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Sociology General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Sociology General Knowledge Questions with Answers


Sociology GK Questions with Answers - Basic Sociology Questions


1. The father of Sociology:
Answer: Auguste Comte.


2. Which is the youngest Social Science?
Answer: Sociology.


3. The word Sociology comes from:
Answer: Socius and Logos.


4. Which word ‘Socius’?
Answer: Latin.


5. Which word ‘Logos’?
Answer: Greek.


6. In which book of Auguste Comte, for the first time, the word sociology is given?
Answer: Positive Philosophy.


7. When was the book ‘Positive Philosophy’ published?
Answer: 1839.


8. Etymological meaning of the term sociology:
Answer: Science of society.


9. Who said ‘Man is a social animal’?
Answer: Aristotle.


10. The concept ‘organic analogy’ is coined by:
Answer: Herbert Spencer.


11. An Italian who made notable contribution in the development of sociology?
Answer: Giambattista Vico.


12. The Frenchman who contributed much to the development of Sociology:
Answer: Montesquieu.


13. Study of Sociology started in India in:
Answer: 1919.


14. Where was sociology started for the first time in India?
Answer: University of Bombay.


15. Two schools of thought on the scope of Sociology:
Answer: Formalistic or specialistic and synthetic.


16. Is sociology a science?
Answer: Yes.


17. Who conceived sociology as a sister of other Social Sciences?
Answer: S. Barry Barnes.


18. Two aspects for the analysis of society?
Answer: Atomism and Holism.


19. Which is the theory about the origin of sociology accepted mostly in modern times?
Answer: Functional Theory.


20. When was sociology started as a separate discipline in India?
Answer: 1930.


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