Countries and Cities General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Countries and Cities General Knowledge Quiz Questions


Online GK Questions about Countries and Cities


1. In which city are the sparkling sapphires, rubies, emeralds and garnets sold in the shops of Kandy and Colombo, Sri Lanka mined?
Answer: Batticaloa.


2. Which Algerian city is famous for its old quarter, the ‘Casbah’, which is crowded with many interesting shops and market places?
Answer: Béchar.


3. The Loop district is this American city’s business centre and contains its finest shops. Which city is this?
Answer: Houston.


4. The shops at Hyde Park Corner and Killarney Mall in Johannesburg are famous for:
Answer: Gold Jewellery.


405. Name the famous market in Mauritius:
Answer: Rummage Corner.


6. Name the only Christian country in Asia:
Answer: Philippines.


7. In which city would you be if you paid the taxi driver in roubles to take you to the Bolshoi Theatre?
Answer: Georgia.


8. In which city would you be if you paid the taxi driver in drachmas to take to you to Acropolis?
Answer: Sophia.


9. What market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a shopping centre that specializes in Malaysian products?
Answer: Ethnic Wares Centre.


10. While in this country, you can buy Baccarat Glasses, the best cut-glass in Europe. Name the country:
Answer: Belgium.


11. The night life of which Argentinian city is comparable to that of Paris?
Answer: Buenos Aires.


12. Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, is internationally famous for its:
Answer: Casinos.


13. The most modern section of Beirut is known for its many cinemas and night clubs. Name it:
Answer: Hamra.

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14. New Zealand has the largest fish aquarium and longest underwater acrylic tunnels in the world. Name it:
Answer: The New Sea World.


15. Which middle East country has the largest zoo?
Answer: Jordan.


16. Which city of Israel is the country’s centre of Entertainment?
Answer: Yafo.


17. Name Tokyo’s most famous shopping and entertainment district which lies in the centre of the city:
Answer: The Ginza.


18. In which U.S. city can tourists visit the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium?
Answer: Chicago.


419. Sea world in Queensland, Australia is famous for its free-fall water slide, a marine life show featuring:
Answer: Dolphins and Sea lions.


20. At a pageant in Bruges, Belgium, tourists can see tournaments from the Middle Ages being re-enacted. What do these tournaments show?
Answer: Fencing.


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