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GK PDF Download – General Knowledge PDF


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1. Shamanism is a form of religion once practiced by which people?
Answer: The Lapps of Lapland


2. When did the French Engineer Claude Chappe develop a visual telegraph similar to that of the ancient Greek?
Answer: Late 1700’s.


3. What was the skillful manner in which Chinese artisans joined the furniture parts?
Answer: They used no pegs or nails and seldom used glue.


4. Volcanic mountain building in the ocean is also associated with:
Answer: The separation of plates.


5. Trilobite were _
Answer: Ancient arthropods.


6. What is the nickname of the partial skeleton of the female Australopithecus afarensis?
Answer: Lucy.


7. When did the printing with movable type had existed in East Asia?
Answer: Since at least 700’s.


8. “The clever man who cries, The catch – cries of the clown, The beating dawn of the wise And great Art beaten down”. Who is the poet?
Answer: W.B. Yeats.


9. What is the name of the duration in which moon becomes darker after full moon?
Answer: Dark Lunar fortnight.


10. In what system is hydraulic fluid forced form front wheel unit to rear wheel unit or vice versa when the front or rear wheel hits a road bump?
Answer: in hydroiastic system.


11. The number of stories found about Buddha in Jataka tales?
Answer: 550.


12. What is the full name of the instrument usually called a ‘Cello’?
Answer: violincello.


13. What was left as a consolation inside Pandora’s box?
Answer: Hope.


14. Which Prime Minister took Britain into the European community in 1973?
Answer: Edward Heath.


15. Name the hot, dusty wind from the Sahara blowing into the Sicily Island in the Mediterranean Sea:
Answer: Chili.


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16. Only Sociology studies every aspect of _
Answer: Social life.


17. Who wrote: “The Golden Ass”?
Answer: Apuleius.


18. Mesopotamia was frequently invaded by foreigners. Why?
Answer: Not protected by natural barriers.


19. Where was India’s second satellite Bhaskara-I built?
Answer: It was designed and built at the satellite center, Bangalore.


20. In ulothrix, where does sexual reproduction occur?
Answer: Biflagellate gametes.


21. Gold paint is made from _
Answer: Copper.


22. Name the partner who contributes capital but will not take part in the business:
Answer: Sleeping partner.


23. Files on different servers can be linked together using:
Answer: Hyperlinks.


24. In series resonant circuits, below the resonant frequency the capacitive reactance is large and the:
Answer: Inductive reactance is small.


25. The signals indicating the track towards which the train will move at a diversion is known as:
Answer: Routing signal.


26. What is the term used for sand, silt and clay?
Answer: Inorganic materials.


27. “The senses delight in things duly proportional. Who made this statement relating beauty to mathematics?
Answer: Thomas Aquinas.


28. Which drama is sometimes issued as tragedy’s modern successor?
Answer: Serious drama.


29. Name the law which governs ships in voyage:
Answer: Maritime Law.


30. When was the 35mm camera first introduced?
Answer: 1925.


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31. Which cricket player is known by the name, Sunny?
Answer: Sunil Gavaskar.


32. Which French fashion designer became famous in 1926?
Answer: Marc Roger Maurice Louis Bohan.


33. Communism has indeed an enormous outpour of literature, propagandistic, polemical and scholarly. Which are the countries it mostly concern itself?
Answer: Soviet Union, China.


34. What is the unit of weight for diamond?
Answer: Carat.


35. What is the currency of Barbuda:
Answer: Eastern Caribbean dollar.


36. Where do the tourists from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries reach to enjoy week-end?
Answer: Bahrain.


37. What is called for the baldness which happens due to oldness?
Answer: Alopecia senilis.


38. Neighboring countries of Tibet:
Answer: Myanmar (Burma), India, Bhutan, Nepal, Provinces of China.


39. Which dance form is performed on May 1st in England as a part of spring rites to ensure fertility?
Answer: Maypole dance.


40. Write the area of forest, before people began to clear it for farms and cities?
Answer: 60 percent of the earth s land area.


41. Which is the longest river in the world?
Answer: Nile.


42. The total water present in the soil is termed:
Answer: Holard.


43. Who focus on the workings of the nervous system especially the brain of human beings and other animals?
Answer: Psychologists.


44. The term philosophy cannot be defined precisely. Why?
Answer: The subject is so complex and so controversial.


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