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How Much Do You Know General Knowledge

How Much Do You Know General Knowledge


54 Online GK Questions and Answers - Online General Knowledge


How Much Do You Know General Knowledge Part 1


1. Intranet is derived from:
Answer: Intra and network.


2. What are the goals of Networking?
Answer: The goals of networking are resource sharing, high reliability, saving cost and file server.


3. What is the collective name for the three goddesses Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos who controlled human destiny according to the ancient Greeks?
Answer: The Fates.


4. What make temporary hardness in water?
Answer: Bicarbonates and carbonates.


5. Which has the same mass as the proton but has no charge?
Answer: Neutron.


6. Where were unicorns said to live?
Answer: India.


7. Which is the lower house of the British Parliament?
Answer: House of Commons.


8. To share data in a LAN, user stores files on a:
Answer: File Server.


9. Enoscope is used to determine:
Answer: Spot speed.


10. How much times the proton is heavier than the electron?
Answer: 1840.


11. What is the name of the weathering of rocks done by mechanical process which is brought about by changes in temperature, water and wind?
Answer: Physical weathering.


12. The personal Computers and workstations were introduced in:
Answer: 1980.


13. Name the sea that is a part of the North Pacific Ocean connected to the Arctic ocean by the Bering strait:
Answer: Bering sea.


14. Who wrote: ‘I’m tired of love: I’m still more tired of rhyme But money gives me pleasure all the time”?
Answer: Hilaire Belloc.


15. Write examples of certain plants that grow only in cold regions:
Answer: Pine and Cedar, tea plants etc.


16. Which are the prohibited parking areas?
Answer: 1. Near intersections, 2. On narrow streets, 3. On pedestrian crossings, 4. On structures such as bridges, tunnels etc., 5. At entrance driveways.


17. What is a Black Hole?
Answer: It is the extremely massive remnant of a dying star.


How Much Do You Know General Knowledge Part 2


18. Which early 20th century car had the nickname ‘Tin Lizzie’?
Answer: Model-T-Ford.


19. “This grew; I gave commands; Then all smiles stopped together” Who wrote this?
Answer: Robert Browning.


20. Mars needs how many days to pass a sign?
Answer: 45 days.


21. What happened when the size of the atom increases?
Answer: The electronegativity decreases.


22. What was the name used by Egyptians for books?
Answer: Rolls.


23. Which is the parasitic algae?
Answer: Cephaleuros.


24. Mercury and Venus need how many days each to pass a sign?
Answer: One month each.


25. Windows NT was developed by which company in which year?
Answer: By Microsoft Corporation in 1993.


26. Which catalyst used in the manufacture of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen?
Answer: Iron.


27. What are the two units used by astronomers to measure the larger distances to stars and other objects in the sky?
Answer: Light year and Parsec.


28. What did the American Edwin Hubble classify as ‘spirals’, ‘barred spirals’ and ‘ellipticals’?
Answer: Galaxies.


29. Name the most popular type of independent suspension system in which coil springs are mostly used:
Answer: Wishbone Arm type independent suspension.


30. How does the pickup tube help the television system?
Answer: The pickup tube is a part of TV camera. It changes the optical image into video signals.


31. What is the stage name of the rock singer Reg Dwight?
Answer: Elton John.


32. Write examples for slow chemical reaction:
Answer: Rusting of iron, Change of milk into curd, formation of verdigris on the surface of copper.


33. With 4% of water content the bulking of sand may be the order of:
Answer: 20%.


34. Name the strait that separates Russia from Alaska and connects the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea: Answer: Bering Strait.


35. Write the name of one element in zero group:
Answer: Helium.


How Much Do You Know General Knowledge Part 3


36. “If 1 have seen farther than it is by standing as the shoulders of giants.” These famous words are of Isaac Newton. Which mathematician’s name appears in the blank?
Answer: René Descartes.


37. Who wrote: “Oh to be in England, Now that April’s there”?
Answer: Robert Browning.


38. Who maintained that Social Anthropology is same as Comparative Sociology?
Answer: Émile Durkheim.


39. Which was the most important book written in Egypt in the very ancient period?
Answer: The Book of the dead.


40. What is the meaning of ‘Causa Proxima’?
Answer: Nearest Cause.


41. Who invented Tea Bags?
Answer: Thomas Sullivan (1908).


42. Name the suspension system where there is no axle beam running below the frame but suspension for each wheel is an independent unit and is free from the effect of one another:
Answer: Independent suspension system.


43. What was the title of Paul Simon’s record which topped the album charts in 1986?
Answer: Graceland.


44. What was the name for the ‘Islands of the Blessed’ where heroes were sent by the Greek gods to enjoy a life after death?
Answer: Elysium.


45. The probability of completion of a project in the expected project completion period is:
Answer: 50%.


46. The minimum length of overtaking zone should be:
Answer: 3 times.


47. Who said, “Beauty is the first test; there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics”?
Answer: G.H. Hardy.


48. Who said, “If a carcass is needed to stir up the people, 1 will donate mine”?
Answer: Évariste Galois.


49. Who was the founder of positive movement?
Answer: Auguste Comte.


50. Who invented the Zipper?
Answer: Gideon Sundback (1913).


51. Which party leader in UK was the Royal Marine and Commando?
Answer: Paddy Ashdown.


52. Who wrote Nexus, Sexus and Plexus?
Answer: Henry Miller.


53. What is the use of radar altimeter?
Answer: Radar altimeter is used to measure the height of aeroplane from the ground.


54. What type of rock is formed when sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks are subjected to high temperatures and pressures?
Answer: Metamorphic rock.


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