General Questions with Answers – GK Online Questions for Everyone


General Questions with Answers – GK Online Questions for Everyone


General Questions with Answers - GK Online Questions for Everyone


1. Who founded the Slave Dynasty in the country?
Answer: Qutb al-Din Aibak.


2. Which range of hills forms a natural border between England and Scotland?
Answer: Cheviots.


3. The laws of the U.K. are based on a written constitution kept at the House of Parliament. True or False?
Answer: False.


4. In which type of Japanese drama do men take all the parts, ___ in the interests of propriety?
Answer: Kabuki.


5. Who was the Jazz clarinetists nicknamed ‘The King of Swing’?
Answer: Benny Goodman.


6. What was the name of the Roman road that ran from London to Chester?
Answer: Watling Street.


7. Which young French wine is released annually on the third Thursday in November?
Answer: Beaujolais “nouveau.”


8. Which town in Southwest France is the centre of a wine-growing district famous for its brandy?
Answer: Cognac.


9. In which Indian city can you visit the Sikh Shrine named the Golden Temple?
Answer: Amritsar.


10. Which Thai temple contains the country’s biggest reclining Buddha and largest collection of Buddha images?
Answer: Wat Pho.


11. During which king’s reign did Guy Fawkes try to blow up the British Parliament?
Answer: James I.


12. Which Indian crop earns the greatest amount of foreign exchange?
Answer: Tea.


13. Which is the world’s oldest Railway station?
Answer: Liverpool.


14. What is the meaning of ‘debonair’?
Answer: Refined.


15. What is a Putsch an occurrence frequent during Hitler’s reign?
Answer: Forcible takeover of a government.


16. In which year did Jayaprakash Narayan establish the Bihar Socialist Party?
Answer: 1931.


17. Name the principle that happiness is the sole and proper aim of human action:
Answer: Hedonism.


18. The people who attended Buddha’s first sermon became his original disciples. How many were they?
Answer: Five.


19. Being prosecuted for the second time for the same offence is:
Answer: Double jeopardy.


20. What is the meaning of abnegation?
Answer: Self-denial.


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