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50 Pokemon Quiz Questions with Answers

Pokemon Quiz Questions with Answers


Pokemon Quiz Questions with Answers


Pokemon Quiz Questions Part 1


1) Ash and Pikachu was on their vacation on an island, name it?
a. Alola
b. Akala
c. Ula ula
d. Mele Mele
Answer: Mele Mele


2) Ash was swimming on along with a Pokémon, name it?
a. Pachirisu
b. Mimikyu
c. Pikipek
d. Sharpedo
Answer: Sharpedo


3) Name the other person on vacation along with Ash and Pikachu?
a. Lillie
b. Ash’s mum
c. Professor Samson
d. Lana
Answer: Ash’s mum


4) On the sea, Lana sat with which Pokémon?
a. Lapras
b. Litten
c. Snorlax
d. Hypno
Answer: Lapras


5) Name the Pokémon that she catched with her fishing rod?
a. Shukaku
b. Feemas
c. Tirtouga
d. Burnish
Answer: Shukaku


6) When Ash was on the Melemele beach, he step on a Pokémon, what was it?
a. Charizad
b. Litten
c. Eevee
d. Shellder
Answer: Litten


7) The umbrellas on the beach were ____in colour
a. White and pink
b. Red and black
c. White and red
d. Purple and white
Answer: White and red


8) The Alola vacation tickets were won by whom?
a. Ash’s dad
b. Ash
c. Mimey
d. Jigglypuff
Answer: Mimey


9) Where did Ash and his mum went to after their fun on the beach?
a. Pokémon master
b. Pub
c. Home
d. Professor Oak Cousin’s place
Answer: Professor Oak Cousin’s place


10) What did Professor Oak gaveto Ash for his cousin, when Ash was along with his mom?
a. Water ride Pokemon
b. Guardian Pokemon
c. Pokemon egg
d. Z-ring
Answer: Pokémon egg


11) They reached Professor Oak’s cousin with the help of ____
a. On the bike
b. Run
c. Skating
d. Pokemon taxi
Answer: Pokemon taxi


12) On the way to professor Oak’s cousin, Ash’s mum picked something as a gift, what was the gift that she picked?
a. Berries
b. Mangos
c. Oranges
d. Plum
Answer: Berries


13) Ash tried to catch a Pokémon on the market, name it?
a. Shelgon
b. Squirtle
c. Groudon
d. Grubbin
Answer: Grubbin


14) When Ash and Pikachu were trying to catch up Grubbin, what Pokémon did chased them?
a. Milotic
b. Tapu Koko
c. Psyduck
d. Bayleef
Answer: Tapu Koko


15) On their way, they met a Pokemon in the woods, name it?
a. Psybuck
b. Vulpix
c. Bewear
d. Staryu
Answer: Bewear


Pokemon Quiz Questions Part 2 (16-30)


16) Name the Pokémon that they saw in the air?
a. Charizard
b. Bulbasaur
c. Charmelon
d. Venusaur
Answer: Charizard


17) Name the Pokémon that the children were raising on, when Ash went to see the school?
a. Tauros
b. Jirachi
c. Groudon
d. Staryu
Answer: Tauros


18) The Blond girl who is scared of Pokémon’s is?
a. Misty
b. Mallow
c. Linda
d. Lillie
Answer: Lillie


19) Ash hit his head on a fruit in the forest, name the fruit?
a. Pineapple
b. Jackfruit
c. Apple
d. Pear
Answer: Pear


20) The green coloured long hair was possessed by which girl?
a. Lillie
b. Mallow
c. May
d. Misty
Answer: Mallow


21) Every time, Mallow had which Pokemon along with her?
a. Pikachu
b. Bounsweet
c. Pikipek
d. Shinji
Answer: Bounsweet


22) The Pokémon school was shown to Ash by whom?
a. Lilly
b. Linda
c. Mallow
d. Hana
Answer: Mallow


23) Ash met someone in principle office, who was it?
a. Brock
b. Professor Samson
c. His mum
d. Kiawe
Answer: His mum


24) What wad the thought that came to Mallows mind about Ash, when both of them met for the first time?
a. A student
b. A Dancer
c. A visitor
d. A Professor
Answer: A student


25) A phone call was made by Professor Samson while he was in the office, name the person who he was calling?
a. Professor Oak
b. His Dad
c. His Brother
d. His students
Answer: Professor Oak


26) Ash’s mum name is _
a. Twinkle
b. Delia
c. Eeva
d. Lilly
Answer: Delia


27) Ash and Mallow saw someone on the corridor while they were looking around the campus, name the person?
a. Bonnie
b. Nurse Joy
c. Ash’s mum
d. Professor Kukui
Answer: Professor Kukui


28) In the Pokémon school many students were bullied by whom?
a. Team skull
b. Seren
c. Olivia
d. Jessie
Answer: Team skull


29) In the battle, what were the Pokémon’s that team skull used?
a. Saladin, Dragonite, Zubat
b. Flattener, Bewear, Salandit
c. Greybull, Hakims-o, Dragonite
d. Zubat, Yungoos, Salaudit
Answer: Zubat, Yungoos, Salaudit


30) Name the person belonging to team skull?
a. Cilan
b. Ash
c. Guzma
d. Absol
Answer: Guzma


Pokemon Quiz Questions Part 3 (31-50)


31) Kiawe was helped by whom in the battle with team skull?
a. Misty
b. Lana
c. Brock
d. Ash
Answer: Ash


32) Kiawe fought with team skull by using which Pokémon?
a. Hoopa
b. Pikachu
c. Mewtwo
d. Turtonator
Answer: Turtonator


33) Pokémon Turtonator is a type of what?
a. Steel
b. Fire
c. Land
d. Vivid
Answer: Fire


34) The team skull was first attached by which Pokémon
a. Pikachu
b. Ultra Neckrozma
c. Dialga
d. Zubat
Answer: Pikachu


35) Zubat is a type of what Pokémon?
a. Poison
b. Tree
c. Normal
d. Air
Answer: Poison


36) The Turtonator shell will _ when something touches its spine.
a. Change into statue
b. Change in tree
c. Fire up
d. Blow up
Answer: Blow up


37) The team skull had been with a move of Kiawe, what is it?
a. M-ring
b. Z-move
c. V-zone
d. Nothing
Answer: Z-move


38) What number of Island do Alola consist of?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: 4


39) What do the Island’s have as their own?
a. Teacher
b. Z-move
c. Guardian Pokemon
d. Glowing Tree
Answer: Guardian Pokemon


40) The Pokemon Boldore is a type of what?
a. Rock
b. Grass
c. Exotic creature
d. Fire
Answer: Rock


41) What do Ash want to become in future?
a. Proffesor
b. Pokemon master
c. Rich
d. Master in Team skull
Answer: Pokemon master


42) In what do Spinda involves in?
a. Nothing
b. Rickstuff
c. Dekonne
d. Arcanine
Answer: Nothing


43) Tapu koko is known to be the guardian of which Island?
a. Sander Island
b. Kulin Island
c. Melemele Island
d. Puni Island
Answer: Melemele Island


44) Primarina releases what when it dances?
a. Pebble
b. Fire
c. Stars
d. Water
Answer: Water


45) The Pokémon Mismagiusis is a type of _
a. Ghost
b. Fire
c. Acid
d. Air
Answer: Ghost


46) What do Trevenant mean?
a. Elder Tree Pokémon
b. Twinkle Pokémon
c. Guardian Pokémon
d. Mocking Pokémon
Answer: Elder Tree Pokémon


47) What power do Tapu Bulu has to manipulate?
a. Sun
b. Rain
c. Air
d. Vegetation
Answer: Vegetation


48) Ash received what from Tapu Koko?
a. Z-zone
b. Z-ring
c. G-zone
d. M-move
Answer: Z-ring


49) Ash’s mum agreed to join a Pokemon school, where did Ash stay at this time?
a. Brocks Home
b. Misty’s Home
c. Professor Kukui’s house
d. Lilly’s house
Answer: Professor Kukui’s house


50) The Professor Kukui is actually having _ in his basement
a. Pokémon eggs
b. Z-rings
c. G-ring
d. Training room
Answer: Training room


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