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Literature General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Literature General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Literature General Knowledge Questions and Answers


1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland originated from a boat trip which the Christ Church lecturer in Mathematics took with the three daughters of the Dean of Christ Church. Who were the three daughters?
Answer: Lorina, Alice and Edith.


2. Don Juan, the proverbial heartless seducer, has been celebrated by poets, dramatists, and musicians like Byron, Browning, Pushkin, Shaw and Mozart among others. Don Juan however had a much injured wife. What is her name?
Answer: Elvira.


3. In 1929 the Soviet Union banned an English writer for ‘Occultism and Spiritualism’ who is the writer? Answer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


4. Where were Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories mostly published?
Answer: In the Strand Magazine.


5. What was Arthur Conan Doyle’s profession in real life?
Answer: Doctor.


6. Which city in the U.S has banned the largest number of books on moral grounds?
Answer: Boston.


7. What is a blurb?
Answer: Description of a book’s contents printed on the flap of the jacket or any part of the book.


8. How many books did Agatha Christie write?
Answer: 87.


9. Which reference book reigns as the all-time best seller?
Answer: The Guinness Book of Records.


10. Charles Dickens was the first editor of newspaper which started in 1846. Which was it?
Answer: Daily News.


11. “Dictionaries are like watches. The worst is better than none, and the best cannot be expected to go quite true”, Which lexicographer said this?
Answer: Dr. Johnson.


12. When did the first complete book printed from movable type appear in Europe?
Answer: 1456.


13. Which is the maximum number of consecutive vowels to be found in an English word? Give the number and word?
Answer: 5 – queueing.


14. Who was the first recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Answer: R.F.A. Sully Prudhomme.


15. For what is the Pulitzer prize awarded?
Answer: Literature.


16. The Oxford English Dictionary was conceived in 1858. When was it completed?
Answer: 1928.


17. Who was the only Laureate to refuse the Nobel Prize?
Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre.


18. Among the earliest feminist literature was ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ (1792), whose author was called by someone ‘a hyena in petticoats’. Who is she?
Answer: Mary Wollstonecraft.


19. Autobiographies of people who think their lives may have some lessons for others abound in literature. Who wrote: ‘Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the age to write an autobiography’?
Answer: Evelyn Waugh.


20. When was the ban on the publication, of the unexpurgated version of ‘Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ lifted in Britain?
Answer: 1960.


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