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50 Random Knowledge Quiz Questions

50 Random Knowledge Quiz Questions


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Random Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 1


1. How many Confederate states were there during the U.S. Civil War?
Answer: 11.


2. What U.S. president wrote Profiles in Courage?
Answer: John F. Kennedy.


3. If an Austrian asked for ‘Wiener schnitzel’ what would he get?
Answer: Breaded Veal Cutlet.


4. In 1813, Simon Bolivar became President of which country?
Answer: Venezuela.


5. In what suburb of Chicago did Frank Lloyd Wright build his first home in 1889?
Answer: Oak Park.


6. An important part of daily life in Brazil is the ‘Cafezinho’ served in tiny cups. What is it?
Answer: Coffee.


7. How many people signed the Declaration of Independence?
Answer: 56.


8. The breed of horses known as Clydesdales originated in what country?
Answer: Scotland.


9. While in Nice, France, for your first course you order ‘Bouillabaisse’. What is this?
Answer: Fish soup.


10. Which World War II leader was born on July 29, 1883?
Answer: Benito Mussolini.


11. The presence of what chemical substance distinguishes “heavy water” from common water?
Answer: deuterium.


12. If an Englishman asked for ‘Bangers and mash’ what would he get?
Answer: Sausage and Potatoes.


13. In 1517, who nailed The 95 Theses onto the door of the Palace Church of Wittenberg?
Answer: Martin Luther.


14. From 1925 until 1961, which of these Russian cities was known as Stalingrad?
Answer: Volgograd.


15. When in Belem, Brazil, you are likely to be offered a soup called “Casquinho de mucua”. What is it exactly?
Answer: Turtle soup.


Random Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Counting Pope Francis, how many Popes have there been?
Answer: 266.


17. What state is the site of the first permanent English settlement in North America?
Answer: Virginia.


18. Name the great guru of Tansen who helped in developing his musical talent:
Answer: Swami Haridas.


19. Who was the United States’ first multi-millionaire?
Answer: John Jacob Astor.


20. In Norse mythology, what was known as the god of mischief?
Answer: Loki.


21. Name the Mughal emperor who was also an accomplished Veena player:
Answer: Aurangzeb.


22. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara died in which country?
Answer: Bolivia.


23. What nation’s flag was the first to be placed at the South Pole in 1911?
Answer: Norway.


24. The largest consumer of tea is:
Answer: The Republic of Ireland.


25. In what year was the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Answer: 1962.


26. The Separatists that landed at Plymouth Rock were primarily what religious affiliation?
Answer: Puritan.


27. The exotic cuisine of Vieux Carre in New Orleans, USA has delighted out-of-towners for generations. Can you name the cuisine?
Answer: Creole.


28. What political figure was born Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov?
Answer: Lenin.


29. In the 1999 James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, who is being groomed to replace the character “Q”?
Answer: R.


30. Which North Indian state are you likely to be offered ‘Kahwa’ tea flavoured with Cinnamon, Cardamom and Saffron?
Answer: Kashmir.


Random Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. What is the present name of the American Standard Association?
Answer: American National Standards Institute –ANSI.


32. Who was the author of the book Nostromo?
Answer: Joseph Conrad.


33. When Israeli tribes were numbered, who were excluded?
Answer: Levite.


34. King Zog was the ruler of which country?
Answer: Albania.


35. In which name was Joan of Arc known?
Answer: Maid of Orleans.


36. In what suburb of Chicago did Frank Lloyd Wright build his first home in 1889?
Answer: Oak Park.


37. Which Indian model was selected by International fashion magazine, Cosmo Politer as cover girl?
Answer: Malaika Arora.


38. What were the Blues Brothers’ names?
Answer: Joliet Jake and Elwood.


39. Who was the author of ‘Communist Opposition in Soviet Russia?
Answer: Robert V. Daniels.


40. Which of these machines did Johannes Gutenberg invent?
Answer: Printing press.


41. The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year:
Answer: Light-year.


42. Which river’s waters, headwaters and tributaries drain half the continent of South America?
Answer: Amazon.


43. What is the currency of Bosnia-Herzegovina:
Answer: Bosnian Convertible Mark.


44. What method did the Romans use to kill Jesus?
Answer: Crucifixion (Mark 15:25).


45. Where is the beach resort centre which was developed in Israel?
Answer: In Dead-sea.


46. What state was administered by Sir Charles Hotham in the 1550’s?
Answer: Victoria.


47. What is dandruff?
Answer: Little flakes of dead skin formed on the scalp.


48. Who was the God of Wine?
Answer: Dionysus.


49. How much is the elevation of Northern plateau?
Answer: 15,000 feet.


50. In which East Coast city was the Flatiron Building completed in 1902?
Answer: New York City.


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