General Knowledge Questions – Online GK 9-June-2018


General Knowledge Questions – Online GK 9-June-2018


General Knowledge Questions - Online GK 9-June-2018


1. Which kind of silk is produced in Bihar?
Answer: Tussar.


2. What discovery, made by Alec Jeffreys in the mid -1980 is now used as a means of identification?
Answer: Genetic fingerprinting.


3. In which game is the word ‘Chukker’ used?
Answer: Polo.


4. What has no brakes, no steering mechanism, and is used in a sport contested in the Winter Olympics?
Answer: Luge (toboggan).


5. How many innings are allowed for each team in baseball?
Answer: Nine.


6. What is the Spanish title equivalent to that of a British princess?
Answer: Infanta.


7. Who was the author of the Mary Poppins stories?
Answer: P.L. Travers.


8. The collective term for the Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and French languages?
Answer: Romance languages.


9. The ancient Greek name for Troy, from which the title of an epic Homeric poem derived:
Answer: Ilion (Iliad).


10. Which sign of th


11. Where is Nelson’s column situated in London?
Answer: Trafalgar square.


12. Name the city that has the statue of the “Little Mermaid” set in the harbor:
Answer: Copenhagen.


13. Shaped like an eye, this City Hall building is in Canada. But in which city?
Answer: Toronto.


14. Who was the founder of Amritsar?
Answer: Guru Ram Das.


15. What is the name of the famous gate that stands just inside former East Berlin?
Answer: Brandenburg Gate.


16. Which magnificent tower did Alexandre Gustave Eiffel build?
Answer: The Eiffel Tower.


17. In which country can you see the footprints of Adam, the first man on this Earth?
Answer: Sri Lanka.


18. Tourists visit the Tower of Pisa to see how it leans. But what was its original function?
Answer: It is a bell tower.


19. What is Gynecomastia?
Answer: Enlarged male breast.


20. Which vitamin contains a trace of metal?
Answer: B12.


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