World Geography Quiz – Top 50 Geography Questions

World Geography Quiz – 50 Geography Questions


50 Geography General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers


World Geography Quiz Part 1 (Questions 1-15)

1. The North pole surrounded by _
(a) Atlantic ocean
(b) Pacific ocean
(c) Southern ocean
(d) Arctic Ocean

Answer: Arctic Ocean


2. Name a country of South America, that is of the Westernmost part?
(a) Peru
(b) Brazil
(c) Lima
(d) Chile

Answer: Peru


3. Name the city in China that has the highest population?
(a) Nanjing
(b) Beijing
(c) Shanghai
(d) Shenzhen

Answer: Shanghai


4. Doldrums means what?
(a) A low pressure belt
(b) A high pressure belt
(c) A low-pressure belt round the Equator where there are very light winds and calm seas
(d) Depression

Answer: A low-pressure belt round the Equator where there are very light winds and calm seas


5. Name the Sri Lankan Mountain which is sacred to people of all faiths?
(a) Kirigalpotta
(b) Mount Kailasj
(c) Bible Rock
(d) Adam’s Peak

Answer: Adam’s Peak


6. The capital of Indonesia is located on an Island, name it.
(a) Bali
(b) Jakarta
(c) Aceh
(d) Java

Answer: Java


7. The Serengeti National park is located in?
(a) Tanzania
(b) Kenya
(c) Zambia
(d) Uganda

Answer: Tanzania


8. The Everglades in the USA is located in which place?
(a) Florida
(b) Miami
(c) Orlando
(d) Tampa

Answer: Florida


9. Name the largest coastal city in Brazil?
(a) Salvador
(b) Bahia
(c) Parana
(d) Rio de Janeiro

Answer: Rio de Janeiro


10. The Northern Territory of Australia is having its Capital named _
(a) Darwin
(b) Victoria
(c) Queensland
(d) Tasmania

Answer: Darwin

11. When a high area of land drops steeply, especially into the sea, what is the land formation called?
(a) Valley
(b) Cliff
(c) Basins
(d) Buttes

Answer: Cliff


12. The island where Male’s airport is located is?
(a) Hulule
(b) Mauritius
(c) Bali
(d) Bahamas

Answer: Hulule


13. The oil pipeline that reaches the Mediterranean ports, through an Iraqi city. Name it.
(a) Mosul
(b) Erbil
(d) Kirkuk

Answer: Kirkuk


14. Which among the following is river mentioned, represents the colours Blue and white?
(a) Ganges
(b) Nile
(c) Danube
(d) Yangtze

Answer: Nile


15. Name, the sea where the Danube rivers flows to?
(a) The Black Sea
(b) Caspian sea
(c) Mediterranean sea
(d) Red sea

Answer: The Black Sea


World Geography Quiz Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Mojave Desert is located in which place?
(a) Peru, Chile
(b) China, Mongolia
(c) S.W Africa
(d) California, USA

Answer: California, USA


17. Which among the following is included in Uruguay’s export ?
(a) Vegetables and fruits
(b) Dry fruits
(c) Alcohol and other beverages
(d) Meat and other animal products

Answer: Meat and other animal products


18. The Great North-South highway of Australia connects two coastal towns, name it?
(a) Nelson, Victoria
(b) Beach Port, South Australia
(c) Darwin; Port Augusta
(d) Penguin, Tasmania

Answer: Darwin; Port Augusta


19. Name the meridian in the International Date Line?
(a) The 180° meridian
(b) The 183° meridian
(c) The 360° meridian
(d) The 90° meridian

Answer: The 180° meridian

20. Drukpas is a religion found particularly in a country. Name it.
(a) Nepal
(b) Burma
(c) Bahrain
(d) Bhutan

Answer: Bhutan


21. The George Town is located in which place?
(a) Langkawi
(b) Penang
(c) Malacca
(d) Batu Ferringhi

Answer: Penang


22. Name the mountain range that stretches across Algeria and Morocco?
(a) Adas Mountains
(b) Ural Mountains
(c) Rocky Mountains
(d) Alps

Answer: Adas Mountains


23. Name the mountain range in which Andorra is located?
(a) Pyrennes
(b) Andes
(c) Himalayas
(d) Appalachian Mountains

Answer: Pyrennes


24. List out the three major island of the Greater Antilles?
(a) Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica
(b) Cayman Island, Anguilla and  St.Barts
(c) St.Barts, St. Thomas and St.Marys
(d) Aruba, Bonaire and Barbados

Answer: Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica


25. Name, with which country does Colombia share its shortest international border?
(a) Costa Rica
(b) Panama
(c) Guatemala
(d) Honduras

Answer: Panama


26. Among the following ,name the island having Solomon Island being geographically its part and Papua New guinea as its political part.
(a) Melanesia
(b) Bougainville
(c) Rabaul
(d) New Guinea

Answer: Bougainville


27. Which Oceanic part has the greatest depth?
(a)Siren Deep
(b) Puerto Rico trench
(c) Ring of fire
(d) The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean

Answer: The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean


28. The Sagarmata known today is _
(a) Everest
(b) River
(c) Lake
(d) Peak

Answer: Everest


29. The country which was earlier called as Siam?
(a) Vietnam
(b) Thailand
(c) Cambodia
(d) Laos

Answer: Thailand

30. Transkei, Venda, and Ciskei are _
(a) Are animal species
(b) Islands with lowest population
(c) Are name of  plant species
(d) South African tribal homelands with a degree of self-government

Answer:  South African tribal homelands with a degree of self-government


World Geography Quiz Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. The famous city of Wales is _
(a) Swansea
(b) Cardiff
(c) Pembrokes
(d) Newport

Answer: Cardiff


32. Madison and Lincoln have something in common ,what is it?
(a) Both have Black hair
(b) Both are state capitals in USA
(c) Both can fly
(d) Both have

Answer: Both are state capitals in USA


33. Which among the following is the South America that is called “the driest place in the world”?
(a) The Atacama Desert, Chile
(b)The  Namib Desert, Southern Africa
(c) The Sahara Desert, Northern Africa
(d) The Negev Desert, Southern Israel

Answer: The Atacama Desert, Chile


34. Name the Pacific nation that has a population that is in the majority Indian?
(a) Palau
(b) Fiji
(c) Australia
(d) Chile

Answer:  Fiji


35. Among the following, which is the exact meaning of Selvas?
(a) Dry Deserts
(b) Hot, wet equatorial evergreen forests
(c) Vast Ocean
(d) Dry and swampy areas

Answer: Hot, wet equatorial evergreen forests


36. It is a legendary pass that links Pakistan and Afghanistan?
(a) Khyber Pass
(b) Cilia pass
(c) Kabir Pass
(d) Cyrus Pass

Answer:  Khyber Pass


37. Many people living in a part of the world incorrectly called as the Middle East. Name it?
(a) South Asia
(b) South Korea
(c)North Eastern America
(d) West Asia

Answer: West Asia


38. What does Saharwi mean?
(a) Dry winds of desert
(b) The name Western Sahara has been given by those seeking its independence
(c) A Desert Game
(d) Desert mirage at frequent intervals

Answer:  The name Western Sahara has been given by those seeking its independence


39. Transylvania is located in which place?
(a) Transylvania
(b) Hungary
(c) Romania
(d) Bulgaria

Answer: Romania


40. Name the Greatest lake of America which is considered holly?
(a) Dal Lake
(b) Lake Superior
(c) Chilika Lake
(d) Lake Michigan

Answer: Lake Michigan


41. Name a state that belongs to southernmost part of Australia?
(a) Tanzania
(b) Launceston
(c) Tasmania
(d) Hobart

Answer: Tasmania


42. The Madeira and the Negro are of which country?
(a) Bolivia
(b) Brazil
(c) Portugal
(d) Spain

Answer: Brazil


43. Alice Springs is a _
(a) A village in Indonesia
(b) A famous season type
(c) An elastic device
(d) A town right in the centre of Australia

Answer: A town right in the centre of Australia


44. What do Kuro Siwo, Benguela and Kuro Siwo have in common?
(a) All are ocean currents
(b)All are Glaciers
(c)All are  Oceanic coast
(d) Estuaries

Answer: All are ocean currents


45. The island groups called atolls are found in which country region?
(a) Maldives
(b) Seychelles
(c) Seychelles
(d) Bahamas

Answer: Maldives


46. Name the old capital of the Philippines?
(a) Metro Manila
(b) Makati
(c) Pasig
(d) Quezon City

Answer: Quezon City


47. Malawi was known to be what?
(a) Basutoland
(b) Nyasaland
(c) Dahomey
(d) Matabeleland

Answer: Nyasaland


48. The mountainous spine of Italy is called as _
(a) The Apennines
(b) Maiella
(c) Corno Grande
(d) Pollino

Answer: The Apennines


49. The Cape Kennedy is known today as?
(a) Everglades 5
(b) Nassau
(c) Cape Canaveral
(d) Space Coast

Answer: Cape Canaveral


50. In South America ,a part which is considered to be the stormiest is?
(a) Orlando
(b) The southernmost part of Chile
(c) Guyana
(d) Colo

Answer: The southernmost part of Chile


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