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49 Free Trivia Questions – General Trivia Quiz

49 Free Trivia Questions – General Trivia Quiz


49 General Knowledge Trivia Questions


Free Trivia Questions Part 1


1. Who was Imhotep?
Answer: An architect, a magician, an astronomer, and also the father of medicine.


2. Form where was the first Indian satellite ‘Aryabhata’ launched?
Answer: Kapustin Yar in Russia.


3. Where is trumpet hyphae having sieved septa like sieve tubes are found?
Answer: Kelps.


4. Name the dehydrating agent:
Answer: Sulfuric acid.


5. What is lifeblood of any business?
Answer: Finance.


6. In parallel resonant circuits, the current is minimum at the _
Answer: Resonant frequency.


7. In a switch the rail which can move is called:
Answer: Tongue rail.


8. How many important constituents are there for soil?
Answer: Three.


9. Which story shows how the law of averages fails?
Answer: The Law.


10. What is ‘Healthy Toilet’?
Answer: A toilet which measures blood sugar and body fat and sends worrisome results to your Doctor via Internet.


11. Which are the traffic aids?
Answer: 1. Roadway Delineators, 2. Safety Barriers, 3. Barricades and Channelizers, 4. Railings, 5. Traffic signs, 6. Overhead traffic signs, 7. Traffic signal posts, 8. Traffic impact attenuators, 9. Traffic aid posts, 10. Hazard markers and object markers, 11. Speed Breakers.


12. Who sounded the warning: “You should not take a fellow eight years old and make him swear to never kiss the girls”:
Answer: Robert Browning.


13. The light of the moon becomes more bright when it goes away from the sun. What is the name of the day on which the moon becomes completely visible?
Answer: Full moon day.


14. Name the rocking chair action or rotating action of a vehicle about a transverse axis through the vehicle parallel to ground:
Answer: Pitching.


15. The Buddhist who lived after Buddha:
Answer: Maitreya Buddha.


Free Trivia Questions Part 2 (Quiz 16-30)


16. From which country does the instrument called the ‘Balalaika’ originate?
Answer: Russia.


17. What was the name of the ‘river of hate’ that flowed round the underworld?
Answer: River Styx.


18. What is the term used when a sitting MP of UK is removed as the candidate for a forthcoming election?
Answer: Deselection.


19. The cold ocean current in the southern part of South America is known as:
Answer: Cape Horn Current.


20. The relationship between individual and society is _
Answer: Interdependent.


21. Who wrote: “The Golden Notebook”?
Answer: Doris Lessing.


22. Name the movement of a vehicle about a longitudinal axis produced by centrifugal force when cornering:
Answer: Roiling.


23. Which is the holy book of the Sikhs?
Answer: Adi Granth.


24. During which period commercial banks in India were developed?
Answer: 19th century.


25. When did the British Parliament pass the first national copyright law?
Answer: 1709.


26. Which situation makes Cold War difficult to settle any dispute peacefully through compromise with each side giving up something?
Answer: Western bloc and Eastern bloc saw every revolt and every international incident as the part of the World War. This situation made the Cold War difficult.


27. Ancient and prosperous country mentioned in the Quran:
Answer: Yemen.


28. What was the period of the Han dynasty?
Answer: 202 B.C to A.D. 220.


29. A few mountains result from the erosion of a thick pile of sedimentary rock. Which are they?
Answer: Erosion mountains.


30. What is the difference of animals lived in Paleozoic Era, from the earlier animals?
Answer: These creatures had hard shells or tough outer frames to protect them from enemies.


Free Trivia Questions Part 3 (Quiz 31-49)


31. When was Australopithecus afarensis appeared?
Answer: About 3,700,000 years ago.


33. Which is a popular way to sell goods and services?
Answer: Printed advertising.


33. In Drama what maintains a mood that emphasizes the play’s serious intention, though there may be moments of comic relief?
Answer: Tragedy.


34. Name the writ petition which seeks order of the High Court to produce a person who is under unlawful custody:
Answer: Habeas Corpus.


35. What is the literary meaning of Camera Obscura?
Answer: Darkroom.


36. What is the name of the English short story writer who was known by the pen name, Ernest Bramah?
Answer: Ernest Brammah Smith.


37. What is the name of English fashion photographer who was born in 1938?
Answer: David Bailey.


38. When did communism was vanquished?
Answer: In the second world war.


39. What is the unit of electric current?
Answer: Ampere.


40. What is the currency of Algeria:
Answer: Dinar.


41. Where is the world famous summer season music festival conducted in Australia?
Answer: Salzburg, place of birth of Mozart.


42. The average lifetime of a hair is _
Answer: 4 to 7 years.


43. Which are the languages of Tibet?
Answer: Tibetan, Chinese.


44. Name the traditional dance from England with circle formation of dancers interweaving:
Answer: Maypole dance.


45. State intrigues compelled Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi (Father of Mahatma Gandhi) to seek refuge in:
Answer: Junagadh.


46. Where does the river end?
Answer: To another river, desert basin, ocean or lake.


47. Name the arrangement of all the leaves in relation to one another:
Answer: Phyllotaxis.


48. A broad field that explores a variety of questions about thoughts, feelings, and actions is _
Answer: Psychology.


49. What is the meaning of ‘Philosophia’?
Answer: Love of wisdom.


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