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Basic Civil Engineering GK Questions about Bricks and Blocks

Basic Civil Engineering GK Questions about Bricks and Blocks


Basic Civil Engineering GK Questions about Bricks and Blocks


1. The desirable silt content in an alluvial soil suitable for the production of structural bricks is _
Answer: 20-30%


2. The percentage of voids in solid bricks is about:
Answer: 5%


3. The temperature at which bricks are burnt ranges from:
Answer: 7000 °C to 10000 °C


4. The maximum percent of water absorption for 2nd class bricks in 24 hours is limited to _
Answer: 25%


5. Water absorption in 1st class bricks should not be more than _
Answer: 15%


6. In brick earth, silica should be _
Answer: 50-60%


7. The molded bricks are dried before burning to an approximate moisture content of _
Answer: 3%


8. The dimensions of standard brick are:
Answer: 19 x 9 x 9cm and 19 x 9 x 4 cm


9. Size of frog in bricks is:
Answer: 10 x 4 x 2 cm and 10 x 4 x 1 cm


10. Efflorescence of bricks is due to:
Answer: Soluble salts present in clay for making bricks


11. Vitrification of bricks takes place at about:
Answer: 1100 °C


12. Hollow bricks are:
Answer: About 1/3 in weight of standard brick


13. The minimum average crushing strength of hollow clay blocks should be:
Answer: 3.5 N/m2.


14. The compressive strength of burnt clay bricks as per IS 1077 – 1976 is:
Answer: 35-350 Kg/cm 2


15. Tempering of bricks is done in:
Answer: Pug mills


16. Crushed pottery is used in the manufacture of:
Answer: Terracotta

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17. What is Efflorescence?
Answer: Formation of white patches on the bricks surface


18. The raw bricks shrink during drying and warp during burning because of:
Answer: Excess of alumina and silica in brick earth


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