Online GK Questions with Answers – General Knowledge


Online GK Questions with Answers – General Knowledge


Online GK Questions with Answers - General Knowledge


1. Which American pioneer of modern dance died when her long scarf caught in the wheel of a car?
Answer: Isadora.


2. Which Swiss lakeside resort has an annual Television festival whose top award is The Golden Rose?
Answer: Montreux.


3. What was the screen of Lee Yuen Kam?
Answer: Bruce Lee.


4. Who was the founder of the great Magadha Empire?
Answer: Bimbisara.


5. Which Rajput clan once ruled over Bundelkhand?
Answer: Chandelas.


6. According to the Old Testament, how old was Methuselah when he died?
Answer: 969 years.


7. Which sport had its first set of rules drawn up in 1848; its Association founded in 1863, and its League formed in 1888?
Answer: Football.


8. Mount Ararat is in present day:
Answer: Turkey.


9. Moscow’s underground system, the Metro, carries approximately how many passengers per day?
Answer: 65,00,000.


10. Who founded the Golconda dynasty?
Answer: Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.


11. Along with ‘Perestroika’, the other reform initiated in the USSR by Mikhail Gorbachev is “glasnost”. What is it?
Answer: Freeing the stifled voice.


12. What is the meaning of bumptious?
Answer: Noisy and conceited.


13. During the Vietnam War Da-Nang, a city in east Vietnam was much written about. Why?
Answer: It was the site of a huge military base.


14. When was the earliest cave, now known as cave X, done?
Answer: First century A.D.


15. Who invented the poison gas, the decimal point and the toilet paper?
Answer: The Chinese.


16. When did Sir Alexander Fleming discover Penicillin?
Answer: 1928.


17. Which mineral exists in the smallest quantity in the human body?
Answer: Manganese.


18. Which is the most ancient Indian treatise on astrology?
Answer: Brihat-Samhita.


19. Any idea What Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo is?
Answer: People’s Republic of China.


20. Which country in the world has the largest deposit of uranium?
Answer: Namibia.


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