History General Knowledge Questions – Cold War Quiz


History General Knowledge Questions – Cold War Quiz


History General Knowledge - Cold War Quiz Questions with Answers


1. What does the term ‘Cold War’ describe?
Answer: The intense rivalry that developed after World War II between groups of Communist and non-Communist nations.


2. When did Cold War developed?
Answer: After the Second World War.


3. Between which nations the Cold War developed?
Answer: Communist and non-Communist nations.


4. Which side is often referred to as the ‘Eastern bloc’ in Cold War?
Answer: USSR and its Communist Allies.


5. Which side is often referred to as the ‘Western bloc’ in Cold War?
Answer: United States and its democratic allies.


6. Why did the struggle between groups of Communists and non-Communists nations was called the ‘Cold War?
Answer: Because it did not actually lead to fighting.


7. What are the characteristics of Cold War?
Answer: Mutual distrust, suspicion and misunderstanding by both the United States and the Soviet Union, and their allies.


8. Which are the conditions that increased the likelihood of a third World War?
Answer: Mutual distrust, suspicion and misunderstanding.


9. Who accused the Soviet Union of seeking to expand Communism throughout the world?
Answer: United States.


10. Who charged the United States with practicing imperialism and with attempting to stop revolutionary activity in other countries?
Answer: Soviet Union.


11. What was the demand of United Nations?
Answer: United States wanted a world of independent nations based on democratic principles.


12. Who attempted to tightly control the areas it considered vital to its national interest, including much of Eastern Europe?
Answer: Soviet Union.

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13. When did the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union had been strained?
Answer: 1917.


14. When did, a revolution in Russia establish a Communist dictatorship there?
Answer: 1917.


15. What was the economic system of the United States in 1920’s and 1930’s?
Answer: Capitalism.


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16. Who didn’t grant diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union until 1933?
Answer: United States.


17. When did Germany attack the Soviet Union?
Answer: 1941.


18. With whom, Soviet Union joined to fight against Germany in 1941?
Answer: Western Allies.


19. Why it seemed possible that a lasting for friendship might develop between the United States and the Soviet Union based on their war time co-operation?
Answer: The joining of Soviet Union and Western Allies in 1941.


20. Major differences continued to exist between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies. Particularly with regard to:
Answer: Eastern Europe.


21. What was the policy adopted by the United States towards the Soviet Union after the war ended?
Answer: ‘Get tough’.


22. Who led the Western bloc?
Answer: The United States.


23. Name the countries who included the Western bloc?
Answer: Britain, Canada, France, West Germany, Japan and Philippines.


24. Who led the Eastern bloc?
Answer: Soviet Union.


25. Name the countries who included the Eastern bloc?
Answer: Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania.


26. When, did China join the Eastern bloc?
Answer: 1949.


27. Which were the countries belonged to the non-aligned or neutral nations?
Answer: India, Indonesia, Cambodia and most of the African States.

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28. When did the Cold War become increasingly tense?
Answer: During the late 1940’s and 1950’s.


29. What was the demand of Each Side (Western bloc and Eastern bloc)?
Answer: Wanting to rule the World.


30. What was the belief of Each Side (Eastern and Western bloc)?
Answer: Its political and economic systems were better than the others.


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