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Prehistoric Human General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Prehistoric Human General Knowledge Quiz Questions


Prehistoric Human Quiz Questions and Answers


1. The period before human beings learned to write is called:
Answer: Prehistory.


2. People lived during prehistory period are known as:
Answer: Prehistoric people.


3. According to scientists when did the first human beings were lived?
Answer: About 2 million years ago.


4. When did scientists first discover evidence of prehistoric people?
Answer: During the mid 1800’s.


5. A set of ideas formed by scientist about human origin are called:
Answer: The theory of human evolution.


6. Which theory states that as the environment of the prehistoric world changed, the prehumen ancestors of prehistoric people underwent a series of changes that resulted in the first human being?
Answer: The theory of human evolution.


7. Which group of scientists study about what our ancestors looked like, how long they lived and what foods they ate?
Answer: Physical anthropologists.


8. Who search for and examine evidence to help to explain how prehistoric people lived?
Answer: Archeologists.


9. Botanists study about:
Answer: The remains of prehistoric plants that lived when prehistoric people lived.


10. Who studies about the rock in which fossils are found?
Answer: Geologists.


11. In which period the ancestors of human beings began to evolve separate from the ancestors of apes?
Answer: Between about 10 million’ and 5 million years ago.


12. The evolutionary split of the ancestors of human beings and apes marks the beginning of the-development of:
Answer: Hominids.


13. Which consists of human beings and early human like ancestors?
Answer: Hominids.


14. One of the earliest known species of hominids were:
Answer: Ardipithecus ramidus.


15. The name Ardipithecus comes from:
Answer: The words in the Afar and Greek languages.


Prehistoric Human General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 2


16. What is meant by Ardipithecus?
Answer: Ground ape.


17. Where did Ardipithecus ramidus were lived?
Answer: Ethiopia in North East Africa.


18. When did Ardipithecus ramidus were lived?
Answer: About 4,400,000 years ago.


19. Which are the better known groups of early hominids?
Answer: Australopithecines.


20. When did Australopithecines were first appeared?
Answer: About 4 million years ago.


21. Australopithecines first appeared in:
Answer: Africa.


22. According to fossil evidence Australopithecines were extinct in which period?
Answer: Between 2 million and 1 million years ago.


23. What is the size of the brain of Australopithecines?
Answer: About one-third the size of modern human brains.


24. The facial features of Australopithecines resembled:
Answer: Chimpanzees.


25. The Australopithecines belonged to which genus?
Answer: Australopithecus.


26. What is the meaning of the term Australopithecus?
Answer: Southern Ape.


27. Most scientists believed that hominids were originated in:
Answer: Africa.


28. Scientists divided the Australopithecus genus into how many species?
Answer: Five.


29. Which are the basis of dividing genus into species?
Answer: Differences in the creatures overall size, in the shape and size of their jaws and teeth and in the size of their brains.


30. The five species of Australopithecus are:
Answer: Australopithecus anamensis, Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus, Paranthropus boisei and Paranthropus robustus.


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