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100 Math and Science General Knowledge Questions

100 Math and Science General Knowledge Questions


100 Math and Science Questions


Math and Science General Knowledge Part 1


1. Do you know the number of land miles available in a league?
Answer: 3.


2. The measure of Pascal is what?
Answer: Pressure.


3. A slice’s two-dimensional image can be seen through an object which is three-dimensional. What is the name of that image?
Answer: Tomogram.


4. What is water’s boiling point?
Answer: 212 degrees.


5. What is the travel speed of light?
Answer: 186,000 miles per second.


6. A fluid can resist flow. What is the name of this ability?
Answer: Viscosity.


7. What is the way of a solvent which goes through a membrane from a weaker concentration to a stronger concentration until both these solutions come to the equivalent concentration?
Answer: Osmosis.


8. A Halophyte plant grows in a specific kind of solution. What is it?
Answer: Saline.


9. Do you know the number of the sides of a pentadecagon?
Answer: 15.


10. A snowflake has how many sides?
Answer: 6.


11. Aquamarine and emerald come from which gemstone?
Answer: Beryl.


12. If you do the square root of one quarter, what will you get?
Answer: One half.


13. If you want to measure lesser than 360 degrees but greater than 180 degrees, what type of angle will you use?
Answer: Reflex angle.


14. What is the name of that figure which is a polygon but has four unequal sides?
Answer: Quadrilateral.


15. What is the term of the space without matter?
Answer: Vacuum.


16. One ton consists of how many ounces?
Answer: 32,000.


17. Total how many colours are there in a rainbow?
Answer: 7.


18. A radioactive source activity has a unit measurement. What is it?
Answer: Becquerel.


19. One U.S. gallon has how many litters?
Answer: 3.78 litters.


20. Name the planet which has a cloud pattern in white in its atmosphere. The nickname of this planet is “Scooter.”
Answer: Neptune.


21. What is known as 1/100th of a gemstone’s carat weight?
Answer: Point.


22. Do you know which metal is the most abundant in the crust of the earth?
Answer: Aluminum.


23. What is the name of the metal that melts at 30°C?
Answer: Gallium.


24. 94. Which human-invented material is used the most in the world?
Answer: Concrete.


25. One kilometre has how many millimetres?
Answer: 1,000,000.


Math and Science General Knowledge Part 2 (Questions 25-50)


26. Which element’s melting point is the highest?
Answer: Carbon.


27. A bright natural object shines at night. Do you know the name of that planet?
Answer: Venus.


28. What is the name of the floating rock?
Answer: Pumice.


29. One mile has how many inches?
Answer: 63,360.


30. At room temperature which metal becomes liquid?
Answer: Mercury.


31. What type of force draws away a rotating body from its rotation’s center?
Answer: Centrifugal Force.


32. If you do a half of a half of a half of a half, what will you get?
Answer: Sixteenth.


33. 1 to 100 has how many prime numbers?
Answer: 25.


34. An aqueous solution’s basicity or acidity should be specified with which numeric scale?
Answer: pH.


35. What compound comes with 1,000 kg/m³ density?
Answer: Water.


36. What is the name of the universe’s strongest magnet?
Answer: Magnetar.


37. One tablespoon is made of how many teaspoons?
Answer: 3.


38. A type of triangle has three different length sides. What are they?
Answer: Scalene.


39. A non-leap year has how many seconds?
Answer: 31,536,000.


40. One acre counts how many square feet?
Answer: 43,560 square feet.


41. One byte is made of how many bits?
Answer: 8.


42. One terabyte equals how many megabytes?
Answer: 1,048,576.


43. How many following hours prepares Nychthemeron?
Answer: 24.


44. According to the Earth calendar, the number of revolves the moon does around the earth in a year is?
Answer: 13.


45. What is the alcohol percentage of 70 proofs whiskey?
Answer: 35%.


46. What is the name of the solar system’s hottest planet?
Answer: Venus.


47. What is the name of the most overflowing protein found in mammals?
Answer: Collagen.


48. Atmospheric pressure is measured by which instrument?
Answer: Barometer.


49. A star, the Big Dipper is in which constellation?
Answer: Ursa Major.


50. Earth’s total surface has how many square miles?
Answer: 197 million square miles.


Math and Science General Knowledge Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51. Castor beans have a toxin. What is it?
Answer: Ricin.


52. One fathom consists of how many feet?
Answer: 6.


53. CCXVII is Roman numerals. It equals which number?
Answer: 109.


54. If you go at the bottom of the atmosphere of the earth till 9 miles what will you find?
Answer: Troposphere.


55. One week holds how many hours?
Answer: 168.


56. What is the name of the strongest natural fibre?
Answer: Limpet teeth.


57. Name the first element which was found through synthesis?
Answer: Technetium.


58. Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics. What was the year?
Answer: 1921.


59. A score holds how many years?
Answer: 20.


60. Which element’s Periodic Table symbol is He?
Answer: Helium.


61. Follow Roman numeral format and write 531.
Answer: DXXXI.


62. Name that quadrilateral which has two unequal parallel sides.
Answer: Trapezium.


63. A cube has how many edges?
Answer: 12.


64. Which gas does not face any chemical reaction in different conditions?
Answer: Inert gas.


65. The number 225 has a square root. What is it?
Answer: 15.


66. Name the planet that does clockwise rotation.
Answer: Venus.


67. Do you know which pigment converts leaves into green?
Answer: Chlorophyll.


68. Do you know the name of the solar system’s largest moon?
Answer: Ganymede.


69. Earth’s every living species contain which element?
Answer: Carbon.


70. A square mile contains how many square feet?
Answer: 27,878,400.


71. What can be classified as the Koppen System?
Answer: Climate.


72. What is the circumference of the earth in miles?
Answer: 24,901 miles.


73. One hundred yards counts how many inches?
Answer: 3,600.


74. A sherardized object is coated with which metal?
Answer: Zinc.


75. What rock’s metamorphosis forms Marble?
Answer: Limestone.


Math and Science General Knowledge Part 4 (Questions 76-100)


76. What is the name of that metal which holds the biggest melting point?
Answer: Tungsten.


77. One mile equals how many feet?
Answer: 5,280.


78. One square foot has how many square inches?
Answer: 144.


79. A decagon has how many sides?
Answer: 10.


80. The cube root of the number of 64 is what?
Answer: 4.


81. If you count from 1 to 100, what will get as the largest prime number?
Answer: 97.


82. What is the name of the planet that has Galilean Moons orbit?
Answer: Jupiter.


83. A dollar can be changed in how many ways?
Answer: 293.


84. Which vitamin is known as Ascorbic acid?
Answer: Vitamin C.


85. Steel is formed with the combination of iron and which element?
Answer: Carbon.


86. A hexagon has how many interior angles?
Answer: 720.


87. Which study is known as Dendrology?
Answer: Trees.


88. 5 litters equal to how many millilitres?
Answer: 5,000.


89. One furlong consists of how many yards?
Answer: 220.


90. A second’s 1/100th is known as what?
Answer: Jiffy.


91. What does a standard clock face when all the numbers are added up?
Answer: 78.


92. Which company has a registered trademark of Ethernet?
Answer: Xerox.


93. A rhombus has how many sides?
Answer: 4.


94. If you multiply 1089 with 9, what will be the result?
Answer: 9801.


95. The first artificial object was launched in the year 1972. It left the solar system. Do you know the name of that spacecraft?
Answer: Pioneer 10.


96. In January we see the full moon in the sky. What is the name of that full moon?
Answer: Wolf Moon.


97. What is the other name of Iron pyrite?
Answer: Fool’s gold.


98. There is only one number which has the same amount of letters in its spelling. What is it?
Answer: 4.


99. Name the radioactive element that comes from pitchblende and carnotite.
Answer: Uranium.


100. Which rock type is known as obsidian?
Answer: Igneous.


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