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Sea and Ocean General Knowledge Questions

Sea and Ocean General Knowledge Questions


Sea and Ocean GK Questions - Online General Knowledge Questions


1. Name the tropical fiber used in rope making highly resistant to sea water:
Answer: Abaca.


2. A flattened area along the oceanic floor is known as:
Answer: Abyssal plain.


3. Name the sea between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea:
Answer: Adriatic Sea.


4. Name the Sea between Turkey and Greece:
Answer: Aegean Sea.


5. Which continent in the world has Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean as its boundaries?
Answer: Africa.


6. What is the warm ocean current along the south eastern part of South Africa?
Answer: Agulhas Current.


7. Name the curve to represent altitudes of an area by using specific heights above sea level:
Answer: Altimetric frequency graph.


8. Name the river that flows from the Pamir Plateau to the Aral Sea:
Answer: Amu Darya River.


9. Name certain points where the north-south oscillation of tides do not occur in the Atlantic Ocean:
Answer: Amphidromic point.


10. The Cold Ocean current in the Southern hemisphere in the Antarctic region is known as:
Answer: Antarctic Drift.


11. The ice-covered continent around the South Pole region is known as:
Answer: Antarctica.


12. Antigua is located in which sea?
Answer: Caribbean Sea.


13. The sea between Indonesia and Northern Australia is known as:
Answer: Arafura Sea.


14. Name the ocean to the north of the Arctic Circle:
Answer: Arctic Ocean.


15. Coral reefs in the form of a ring and is with an enclosed lagoon is known as:
Answer: Atoll.


16. What is the name of a country which lies to the west of Caspian Sea?
Answer: Azerbaijan.


17. Name an archipelago located north of the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean:
Answer: Bahamas.


18. Name the sea in Europe that connects the Gulf of Bothnia and that of the North Sea:
Answer: Baltic Sea.


19. Name the sea beyond the Arctic Circle and north of Sweden and Finland:
Answer: Barents Sea.


20. What is the extended and narrow ridge which is sandy and lies above the high tide level and is along the coast?
Answer: Barrier beach.


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