100 Quran and Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers


100 Quran and Islamic with Answers


100 Quran and Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers


Quran Part 1


1. What is the scripture of Islam religion?
Answer: Quran.


2. How many chapters are there in Quran?
Answer: 114.


3. Name the last prophet of Islam:
Answer: Mohammad.


4. What is Quran?
Answer: A scheme of life as revealed to Mohammad by Allah.


5. What is the term used in Quran to refer to the message the Muhammad get from Allah?
Answer: Wahy.


6. Last chapter in Quran:
Answer: An-Nās.


7. Messages revealed to Muhammad during which period are collected in Quran?
Answer: During the age of 41 to 63.


8. In how many ways do the Muhammad get messages according to Quran?
Answer: In three ways.


9. Name the first wife of Mohamma:
Answer: Khadīja bint Khuwaylid.


10. Who is the first Caliph after Mohammad?
Answer: Caliph Abu Bakr.


11. Who was the third Caliph?
Answer: Caliph Uthman.


12. Quran is divided into how many parts?
Answer: 30.


13. Name each part of Quran:
Answer: Juz.


14. Quran declares, ‘He will purge man of his chains and the weights imposed on him’. Who is the ‘He’ referred to here?
Answer: Mohammad.


15. What promise did Quran make as it came into existence?
Answer: That it would wipe away the practice of interest on money.


16. Who is Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib?
Answer: Brother of Muhammad’s father.


17. Who said this: ‘Oh father, I have got the (from Allah) that you didn’t’?
Answer: Ibrahim.


18. The supposed span of life of Noah:
Answer: 950 years.


19. What is Quran meant for?
Answer: To lean man ahead without diverting him from high standards.


20. Which chapter in Quran stresses monotheism?
Answer: At- Tauhid.


Quran with Answers Part 2


21. Why are the philosophic teachings in Quran repeated?
Answer: To remind the high values of life even at a random reading.


22. Where does Quran recommend reading it during night is more fruitful because during night mind will be free from all other thoughts?
Answer: In 73:6, 7.


23. Who is the official spokesman of Quran?
Answer: Mohammad.


24. What is the term used to refer to the explanations and actions of Mohammad?
Answer: Hadith.


25. Name the book which’ has set forth Mohammad’s routine life and pieces of advice?
Answer: Sahih al-Bukhari.


26. How many subjects as classified are there in Quran?
Answer: 5.


27. What all are the subject matters dealt in Quran?
Answer: Faith, rituals, virtues, dealings, punishments.


28. What does ‘Malaikah’ mean?
Answer: Angel.


29. What is the word used in Quran to refer to messenger?
Answer: Rasul.


30. Why does Rasul called so?
Answer: Because they ran errands between the creator and the created.


31. What does the number of wings of angels represent?
Answer: The speed at which the mission of Allah be spread.


32. In which part of Quran do we find that angels would pray for the redemption of the believers?
Answer: In 42:5.


33. Who are angels as believed by the Arabs?
Answer: The daughters of Allah.


34. What are angels called in Zoroastrianism religion?
Answer: Amahraspand.


35. Which part of Quran declares there is no community without prophets?
Answer: 13:7, 15:36, 35:24.


36. Where did the prophets mentioned in Quran live?
Answer: In Middle East countries like Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine.


37. Ar-Rahman means:
Answer: The merciful.


38. 49th chapter of Quran:
Answer: Hujurat.


39. Another word for Taqdir?
Answer: Qadar.


40. The most important ritual in Islam?
Answer: Salutation to God called Salah.


Islamic Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3


41. Why do Muslims observe ‘Salah’?
Answer: To surrender one’s self to God’s will.


42. How many times in a day should one observe Salah?
Answer: Five times.


43. Which part of Quran should one recite during ‘Salah’?
Answer: First chapter of Quran.


44. Which part of Quran mentions the achievements in life as a result of observing Salah?
Answer: In 29:45.


45. Which month is chosen for observing fasting?
Answer: Ramadan.


46. Why is the month of Ramadan chosen for observing fasting?
Answer: Because it was in a month of Ramadan that Allah revealed the sacred Quran for the first time.


47. Who are all exempted from observing fasting?
Answer: Patients, those who are at a journey, the carrying ones, breast-feeding mothers, the menstruated ones.


48. The word Quran means:
Answer: Reading.


49. The sacred place of Muslims:
Answer: Mecca.


50. Quran refers to Mecca by another name. What is it?
Answer: Umm al-Qurā.


51. What does the word Umm al-Qurā mean?
Answer: Mother of towns.


52. What is meant by Hajj?
Answer: Representatives of Muslims all over the world assemble in Mecca and take decisions for the wellbeing of Muslims and the human race at large.


53. What is Tawaf?
Answer: Circumambulation around Kaaba.


54. How many times does one go round Kaaba in one Tawaf?
Answer: Seven times.


55. What is ‘Arafah’?
Answer: A large ground.


56. When should the Hajj pilgrims be present in Arafah?
Answer: During the afternoon of 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah.


57. Who reconstructed Kaaba?
Answer: Ibrahim and Ishmael.


58. Which is the first cultural home built for human race, according to Quran?
Answer: Kaaba.


59. What is the stone fixed in the wall on the corner of Kaaba called?
Answer: Hajar al Aswad.


60. What does the word Hajar al Aswad mean?
Answer: Granite.


Islamic Online Quiz Part 4


61. Where did Ibrahim take his son for sacrifice?
Answer: To Marwa hill.


62. During whose period was Hajj introduced?
Answer: Mohammad’s.


63. What is the shape of Jamarat?
Answer: A semipillar.


64. What is Mahr?
Answer: A dowry paid to bride in honor.


65. What is iddah?
Answer: The period during which a divorced woman can stay in her hither to husband’s house.


66. The duration of iddah of a divorcee woman?
Answer: Till the woman undergoes three menstruations after her divorce.


67. After how many days can a divorced woman marry?
Answer: After an iddah.


68. What does Quran call money?
Answer: The life vein of man.


69. Money is referred to as what in Quran?
Answer: Blessing of God.


70. How many skies does Quran mention about?
Answer: Seven.


71. Where does Judee hill located?
Answer: Corduene, south of Lake Van.


72. Name the birth place of the forefathers of Nabi Musa:
Answer: Palestine.


73. From whom does Aad Community start?
Answer: Hud.


74. Ilyās belongs to which origin?
Answer: Firaun’s.


75. Where did Ilyās live?
Answer: In Baalbek city.


76. How many classes are there in Aad Community?
Answer: Two.


77. Which community does Salih belong to?
Answer: Thamud Community.


78. Where did the Thamud Community live?
Answer: At Hegira.


79. The borders of Hegira?
Answer: Hijaz and Syria.


80. Where was Ibrahim Nabi born?
Answer: In Iraq.


Quran Online Questions Answers Part 5


81. 54th chapter of Quran is:
Answer: Al-Qamar.


82. Where did Ibrahim accommodate his second son, Ishaq Nabi and his family?
Answer: In Palestine.


83. Where did Ibrahim Nabi accommodate Lot Nabi?
Answer: In Sodom.


84. Who is considered as the forefather of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims?
Answer: Hazrat Ibrahim.


85. Whose offspring’s are the Arabs as it is believed?
Answer: Ishmael Nabi’s.


86. Which race is considered as the descendants of Ishaq?
Answer: Israel.


87. Who is known by the name Isra’il?
Answer: Yāˈqub Isḥāq.


88. What does the word Israel mean?
Answer: The servant of Allah.


89. What does ‘Bani Israeel ‘ mean?
Answer: The offspring’s of Israel.


90. Quran calls the Christians and the Jews Bani Israeel. Why?
Answer: Because it is considered that they belong to the descendants of Israel.


91. During whose time did Lot Nabi live?
Answer: Ibrahim Nabi’s.


92. Which is the native place of Lot Nabi?
Answer: Sodom.


93. Where is Sodom located?
Answer: In Transjordan.


94. Who is Yūsuf Nabi?
Answer: Son of Yakub Nabi.


95. Where is Baalbek city situated?
Answer: In Syria.


96. Name the Israel origin prophet and king?
Answer: Davood.


97. Where did Syu’aib Nabi live?
Answer: In Madyan.


98. Where is Madyan situated?
Answer: In Hijas near Syria.


99. Who helped Israelites to enter Egypt?
Answer: Yūsuf Nabi.


100. Who killed jaloot?
Answer: Davood.


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