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51 General Trivia Questions and Answers – Online Trivia

51 General Trivia Questions and Answers – Online Trivia


51 General Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers - Online General Knowledge


1. Just how many Dalai Lamas have there been?
Answer: 14.


2. Who was the author of the book Things Fall Apart?
Answer: Chinua Achebe.


3. What sixties Broadway musical advocated wearing “it down to there”?
Answer: Hair.


4. Who wrote the 1995 novel The Road Ahead concerning the future and history of technology?
Answer: Bill Gates.


5. According to Greek Mythology who was the King of the Gods?
Answer: Zeus.


6. What does a Volcanologist study?
Answer: Volcanoes.


7. Which British monarch had been the final Emperor of India?
Answer: King George VI.


8. Which is the world’s longest river?
Answer: Nile.


9. Just how many soldiers are at the renowned World War II monument commemorating the flag-raising in Iwo Jima?
Answer: 6.


10. Who was the author of the book Fairy Tales and Stories
Answer: Hans Christian Andersen.


11. The ‘line’ between day and night on the moon (like during first and last quarter of the Moon) is called the _
Answer: Terminator.


12. Lebanon gained independence from which country in 1943?
Answer: France.


13. What black bird was being shipped out of Western Australia as early as 1697?
Answer: The Black Swan.


14. The celebrity Camille Claudel modeled for many notable works by what renowned artist?
Answer: Auguste Rodin.


15. What part did Hayden Rorke play on I Dream of Jeannie?
Answer: Colonel Bellows.


General Trivia Questions and Answers – Online Trivia Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. According to Greek mythology who was the Queen of the Gods?
Answer: Hera.


17. Who had been the last Tudor monarch?
Answer: Queen Elizabeth I.


18. Which science studies insects?
Answer: Entomology.


19. Who did Eva Braun Wed in April of 1945?
Answer: Adolf Hitler.


20. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal connect?
Answer: Atlantic and Pacific.


21. Who was the first person to crack the sound barrier?
Answer: Chuck Yeager.


22. Granulation can be seen on the _
Answer: Sun.


23. What was Operation Overlord?
Answer: Invasion of Normandy.


24. Who published Handbook of the Birds of Australia in 1865?
Answer: John Gould.


25. About the 1990s TV show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” Dr. Quinn goes on exactly what male-sounding nickname?
Answer: Dr. Mike.


26. Who was the very first woman to swim the English Channel?
Answer: Gertrude Ederle.


27. The Number of years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison before his release in 1990?
Answer: 27.


28. Who had been the first man to get Honorary U.S. Citizenship?
Answer: Winston Churchill.


29. From the 1995 movie Clueless, exactly what artist title is accustomed to describe someone who’s just attractive in a distance?
Answer: Monet.


30. When speaking to a significant individual, the acronym “BMOC” represents exactly what?
Answer: Big Man on Campus.


General Trivia Questions and Answers – Online Trivia Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. How many operational space shuttles were built by NASA?
Answer: 5.


32. Asteroids are also called _
Answer: minor planets.


33. Before becoming Elvis Presley’s home, what was the primary use of the estate known as Graceland?
Answer: Cattle farm.


34. Which historical American was born Malcolm Little in 1925?
Answer: Malcolm X.


35. What code of football was first played between Britain and Australia in 1888?
Answer: Rugby Union.


36. An eccentric orbit means that the orbit is not circular, but it is elliptical.
True or False?
Answer: True.


37. In which of these sporting events are live animals participants in the action?
Answer: Rodeo.


38. On which river is Vienna situated?
Answer: Danube.


39. Which empire lasted from 1324 to 1922?
Answer: Ottoman Empire.


40. Which scientists study the oceans?
Answer: Oceanographer.


41. What is the world’s largest desert?
Answer: Sahara.


42. Who won the 1968 U.S. Open tennis championship while serving as an active lieutenant in the U.S. Army?
Answer: Arthur Ashe.


43. Who played Dagwood in the Blonde movies?
Answer: Arthur Lake.


44. Which plane was nicknamed the Flying Fortress in World War II?
Answer: B-17.


45. According to Greek mythology who was the God of the Seas?
Answer: Poseidon.


56. In U.S. presidential elections, during which month do members of the Electoral College cast their ballots?
Answer: December.


47. Albert Einstein was a scientist famous for his work on physics. Where was he born?
Answer: Germany.


48. In 1901, Albert Einstein became a citizen of which country?
Answer: Switzerland.


49. Who was the author of the book Pride and Prejudice
Answer: Jane Austen.


50. What talk show did Janis Joplin regularly appear on?
Answer: The Dick Cavett Show.


51. Which Australian state capital lost “Town” from its name in 1881?
Answer: Hobart.


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