guitarist known as Slowhand is?
a. Jimmy Page
b. Eric Clapton
c. Jeff Beck
d. B.B King
Answer: Eric Clapton


29. Among the following, what was the first name of Ritchie Valens’ high school sweetheart whom he wrote a song for?
a. We belong together
b. Donna
c. Come on Let’s Go
d. Largest Bamba
Answer: Donna


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30. Marimba means _
a. Balafon
b. Txalaparta
c. Bass xylophone
d. Laggutu
Answer: Bass xylophone


31. The first hispanic to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is whom?
a. Carlos Santana
b. Cindy Blackman
c. Rob Thomas
d. John Lee Hooker
Answer: Carlos Santana


32. The Mothers of Invention backed up whom?
a. Frank Zappa
b. Don Preston
c. Jimmy Carl Black
d. Ray Collins
Answer: Frank Zappa


33. Name the first person to appear on the cover of the Rolling stones magazine?
a. Peter Bowes
b. John Lennon
c. Richard Gere
d. Tom Petty
Answer: John Lennon


34. Who had the first country music album to top the U.S. Pop Album charts?
a. Johnny Cash
b. Waylon Jennings
c. Bob Dylan
d. Jerry Lee
Answer: Johnny Cash


35. A member of the Rolling stones to have a number one hit as a solo artist is?
a. Ted Kennedy
b. Bill Wyman
c. Pete Townshend
d. Jackson Brownie
Answer: Bill Wyman


36. Among the following name the hymn written by John Newton?
a. Ave Maria
b. Holy Holy Holy
c. Rock of Ages
d. “Amazing Grace”
Answer: “Amazing Grace”


37. Picasso’s Last Words” were included in an album by Wings,name it?
a. Band on the Run
b. Venus and the Mars
c. Wings over America
d. Wild Life
Answer: Band on the Run


38. The Father of the String Quartet, is _
a. Wolfgang
b. Joseph Haydn
c. Franz Schubert
d. Felix Mendelssohn
Answer: Joseph Haydn


39. Name the oldest member of The Jackson 5?
a. Jackie Jackson
b. Michael Jackson
c. Randy Jackson
d. Jermaine Jackson
Answer: Jackie Jackson


40. Thirty Seconds Over Winterland, is an album, name the band which released this?
a. Today
b. The Beatles
c. Jefferson Airplane
d. Rolling stones
Answer: Jefferson Airplane


Music Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


41. Among the following, “The Dance” and “Rodeo” were released by which music singer
a. Alan Jackson
b. George Strait
c. Garth Brooks
d. Faith Hill
Answer: Garth Brooks


42. The famous hymn written by Julia Ward Howe is?
a. “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
b. Mine eyes have seen the glory
c. How Great Thou Art
d. Here, I am Lord
Answer: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”


43. Name the city were the first American commercial radio station got started?
a. Seattle
b. Franklin
c. Pittsburgh
d. Clinton
Answer: Pittsburgh


44. Name the band which released the single “Eternal Flame”?
a. The Bangles
b. Bananarama
c. The Go-Go’s
d. The Runaway
Answer: The Bangles


45. The first pop music video released is _
a. “Bohemian Rhapsody”
b. “In my feelings “
c.” Plutomania “
d.”Man of the woods”
Answer: “Bohemian Rhapsody”


46. The last act at the Woodstock was done by _
a. Jim Morrison
b. Janis Joplin
c. Jimi Hendrix
d. Kurt Cobain
Answer: Jimi Hendrix


47. When did Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain died?
a. 25
b. 26
c. 27
d. 30
Answer: 27


48. Name the note an Orchestra tunes to?
a. E
b. A
c. D
d. C
Answer: A


49. Which among the following is a singer having Robert Alan Zimmerman as the birth name?
a. Freddie mercury
b. Bob Dylan
c. Eric Clapton
d. Joan Baez
Answer: Bob Dylan


50. The number of Grammy Awards won by Elvis Presley is _
a. 4
b. 3
c. 6
d. 8
Answer: 3


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