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Quizzes on General Knowledge – GK Questions for Everyone

Quizzes on General Knowledge


General Questions with Answers - GK Online Questions for Everyone


1. Who founded the Slave Dynasty in the country?
Answer: Qutb al-Din Aibak.


2. Which range of hills forms a natural border between England and Scotland?
Answer: Cheviots.


3. The laws of the U.K. are based on a written constitution kept at the House of Parliament. True or False?
Answer: False.


4. In which type of Japanese drama do men take all the parts, ___ in the interests of propriety?
Answer: Kabuki.


5. Who was the Jazz clarinetists nicknamed ‘The King of Swing’?
Answer: Benny Goodman.


6. What was the name of the Roman road that ran from London to Chester?
Answer: Watling Street.


7. Which young French wine is released annually on the third Thursday in November?
Answer: Beaujolais “nouveau.”


8. Which town in Southwest France is the centre of a wine-growing district famous for its brandy?
Answer: Cognac.


9. In which Indian city can you visit the Sikh Shrine named the Golden Temple?
Answer: Amritsar.


10. Which Thai temple contains the country’s biggest reclining Buddha and largest collection of Buddha images?
Answer: Wat Pho.


11. During which king’s reign did Guy Fawkes try to blow up the British Parliament?
Answer: James I.


12. Which Indian crop earns the greatest amount of foreign exchange?
Answer: Tea.


13. Which is the world’s oldest Railway station?
Answer: Liverpool.


14. What is the meaning of ‘debonair’?
Answer: Refined.


15. What is a Putsch an occurrence frequent during Hitler’s reign?
Answer: Forcible takeover of a government.


Quizzes on General Knowledge Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. In which year did Jayaprakash Narayan establish the Bihar Socialist Party?
Answer: 1931.


17. Name the principle that happiness is the sole and proper aim of human action:
Answer: Hedonism.


18. The people who attended Buddha’s first sermon became his original disciples. How many were they?
Answer: Five.


19. Being prosecuted for the second time for the same offence is:
Answer: Double jeopardy.


20. What is the meaning of abnegation?
Answer: Self-denial.


21. Which country will see King Willem-Alexander ascend the throne this year?
Answer: Netherlands.


22. What medical name is given to the condition where a localized, blood-filled balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel occurs?
Answer: Aneurism.


23. Which African nation is known as ‘The Kingdom In The Sky’?
Answer: Lesotho.


24. Daniel Day-Lewis is married to the daughter of which playwright?
Answer: Arthur Miller.


25. Which character in a book by Chekhov had a niece called Sofya Alexandrovna Serebryakov?
Answer: Uncle Vanya.


26. The first power driven flight was made on 17 December 1903 by Orville Wright near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA. What was the name given to that first aircraft?
Answer: Flyer.


27. Which was the first Australian city to host a Summer Olympic Games?
Answer: Melbourne.


28. He was one of the greatest portrait sculptors of all time working on statues in France and the USA. His highly successful career began in Rome with his Saint Bruno. Although he made many religious and mythological sculptures, he was most popular as a po
Answer: Jean Antoine Houdon.


29. An annual day of Earthquake Mourning on January 12 has been instituted in which country to remember the dead of the massive tremors on that day in 2010?Answer: HAITI.


30. What name is given to the study of microscopic study of individual cells?
Answer: Cytology.


Quizzes on General Knowledge Part 3 (Questions 31-50)

31. On which continent is the Pampas?
Answer: South America.


32. Who was the first person to correctly predict the reappearance of a comet?
Answer: Edmund Halley.


33. In which country is there a noted structure called the Shalom Meir tower (aka Migdal Shalom)?
Answer: Israel.


34. By today’s reckoning, what nationality was the classical composer Antonín Dvorák?
Answer: Czech.


35. The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ is a Masterpiece by which painter?
Answer: Johannes Vermeer (aka Jan or Johan).


36. The tune, ‘Westminster Quarters’, played by Big Ben, is possibly based in part on the tune ‘I Know My Redeemer Liveth’; a piece from ‘Messiah’ by which German-born English composer?
Answer: Handel.


37. What nationality were the Romantic Painters; Johannes Veit, Casper David Friedrich and Franz Winterhalter?
Answer: German.


38. The Vienna Boys’ Choir has four touring groups named after Austrian classical composers. If Mozart and Haydn are two, name either of the others.
Answer: Bruckner or Schubert.


39. The oil painting, ‘The Young Anthony’, incorrectly attributed to Rubens is actually thought to have been a self-portrait by which of Rubens’ pupils?
Answer: Anthony Van Dyck.


40. Which biblical character, the author of two Epistles to the Corinthians, was converted to Christianity after seeing a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus?
Answer: St. Paul / Saul.


41. The song ‘Pie Jesu’ is derived from which French composer’s Requiem in D Minor written between 1887 and 1890?
Answer: Gabriel Faure.


42. Urban myth has it that The Simpsons character, Monty Burns, is based on him; known as Harvard’s rock star philosopher whose works include a critique of John Rawls ‘A Theory of Justice’ in his 1982 work ‘Liberalism and the Limits of Justice’?
Answer: Michael Sandal.


43. Named for a South American revolutionary hero, what is the name of the orchestra founded in Caracas, Venezuela in 1975, by Jose Antonio Abreu?
Answer: Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra.


44. On 31st October 1917 at the Battle of Beersheba, what Commonwealth country’s forces made, what is described as, the last successful cavalry charge in history?
Answer: Australia.


45. The top 10 destinations for religious holidays includes all the usual suspects; Lourdes, Vatican, Mecca… Which destination in County Mayo, Ireland made it onto the 2012 list?
Answer: Knock.


46. The North American Free Trade Association, which came into being in 1994, is an economic co-operative organisation comprising three countries. If the USA is one; name either of the others.
Answer: Canada or Mexico.


47. Nicknamed the ‘Little Magician’, who was the first President of The United States of America to actually be born an American citizen?
Answer: Martin Van Buren.


48. Roland K. Noble is the secretary general of which crime-fighting organisation that began life in Vienna in 1923 and now has its HQ at Quai Charles de Gaulle, Lyon, France?
Answer: Interpol.


49. Which is the only country to be a member of the African Union, Organisation of Islamic Co-Operation, Arab League, Francophonie and Indian Ocean Commission?
Answer: Comoros.


50. Bush identified three countries as his bogeyman ‘axis of Evil’ If Iraq was one, name either of the others?
Answer: Iran or North Korea.


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