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Who is Who General Knowledge Questions Answers

Who is Who General Knowledge Questions Answers


Who is Who General Knowledge Questions Answers


1. He had been called the father of Soviet literature and the founder of the doctrine of socialist realism. A story writer, novelist, and dramatist -who is he?
Answer: Maxim Gorky.


2. In whose novel does Aunt Agatha strike terror into the heart of her nephew, quite the unheroic hero?
Answer: P.G. Wodehouse.


3. Born in Germany, daughter of a Polish Jewish Solicitor, she sought refuge in England in 1939. In 1951 she married an Indian architect and lived for 24 years in India. She wrote ‘Esmond in India’ and ‘A New Dominion’, among other novels. Who is she?
Answer: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.


4. A husband and wife team, Peter and Iona Opie researched together on children and produced such important books as ‘The Lore and Language of School Children’ and ‘Children’s Games in street and playground’. What is considered to be their major work?
Answer: Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes.


5. A distinguished writer on cricket and a popular detective story writer, this man wrote ‘Filmi filmi Inspector Ghote’ on criminal goings on in the Bombay film world. Who is he?
Answer: H.R.F. Keating.


6. Whose lawyer-detective is Perry Mason?
Answer: Erle Stanley Gardner.


7. ‘Peter Rabbit’ a children’s classic was written by:
Answer: Beatrix potter.


8. Who wrote the film version of Shaw’s Pygmalion My Fair Lady?
Answer: Alan Jay Lerner.


9. Marquis de Sade, who lent his name to sadism infliction of pain on others to derive sexual pleasure – wrote a number of books considered by same to be obscene. Which is his most famous book?
Answer: Justine.


10. ‘The Second Sex’ was written by:
Answer: Simone.


11. Who wrote: ‘Future Shock’?
Answer: Alvin Toffler.


12. The story of transposed heads, dramatized by Girish Karnad in Hayavadana, originally comes from ‘Katha Sarit Sagara’, although Karnad went to another author for the retold story. Who is that author?
Answer: Thomas Marin.


13. In 1984 an important novel – really superb biography – appeared in England on the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. Who is the author of ‘Lincoln’?
Answer: Gore Vidal.


14. Who was the author of ‘Silent Spring’, one of the earlier books on environmental pollution?
Answer: Rachel Carson.


15. One of the earliest tracts against press censorship, ‘Areopagitica’, was written by:
Answer: John Milton.


16. This grand-daughter of Charles Darwin wrote a delightful, autobiographical account of Cambridge in ‘Period Piece’. Who is she?
Answer: Gwen Raverat.


17. ‘The Well of Loneliness’ is perhaps the earliest (1928) depicting lesbianism. Who wrote it?
Answer: Radclyffe Hall.


18. Who wrote: ‘The Enemies of Promise’?
Answer: Cyril Connolly.


19. ‘The True-born Englishman’, ‘The Shortest Way with the Dissenters’, ‘The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell’ and ‘Roxana’ are some of his works, although his most famous book has not been mentioned here. Identify the author:
Answer: Daniel Defoe.


20. A Greek poet, he was awarded the 1979 Nobel Prize in literature. The English translation of his poems is to be found in the selection The Sovereign Sun’. Who is he?
Answer: Odysseus Elytis.


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