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Question of General knowledge in English

Question of General knowledge in English


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Question of General knowledge in English Part 1 (Quiz 1-16)


1. Who developed a visual telegraph similar to that of the ancient Greek?
Answer: Claude Chappe (French)


2. Where is Mesopotamia?
Answer: In western Asia, in between Tigris and Euphrates.


3. In which year was the satellite ‘Aryabhata’ launched?
Answer: On 19″‘ April 1975.


4. Where does meiosis occur in green algae?
Answer: Inside Zygospore.


5. Name a reducing agent:
Answer: Hydrogen sulfide.


6. Which is the most important document in international trade?
Answer: Bill of Lading.


7. A parallel circuit consisting of an inductance branch and capacitance branch forms a:
Answer: Parallel resonant circuit.


8. A triangle in railways is laid for:
Answer: Changing the direction of locomotive.


9. Which are the principal components of soil?
Answer: Sand, silt and clay.


10. The book in which life history of Buddha is found:
Answer: Jataka tales.


11. Who was the American band master who composed so many musical marches that he was known as the ‘March King’?
Answer: John Philip Sousa.


12. When did the nature of the Cold War begin to change?
Answer: 1960’s.


13. By the time of the Han dynasty, the Chinese had developed several furniture forms. Which was its most important characteristic?
Answer: Kang.


14. Molten rock from the earth’s interior, wells up between two plates, creating a submerged mountain range called:
Answer: Mid-Ocean Ridge.


15. Which is the most common early Paleozoic animal?
Answer: Trilobites.


16. Which is the most complete Australopithecines that scientists had found?
Answer: A partial skeleton of a female Australopithecus afarensis.


Question of General knowledge in English Part 2 (Quiz 17-31)


17. Publishing is:
Answer: The process of assembling written information and graphics and coordinating the production, distribution and sale of the resulting product.


18. Who identified the emotional effect of tragedy as the “Catharsis (emotional release) of pity and fear”?
Answer: Aristotle.


19. Which legal synonym indicates identity of mind between person who are entering into a contract:
Answer: Consensus ad idem.


20. Which is the most popular size roll-film camera today?
Answer: 35mm camera.


21. Who is mother of poor people?
Answer: Mother Theresa.


22. The fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta belongs to which country?
Answer: U.S


23. Write the pointing to the commitment of communist states?
Answer: To modernization and social justice.


24. What is the currency of Antigua?
Answer: Eastern Caribbean dollar.


25. Quite a lot of tourists who are interested to play which item reach Bahamas?
Answer: Casinos.


26. Who wrote: “The Golden Bough”?
Answer: James George Frazer.


27. What is the name of the duration in which moon becomes bright after new moon?
Answer: Bright lunar fortnight.


28. What is called a combination of roll and pitch?
Answer: Diagonal pitch.


29. Who succeeded Clement Attlee as Labour Party leader in 1955?
Answer: Hugh Gaitskell.


30. Which mountains are located between the Black sea and the Caspian Sea?
Answer: Caucasus Mountains.


31. Two major analogies emerged during 19th century in Sociology:
Answer: Organic and mechanical.


Question of General knowledge in English Part 3 (Quiz 32-43)


32. Who wrote: “The Golden Bowl”?
Answer: Henry James.


33. What is called for the baldness which happens before middle-age?
Answer: Alopecia Prematura.


34. Main religion in Tibet:
Answer: Tibetan Buddhism.


35. Name the ceremonial folk dance performed around a tall pole garlanded with greenery or flowers and often hung with ribbons that are woven into complex pattern by the dancers:
Answer: Maypole dance.


36. Identify the number of sons of Karamchand Gandhi:
Answer: 6.


37. An ecosystem consists of:
Answer: All living and non-living things in a particular area and the relationship among them.


38. Who is the author of the book “The Law”?
Answer: Robert M. Coates.


39. Who is the religious head of the English Church?
Answer: Archbishop of Canterbury.


40. The first purely Indian commercial bank:
Answer: The Oudh Commercial Bank.


41. A region of land that is drained by a river system is known as:
Answer: Drainage basin.


42. Name the particular situation in which a plant grows:
Answer: Habitat.


43. Psychology is closely related to:
Answer: Natural science of biology, social science of anthropology and sociology.


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