Best Trivia Questions – Online Trivia Quizzes


Best Trivia Questions – Online Trivia Quizzes


Best Trivia Questions - Online Trivia Quizzes


General Trivia Quiz


1. What does contrite mean?
Answer: Repentant.


2. In which country did the Sauna – hot steam bath, basically originate?
Answer: Finland.


3. Prudish Victorian England called a certain garment ‘Unmentionables’. What were they?
Answer: Trousers.


4. What was the basic step in the development of skyscrapers?
Answer: The invention of fire safety devices.


5. What is a dedicated computer?
Answer: It performs the particular kind of task assigned to it.


6. What is the meaning of inveigle?
Answer: To lead astray.


7. What is the meaning of impute?
Answer: Making someone responsible for something bad.


8. World’s largest passenger plane:
Answer: Super Jumbo A-380.


9. Super Jumbo A-380 can carry how many passengers?
Answer: 840.


10. The fourth largest earth quake in the world:
Answer: Tsunami which occurred in 2004 December 26th.


11. What is the meaning of the Japanese term ‘Tsunami’?
Answer: Harbour wave.


12. The concept of the zero existed; but who was the person who treated it as a number and made it the most important tool of mathematical calculation?
Answer: Brahmagupta.


13. What is the meaning of intransigence?
Answer: Stubbornness.


14. Who directed the group of scientists in the Manhattan Project which succeeded in creating the atom bomb in 1945?
Answer: J. Robert Oppenheimer.


15. Which insect has the largest number of species in the world?
Answer: Beetle.


Basic Trivia Questions


16. L-dopa is a drug to cure:
Answer: Parkinson’s disease.


17. The highest mountain peak in India:
Answer: Kangchenjunga.


18. Which is the world’s top oil-exporting country?
Answer: Saudi Arabia.


19. When did Russia join NATO?
Answer: 22nd June, 1994.


20. The magnitude and intensity of an earthquake is measured by the:
Answer: Richter Scale.


21. Who discovered the North Pole?
Answer: Robert Edwin Peary.


22. When did R.E. Peary discover the North Pole?
Answer: 6th April 1909.


23. What is the meaning of opprobrious?
Answer: Expressing scorn or abuse.


24. Bees cannot distinguish one colour, which?
Answer: Yellow.


25. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
Answer: Lake Baikal.


26. Whales often move together in the sea. What is a group of whales called?
Answer: A school.


27. Which king built the Tower of London?
Answer: William the conqueror.


28. In which European country is the city Strasbourg?
Answer: France.


29. Which detective is Inspector Ghote?
Answer: H.R.F. Keating.


30. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E = me2, was a theoretical formulation. How was it experimentally proved correct?
Answer: By a solar eclipse.


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