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General Knowledge Kerala – Kerala GK

General Knowledge Kerala – Kerala GK


General Knowledge Questions - Online GK 9-June-2018


1. Which kind of silk is produced in Bihar?
Answer: Tussar.


2. What discovery, made by Alec Jeffreys in the mid -1980 is now used as a means of identification?
Answer: Genetic fingerprinting.


3. In which game is the word ‘Chukker’ used?
Answer: Polo.


4. What has no brakes, no steering mechanism, and is used in a sport contested in the Winter Olympics?
Answer: Luge (toboggan).


5. How many innings are allowed for each team in baseball?
Answer: Nine.


6. What is the Spanish title equivalent to that of a British princess?
Answer: Infanta.


7. Who was the author of the Mary Poppins stories?
Answer: P.L. Travers.


8. The collective term for the Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and French languages?
Answer: Romance languages.


9. The ancient Greek name for Troy, from which the title of an epic Homeric poem derived:
Answer: Ilion (Iliad).


10. Designed by Chicago’s Daniel Burnham in the Beaux-Arts style, it is officially named the Fuller Building. What is the better-known name for the distinctive building that sits at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway in New York City?
Answer: Flat Iron Building.


11. Where is Nelson’s column situated in London?
Answer: Trafalgar square.


12. Name the city that has the statue of the “Little Mermaid” set in the harbor:
Answer: Copenhagen.


13. Shaped like an eye, this City Hall building is in Canada. But in which city?
Answer: Toronto.


14. Who was the founder of Amritsar?
Answer: Guru Ram Das.


15. What is the name of the famous gate that stands just inside former East Berlin?
Answer: Brandenburg Gate.


General Knowledge Kerala – Kerala GK Part 2


16. Which magnificent tower did Alexandre Gustave Eiffel build?
Answer: The Eiffel Tower.


17. In which country can you see the footprints of Adam, the first man on this Earth?
Answer: Sri Lanka.


18. Tourists visit the Tower of Pisa to see how it leans. But what was its original function?
Answer: It is a bell tower.


19. What is Gynecomastia?
Answer: Enlarged male breast.


20. Which vitamin contains a trace of metal?
Answer: B12.


21. Who are the member states of mercosur?
Answer: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


22. What is meant by Natural language processing?
Answer: Field of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human.


23. What is meant by machine learning?
Answer: Sub field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being programmed.


24. Who invented bitcoin?
Answer: Satoshi Nakamoto.


25. Name another word for bitcoin.
Answer: Cryptocurrency.


26. What is meant by ECMO(Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation)?
Answer: Extracorporeal technique of providing both cardiac and respiratory support to persons whose heart and lungs are unable to provide an adequate amount of gas exchange to sustain life.


27. What is meant by Turner Prize?
Answer: Annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50.


28. Who got Turner prize in 2016?
Answer: Helen Marten.


29. What is meant by BCS(Bardeen Cooper Schrieffer) theory?
Answer: First microscopic theory of super conductivity since its discovery in 1911.


30. Who has been named as Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2016?
Answer: Donald Trump.


General Knowledge Kerala – Kerala GK Part 3 (Questions 31-51)


31. What is meant by sand casting?
Answer: Metal casting process characterized by using sand as  the mould material.


32. Who wrote the book Cosmos?
Answer: Carl Sagan.


33. Who is the first American to orbit earth?
Answer: John Glenn.


34. Name South Korea’s first Woman president?
Answer: Park Geun Hye.


35. Name the world’s oldest astronaut.
Answer: John Glenn.


36. Which is the highest civilian honour in USA?
Answer: Presidential Medal of Freedom.


37. Who wrote the book “When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the age of Global Economic Change”?
Answer: Mohamed El Erian.


38. What is meant by Quick Response(QR) Code?
Answer: Trademark for a type of matrix code.


39. Name the world’s oldest sea bird?
Answer: Laysan Albatross.


40. What is meant by order of friendship?
Answer: State decoration of the Russian federation.


41. What is meant by European Economic Area?
Answer: Area in which the agreement on the EEA provides for free movement of persons, goods, services, and capital within the European Single Market.


42.  Which country has the largest population of feral (wild) camels in the world?
Answer: Australia.


43. Which company owns the Perrier, Häagen-Dazs and Wonka brands?
Answer: Nestle.


44. Park Jae-sang was the talk of the internet in 2012. How is he better known?
Answer: PSY (of Gangnam Style fame).


45. Which author was named after a famous explorer, claimed to have eaten a bar of chocolate every day and was once married to Oscar-winning actress, Patricia Neal?
Answer: Roald Dahl.


46. Headquartered in the Philippines and probably best-known for its beers, which is the largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company in South East Asia?
Answer: San Miguel Corporation.


47. Which blood group can be given to anyone?
Answer: O.


48. Which word can be described as being ‘the degree of brightness of a star, as represented by a number on a logarithmic scale’?
Answer: Magnitude.


49. What was the name of Captain Nemo’s submarine?
Answer: Nautilus.


50. Name the sacred law of Islam, believed by Muslims to be based upon divine revelation?
Answer: Sharia.


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