Online GK Questions with Answers


Online GK Questions with Answers


Online GK Questions with Answers


1. An area in Detroit, U.S, has fine restaurants, shops and glamorous entertainment spots. What is it called?
Answer: Greek Town.


2. The first Disney theme Park in Europe is near Paris in France. What is it called?
Answer: Euro Disneyland.


3. This park in New York is its largest. It is over two miles long and half a mile wide. Name it:
Answer: Central Park.


4. Which country was the first to have a Disney Theme Park outside the U.S?
Answer: Japan.


5. In Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta, is the city’s largest recreation park and has an amusement Park called:
Answer: Dunia Fantasi.


6. Which country would you be in if you were watching birds in the Chitwan National Park?

Answer: Nepal.


7. There is a Fantasy Park in Kerala situated in a Dam. Name it:
Answer: Malampuzha, Palakkad.


8. There is a famous amusement Park near Chennai, Tamilnadu. Name it:
Answer: Kishkinda.


9. This Park in Johannesburg is the oldest in the city. It includes an open-air chessboard and a tropical plant house. Name it:
Answer: Joubert Park.


10. This park is Moscow’s main recreation area, with a boating lake, cafes, and exhibition halls. Name it:
Answer: Gorky Park.


11. Which famous Park in London contains the city’s zoo, an open-air theatre, a boating lake and attractive expanses of greenery?
Answer: Regent’s Park.


12. Old Faithful is the name of the most famous geyser in this National Park in the U.S. Can you name it?
Answer: Yellowstone National Park.


13. How many stanzas are there in our National Anthem?
Answer: Five.


14. A theme Park, resembling Disneyland, was opened near Orlando, Florida. Name it:
Answer: Walt Disney World.


15. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan designed the Shalimar Gardens in 1642. In which city is it?
Answer: Lahore, Pakistan.


16. With which month does our national calendar begin?
Answer: Chaitra.


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