General Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


General Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers’


General Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


Basic Trivia Questions


1. What is the function of Vitamin K?
Answer: Helps blood-clotting.


2. For how long have cockroaches infested the earth?
Answer: 350 million years.


3. Who were the first to notice that a snowflake has six sides?
Answer: The Chinese.


4. In whose books is Miss Marple the amateur detective?
Answer: Agatha Christie.


5. Which English poet illustrated all his major work himself?
Answer: William Blake.


6. Which is India’s first National Park?
Answer: Jim Corbett National Park.


7. Name the ‘unsinkable ship’ sank on her maiden voyage?
Answer: Titanic.


8. What is the superiority of Arabic numerals over Roman numerals?
Answer: Arabic numerals have the zero.


9. What was the ancient name of the Punjab river Jhelum?
Answer: Vitasta.


10. Which football player is known as ‘Black Pearl’?
Answer: Pele.


11. What is rubella?
Answer: German measles.


12. Name the pigment in ‘carrot’:
Answer: Carotene.


13. What is ambivalent mean?
Answer: Simultaneous existence of two conflicting attitudes.


14. Polyanthas, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, Ramblers – what are these types of?
Answer: Rose.


15. Lawrence Durrell wrote a novel called Justine. Who had written a book with the same name much earlier?
Answer: Marquis de Sade.


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16. The internationally accepted borderline between India and China on India’s north-east is called the:
Answer: McMahon Line.


17. The infection of AIDS occurs through the contamination of:
Answer: Blood.


18. The Berlin Wall has fallen, and pieces of it are now sold as souvenirs. When was it built?
Answer: 1961.


19. Who was the founder of the doctrine of ‘Advaita’ or Monism (‘there is no second’)?
Answer: Shankara.


20. When did the Harappan culture flourish in India?
Answer: 2500-1500 B.C.


21. America’s Statue of Liberty located in?
Answer: Liberty Island.


22. Which is the first structure of Mughal architecture in India?
Answer: Humayun’s Tomb.


23. What was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife?
Answer: Josephine.


24. Painters like Matisse, Vlaminck, Braque, and Dufy were called Fauvists. What does ‘fauve’ mean?
Answer: Wild beast.


25. How would you distinguish between an Indian elephant and an African elephant?
Answer: The African elephant will have larger ears.


26. What is the nationality of the Nobel Prize winning novelist Miguel Angel Asturias who wrote ‘The Green Pope’ and ‘The Eyes of the Interred’?
Answer: Guatemalan.


27. What is ‘samizdat’ literature?
Answer: Clandestine printing and distribution of dissident literature in the USSR.


28. In which year was decimal coinage introduced in India?
Answer: 1957.


29. Synthetic vinegar is nothing but this acid, diluted?
Answer: Acetic acid.


30. Podiatry is a science of the diseases of the:
Answer: Feet.


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