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50 General Knowledge for Children

50 General Knowledge for Children


Simple General Knowledge for Children


General Knowledge for Children Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1) Name the planet having a year that last approximately 84 Earth years?
a) Mars
b) Mercury
c) Uranus
d) Neptune
Answer: Uranus


2) The Taj Mahal is of which country?
a) India
b) Tanzanian
c) Brazil
d) Tongo
Answer: India


3) Pawpaw is a kind of _
a) Fruit
b) Fish
c) Reptile
d) Insects
Answer: Fruit


4) Someone who studies about stars is known as _
a) Geologist
b) Astronomer
c) Futurologist
d) Scientist
Answer: Astronomer


5) The branch of mathematics that uses letters to represent number is called?
a) Bisection
b) Algebra
c) Fractions
d) Theorems
Answer: Algebra


6) Name the Roald Dahl book in which the vegetables snozzcumbers is featured?
a) Where the wild things
b) BFG
c) Charlie and the chocolate factory
d) Gulliver’s Travel
Answer: BFG


7) A building that houses aircraft is known as
a) Hanger
b) Shed
c) Shipyard
d) Office
Answer: Hanger


8) The international registration letter D is carried by which country’s car?
a) Germany
b) Spain
c) Iceland
d) Benin
Answer: Germany


9) Which nursery rhyme character was warned that the cow was in the corn?
a) Little Boy Blue
b) Little Boy Orange
c) Little Boy Purple
d) Little Boy Yellow
Answer: Little Boy Blue


10) What did Cinderella left behind at the ball in the fairy tale?
a) Glass slipper
b) Hair Clip
c) Hand Clock
d) Ring
Answer: Glass slipper


11) In cartoons in which town do the Flintstones live?
a) Bedstrok
b) Bedrock
c) Bedington
d) Bedruby
Answer: Bedrock


12) Who is Scooby Doo’s nephew?
a) Scary Doo
b) Snatchy Doo
c) Scrappy Doo
d) Starry Doo
Answer: Scrappy Doo


13) Name the animal whose male is known as a Boomer?
a) Kangaroo
b) Koala
c) Ocelot
d) Bear
Answer: Kangaroo


14) The sand filled obstacle on a golf course is known as_
a) Bunker
b) Pit
c) Hole
d) Swamp
Answer: Bunker


15) Where did the Flamenco music originated?
a) Russia
b) Spain
c) Armenia
d) Albania
Answer: Spain


General Knowledge for Children Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16) Name the country which has the capital New Delhi?
a) India
b) Ireland
c) Italy
d) South Korea
Answer: India


17) The Pied Piper rid of rats from a town as says in the poem, name the town?
a) Hamelin
b) Hamhung
c) Hamilton
d) Hastourt
Answer: Hamelin


18) _ speaks louder than words
a) Actions
b) Mind
c) Feelings
d) Music
Answer: Actions


19) In the book of Jonathan Swift ‘Gulliver’s Travel ‘what is the name of the land of the little people?
a) Neverland
b) Asgard
c) Lilliput
d) Harvey
Answer: Lilliput


20) What is the medical name for the roof of the mouth?
The roof of the mouth is _
a) Pharynx
b) Uvula
c) Palate
d) Larynx
Answer: Palate


21) Who picked a peck of pickled peppers’ in the tongue twister?
a) Peter Piper
b) Pi Piper
d) Paul Piper
Answer: Peter Piper


22) The Coach for Cinderella was made from which vegetable, in the fairy tale?
a) Umbellifers
b) Pumpkin
c) Cucumber
d) Cauliflower
Answer: Pumpkin


23) Among the following silverback is which animal?
a) Gorilla
b) Impala
c) Iguana
d) Penguin
Answer: Gorilla


24) The medical name of thighbone is called?
a) Femur
b) Ulna
c) Maxilla
d) Radius
Answer: Femur


25) The number of balls used in a snooker game is?
a) 12
b) 22
c) 15
d) 43
Answer: 22


26) The book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is written by whom?
a) Dr Seuss
b) Roald Dahl
c) Eric Carle
d) Sam
Answer: Dr Seuss


27) Name the country having Reykjavik as its capital city?
a) Iceland
b) Algeria
c) Italy
d) Ireland
Answer: Iceland


28) What does Figure eight, double fisherman’s and bowline mean?
a) Knot
b) Games
c) Music
d) Painting
Answer: Knot


29) Name the superhero who is having Ming the Merciless as the arch foe?
a) Flash Gordon
b) Spider-Man
c) Green Lantern
d) Iron man
Answer: Flash Gordon


30) Among the following which word refers to a baby alligator?
a) Foal
b) Hatchling
c) Fry
d) Polliwog
Answer: Hatchling


General Knowledge for Children Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31) Total strings in a Ukulele is?
a) Four
b) Two
c) Seven
d) Six
Answer: Four


32) In any competition, traditionally third place is awarded with this?
a) Flower
b) Bronze
c) Iridium
d) Platinum
Answer: Bronze


33) In which language does the word Grazie means thank you?
a) Chinese
b) Russian
c) Italian
d) Indonesian
Answer: Italian


34) The surname of the actor who play’s the role of Harry Potter in the film is?
a) Radcliffe
b) Firth
c) Pattinson
d) Watson
Answer: Radcliffe


35) Name the capital of the US state of New York?
a) Staten Island
b) Albany
c) Manhattan
d) Toronto
Answer: Albany


36) Name the vegetable in the US referred to as eggplant?
a) Aubergine
b) Brussel sprout
c) Lettuce
d) Jackfruit
Answer: Aubergine


37) Which comic strip character can be seen eating cow pie in Cactusville?
a) Desperate Pablo
b) Desperate Dan
c) Desperate Paco
d) Desperate Dev
Answer: Desperate Dan


38) A biathlon is made of how many events?
a) Six
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four
Answer: Two


39) Name a creature named as shearwater?
a) Fish
b) Bird
c) Worms
d) Frog
Answer: Bird


40) The number of stripes present in the flag of USA is?
a) 13
b) 21
c) 31
d) 22
Answer: 13


41) Name the creature named Baloo in the book of Rudyard Kipling ‘The Jungle Book’?
a) Bear
b) Snake
c) Lion
d) Panda
Answer: Bear


42) The small peg the golf ball is rested on for the first stroke of each hole is called as?
a) Bracket
b) Tee
c) Lee
d) Shed
Answer: Tee


43) Give the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
a) Alfreda
b) Tinker Bell
c) Alvina Bell
d) Tiny Rim
Answer: Tinker Bell


44) Name the reindeer of Kristoff in the film Frozen?
a) Samuel
b) Samson
c) Sven
d) Svan
Answer: Sven


45) Name the element other than oxygen that the water is made of
a) Hydrogen
b) Argon
c) Fluorine
d) Xenon
Answer: Hydrogen


46) Name the bird which has rockhopper as one of it’s species?
a) Shorebirds
b) Swan
c) Penguin
d) Hen
Answer: Penguin


47) What number shirt is worn by David Beckham in the Manchester United play?
a) Six
b) Seven
c) Nine
d) Ten
Answer: Seven


48) What purpose does an anemometer serve?
a) Wave speed
b) Wind speed
c) Atmospheric pressure
d) Snow
Answer: Wind speed


49) A limerick consist of how many lines?
a) Eight
b) Five
c) Two
d) Seven
Answer: Five


50) The voice of Woody in the Toy Story is provided by which actor?
a) Tom Hanks
b) Tom Hardy
c) Simon Pegg
d) Robert Pattinson
Answer: Tom Hanks


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