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100 Geography General Knowledge Questions

100 Geography General Knowledge Questions


Top 100 Geography Questions


Geography General Knowledge Questions part 1


1. Which major city came into existence because of a gold rush in the Witwatersrand?
Answer: Johannesburg.


2. Brittany is a part of which city?
Answer: France.


3. Various separate entities of different countries are parts of the Iberian peninsula. Here we are talking about which countries?
Answer: Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and Spain.


4. What is the other name of Eire?
Answer: Ireland.


5. Sivasamudram waterfall is found in which river?
Answer: Cauvery.


6. A sea separates Scandinavia from Britain. Which sea is this?
Answer: The North Sea.


7. Timbuktu or Tombouctou is found in the middle of a particular country. Which country is it?
Answer: Mali.


8. How the name Tanzania was formed?
Answer: When Zanzibar and Tanganyika became one.


9. Two neighboring countries of Africa received their names from a common river that they share. Which river is this?
Answer: Niger.


10. Do you know which one is Yugoslavia’s southernmost federal unit?
Answer: Macedonia.


11. Do you know which one is North America’s westernmost American territory?
Answer: Attu Island.


12. A big river joins the river, Mississippi and now we call them by just one name. What is that name?
Answer: Mississippi-Missouri.


13. Mackenzie Highway’s greater portion runs through which province?
Answer: Alberta.


14. Where Kaziranga sanctuary is located?
Answer: Assam.


15. The Straits of Magellan divide which country?
Answer: Chile.


16. Do you know the name of Ecuador’s capital?
Answer: Quito.


17. What is the name of South America’s largest lake?
Answer: Lake Maracaibo.


18. A splendid city, Inca is found on which peak in Peru?
Answer: Machu Picchu.


19. The South and North American continents are separated by which landmark?
Answer: Panama Canal.


20. Atlas Mountain is found in which continent?
Answer: Africa.


21. Curacao belongs to which political island group?
Answer: The Netherlands Antilles.


22. Do you know the capital of Canada?
Answer: Ottawa.


23. The mineral wealth of South Africa mainly comprise of what?
Answer: Gold and Diamonds.


24. Where is the Sonoran desert located?
Answer: North America.


25. Southern Russia’s which port is a crucial oil industry center?
Answer: Baku.


Geography General Knowledge Questions part 2 (Questions 26-50)


26. Lapland is the combination of which countries?
Answer: Finland and Sweden.


27. The Faeroe Islands is found in which country?
Answer: Denmark.


28. There is the narrowest portion in the English Channel. Mention the crossing points found in this portion.
Answer: Calais and Dover.


29. Mount Olympus is found where?
Answer: Greece.


30. What is today’s name of St Petersburg and Petrograd?
Answer: Leningrad.


31. Budapest is the capital of which country?
Answer: Hungary.


32. Sahara desert is located in which Continent?
Answer: Africa.


33. What is the name of the largest lake in Canada?
Answer: Great Bear Lake.


34. What is the name of North America’s highest mountain?
Answer: Mount Logan.


35. What is the name of the USA’s smallest state?
Answer: Rhode Island.


36. Copper Belt is found in which country?
Answer: Zambia.


37. The borders of Tanzania and Uganda sandwiched two small countries. What are they?
Answer: Rwanda and Burundi.


38. What is the Indian name of Ursa Major?
Answer: Saptarishi.


39. Have you heard the battle song of the US Marines? Which African city is mentioned there?
Answer: Tripoli.


40. South America’s two landlocked countries use which port?
Answer: Santos, Brazil.


41. In which country we find the greatest share of the Guiana Highland’s mountains?
Answer: Venezuela.


42. On the Pacific Rim, the capitals of South American countries are found. Among all these capitals which one is located at closest to sea level?
Answer: Lima.


43. The great plateau of Brazil is known as what?
Answer: MatoGrosso.


44. What is the name of the highest mountain in Australasia? Where is it found?
Answer: Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in Australasia which is in New Zealand.


45. Which planet is popular as the Red planet?
Answer: Mars.


46. Which planet is the smallest in the whole solar system?
Answer: Mercury.


47. What are the names of the self-governing territories of Polynesia administrated by New Zealand administers?
Answer: Niue and the Cook Islands.


48. If two larger landmasses are connected by a narrow neck of land, what will you call it?
Answer: Isthmus.


49. Before entering the sea, a river splits into several branches. At that time a triangular landmass can be found at its mouth. What is this landmass called?
Answer: Delta.


50. We know that a tip of land that projects into the sea is known as”land’s end.” What is the geographical term of this?
Answer: A cape.


Geography General Knowledge Questions part 3


51. Athens is the oldest capital city in the world. True or False
Answer: True.


52. A warm sea current from the Gulf of Mexico is known as the Gulf Stream. True or False
Answer: True.


53. Fiji is constituted by two islands. What are the names of these two islands?
Answer: VannaLevu and Vita Levu.


54. The Tasman Sea separates which countries?
Answer: New Zealand and Australia.


55. Arafura Sea separates the nearest Asian territory from Western Australia. True or False
Answer: True.


56. What is the name of French Polynesia’s capital? Where is this capital located?
Answer: Papeete on Tahiti.


57. What is the estimated temperature of the sun?
Answer: 6000 degrees F.


58. Man lives in the land that is surrounded by water. This surrounding is known as hydrosphere. Man lives in the rocky crust of the earth too. What is it called?
Answer: Lithosphere.


59. What is the Arctic Circle’s latitude?
Answer: 66.5 degrees North.


60. What is the name of that deltaic jungle swampland which is shared by Bangladesh with India?
Answer: The Sundarbans.


61. There is a South Asian country which is famous for ruby mines. What is the name of this country?
Answer: Myanmar.


62. The northern peninsula is connected with the rest of Sri Lanka with a pass. What is the name of that pass?
Answer: Elephant Pass.


63. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Makalu have a common factor. What is it?
Answer: All these mountain peaks are found in Nepal.


64. What is the name of the most important port of Yemen?
Answer: Aden.


65. What is the name of Iran’s biggest oil-refining center?
Answer: Abadan.


66. A few years ago two West African countries federated under a name. What was that name?
Answer: Senegambia.


67. Lake Kariba’s water is shared by two countries. What are they?
Answer: Zambia and Zimbabwe.


68. The Alps stretches across which countries?
Answer: France, Italy, and Switzerland with bits in Yugoslavia and Germany.


69. What is the name of the world’s deepest lake?
Answer: Baikal Lake.


70. What is the name of the world’s highest waterfall?
Answer: Angel.


71. What is known as the study of the Universe?
Answer: Cosmology.


72. The “Cold Deserts” of the world are popular by another name. What is it?
Answer: Tundra.


73. The upper layer of the atmosphere is known as what?
Answer: Stratosphere.


74. Near Larkana, we found an ancient civilization. Which archaeological site is this?
Answer: Mohen-Jo-Daro.


75. Cosmology is the study of the universe, True or False?
Answer: True.


Geography General Knowledge Questions part 4 (Questions 76-100)


76. Five tributaries of the Indus have been discovered. Which one is found in the northernmost part?
Answer: Jhelum.


77. The Dragon Kingdom is another name of which country?
Answer: Bhutan.


78. Two South African provinces are named according to the rivers. What are they?
Answer: Orange Free State & Transvaal.


79. Big Bang theory explains the Origin of the Universe. True or False
Answer: True.


80. The best caviar in the world is associated with which water body?
Answer: The Caspian Sea.


81. The world’s largest tin producer is which country?
Answer: Malaysia.


82. Which country is separated by The UAE?
Answer: Oman.


83. The Maldives once paid annual tribute to which country?
Answer: Sri Lanka.


84. The Maldives is famous for its group of islands. The southernmost is known as what?
Answer: Addu Atoll/ Sennu.


85. A major town in western Afghanistan takes a highway run into the Soviet Union? Which town is it?
Answer: Herat.


86. Namche Bazar is famous for what?
Answer: the Starting point of climbing Everest.


87. Now, what is the name of the Mesopotamia?
Answer: Iraq.


88. What is the name of the dwarf planet?
Answer: Pluto.


89. What are the primary gases found in the Sun?
Answer: Helium and Hydrogen.


90. Bonne, Gall, and Mollweide are map projections. True or False?
Answer: True.


91. What is the name of Sri Lanka’s southernmost point?
Answer: Dondra Head.


92. Pakistan shares borders with which countries?
Answer: Afghanistan and India.


93. The large Gurkha population is found in which country?
Answer: Nepal.


94. The Indus River has a major tributary at its southernmost part. What is it?
Answer: Satluj.


95. According to the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn is found in which direction?
Answer: South.


96. Some of the world’s largest reserves of iron ore and coal are found in a Chinese province. What is the name of it?
Answer: Shanxi.


97. Europe and Asian Russia is separated by which mountain?
Answer: The Ural Mountains.


98. The parts of the boundaries of three countries are found in Lake Victoria. What are those countries?
Answer: Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.


99. What is the name of West Africa’s largest lake?
Answer: Lake Volta.


100. The Kalahari Desert is found in which country?
Answer: Botswana.


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