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General Knowledge Online Basic Trivia Quiz Questions Answers


Common Trivia Quiz


1. Light travels at the rate of 300000 km second. What distance will it travel in one light year?
Answer: 9.5 million km.


2. What is a hamster?
Answer: It is a rodent, a serious agricultural post.


3. The river Liffey flows through a capital city. Name the city:
Answer: Dublin.


4. Neerja Bhanot, who died in the Pan American hijacking to Karachi in 1987, became the first woman to win _
Answer: Ashok Chakra.


5. Many people have grown up with Penguin Books. When was the first batch published?
Answer: 1935.


6. Which is the first car factory in India? Where was it located?
Answer: Hindustan Motors, Kolkata.


7. Where is the world’s largest gas plant located?
Answer: USSR.


8. Who defeated Muhammad Ali in 1978 in the World Heavyweight Championship?
Answer: Leon Spink.


9. Several novels about the Sepoy Mutiny have been written by Indians as well as Englishmen. Who wrote ‘The siege of Krishnapur’?
Answer: J.G. Farrell.


10. Where does one hear the lowest noise?
Answer: Desert.


11. Like a man in relation to environment, a tree in relation to its environment is the subject of a special branch of science. What is it called?
Answer: Forest autecology.


12. After blood circulation stops, how long does the brain take to die?
Answer: 3 minutes.


13. Which is the world’s oldest free public city library supported by municipal taxes?
Answer: Boston Public Library.


14. For which vitamin is human requirement assumed but not proved?
Answer: Vitamin E.


15. Perhaps the most comic novel on war written in English is ‘Catch-22’. Who wrote it?
Answer: Joseph Heller.


Common Trivia Questions – Random Trivia Part 2


16. Who composed Piano Sonata No. 14, also known as the ‘Moonlight Sonata’?
Answer: Beethoven.


17. Which disease is Gingivitis?
Answer: Inflammation of gums.


18. Where was the INA formed in 1948?
Answer: Singapore.


19. Where in the world are the great vampire bats found?
Answer: Mexico and Paraguay.


20. In Judo parlance what is a ‘shiaijo’?
Answer: The fighting area.


21. What is the Golden Rule?
Answer: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


22. In which country is Marienbad, an internationally famous health resort, located?
Answer: Czechoslovakia.


23. What is the capital of Hong Kong?
Answer: Victoria.


24. The weapon in the Japanese martial art kendo has changed. What is it now?
Answer: Bamboo swords.


25. Socially unacceptable diseases are often called by another, deceptive name. What is Hansen’s disease really?
Answer: Leprosy.


26. What does inane mean?
Answer: Senseless and unimaginative.


27. Which is the world’s longest canal system?
Answer: Volga-Baltic canal system.


28. For how many weeks did ‘Mahabharat’ run on the Doordarshan?
Answer: 93 weeks.


29. In good maternity hospitals a vaccine is compulsorily administered some weeks before delivery. Which is it?
Answer: Tetanus vaccine.


30. The Republic of Ivory Coast is one of the largest producers in the world of?
Answer: Cocoa.


31. How many members are there in UN General Assembly?
Answer: 193 members.


32. Of what kind of dance did Johann Strauss become “king” in the late 19th century?
Answer: The Waltz.


33. Who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1901?
Answer: Wilhelm Röntgen (German).


34. Which wintery waltz is by far Emile Waldteufel’s most famous composition?
Answer: The Skater’s Waltz.


35. Who won the men’s marathon gold in Atlanta Olympics ‘96?
Answer: Josia Thugwane of South Africa.


36. How many triangles can be seen in the Star of David on the Israeli flag?
Answer: 8.


37. Which place is known as ‘cradle’ of the Indian football?
Answer: Kerala.


38. Who sold their brother into slavery for 20 pieces of silver?
Answer: Joseph’s brothers.


39. Where and when was the first official test played between India and Pakistan?
Answer: 1952-53 in India itself.


40. Which British politician won the Admiral’s Cup in 1971 in his yacht “Morning Cloud”?
Answer: Sir Edward Heath.


41. Name the bronze medal winners in men’s singles in Bangkok Asian Games 1998:
Answer: (i) Srinath Prahlad (India) and (ii) Mahesh Bhupathi (India).


42. What flag was first adopted in Britain in 1606?
Answer: The Union Flag (popularly called the Union Jack).


43. Which king built the Tower of London?
Answer: William the conqueror.


44. Which are the only presidents in America’s history to have been impeached?
Answer: Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.


45. What was the great invention made by the Sumerians in the field of transportation?
Answer: The wheels and chariots.


46. What do you call a grouping of buffalo?
Answer: A herd.


47. Write few examples of Mesophytes:
Answer: Cassia fistula, China Rose, Sunflower.


48. What percentage of the Earth land masses is deserts?
Answer: One third.


49. Write an example of a common acidic flux:
Answer: Sand.


50. Who established the Church of England?
Answer: Elizabeth I.


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