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Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions – Free GK Quizzes

Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions – Free GK Quizzes


General Knowledge Quizzes - Free Quiz Questions


Free Quiz Questions and Answers


1. Which Emperor of the Roman Empire’s name meant, Little Soldier’s Boot?
Answer: Caligula.


2. According to a popular expression, a person who wishes to surrender says what?
Answer: uncle.


3. If you were invited to an ‘asado’ while in Costa Rica, what would you expect to attend?
Answer: An outdoor barbecue.


4. What was the world’s first nuclear powered submarine?
Answer: USS Nautilus.


5. Someone described as an excellent “elocutionist” excels at doing what?
Answer: public speaking.


6. Burgundy is famous for its wines. Where is it?
Answer: France.


7. Which World War II battle is officially called The Ardennes Offensive?
Answer: The Battle of the Bulge.


8. What Los Angeles community is noted for celebrities and mansions?
Answer: Beverly Hills.


9. Which country is noted for birds nest soup?
Answer: China.


10. Who was the first person to reach the North Pole?
Answer: Robert Peary.


11. What does the letter A stand for in the military abbreviation “MIA”?
Answer: Action.


12. If you ordered ‘Kibbeh’ the national dish of Lebanon, what would you expect to get?
Answer: Meat or fish pounded together with wheat.


13. Who is the only person to have been the recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes?
Answer: Linus Pauling.


14. According to the title of a 1972 song by The Temptations, “Papa Was a” what?
Answer: Rollin’ Stone.


15. When was the Berlin wall built?
Answer: August 1961.


Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Who was the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross medal?
Answer: Amelia Earhart.


17. According to a notable public service announcement, “Friends Don’t Let Friends” do what?
Answer: Drive Drunk.


18. Panama’s most popular drink is liquor called ‘Chicha’. Which cereal forms the base of this drink?
Answer: Corn.


19. Which Mexican leader was assassinated in 1923?
Answer: Pancho Villa.


20. In Eminem’s 2000 rap song “The Real Slim Shady,” he asks the real Slim Shady to please do what?
Answer: stand up.


21. ‘Pinolillo’ and ‘Tiste’ are the two most popular drinks of this Central American country. Name it:
Answer: Nicaragua.


22. What was the world’s first electrically lighted city?
Answer: Wabash, Indiana.


23. When the petals have fallen off a rose, the dried fruit that is left is called what?
Answer: hip.


24. In which Central American country are you likely to be served ‘Nacatamal’ large corn cakes stuffed with vegetables and meat?
Answer: Honduras.


25. Ishtar Gate served as one of the entrances to what ancient city?
Answer: Babylon.


26. On the TV sitcom Seinfeld, what is Kramer’s first name?
Answer: Cosmo.


27. While in Jordan, if you were served ‘baklava’ and ‘kataifi’ for dessert, what would you expect?
Answer: Pastries made with nuts and syrup.


28. Which U.S. Navy destroyer suffered a terrorist attack on October 12, 2000?
Answer: USS Cole.


29. What is the maximum number of tablespoons in a standard, 8-ounce stick of butter?
Answer: 8.


30. The space shuttle ‘Buran’ is a new space craft. It means:
Answer: Snow storm.


Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 3 (Questions 16-30)


31. Alfred Vail’s telegraph used a code of dots and dashes. What was it’s name?
Answer: Morse code.


32. Which opera did Bizet write just before his death in 1875?
Answer: Carmen.


33. When did Yalta Conference occur?
Answer: 1945.


34. How did Canaletto cheat in some of his most famous painted scenes?
Answer: By tracing a projected image.


35. Name the family of Prophet Muhammad:
Answer: Qureshi.


36. How many rivers are there in Saudi Arabia?
Answer: None.


37. Who developed a Renaissance style that combined Spanish, Italian and Moorish influences?
Answer: Spain.


38. There was once a young king mentioned in the Bible who pleased God greatly when he prayed for wisdom instead of wealth. Who was this king?
Answer: King Solomon.


39. A technique in which a laser beam is bounced off an object to determine its distance:
Answer: Laser ranging.


40. In what year did Elvis Presley first enter the UK charts with “Heartbreak Hotel”?
Answer: 1956.


41. Which fishes are fast swimmers among bony fishes?
Answer: Ray-finned fishes.


42. Who had hits in the 1970s with “Ride A White Swan” and “Hot Love”?
Answer: T-Rex.


43. When was Paleolithic period began?
Answer: Over 2 million years ago.


44. What do you call a grouping of boars?
Answer: A sounder.


45. What is photo-imagesetter?
Answer: Is a machine that creates light-sensitive paper or film of complete pages of text and graphics.


46. Which is the northernmost part of North America?
Answer: Barrow Point.


47. What is the dramatic form consisting of three tragedies that focus on different phases of the same story?
Answer: Trilogy.


48. Who founded the Presbyterian Church?
Answer: John Knox.


49. In India a bill becomes an act:
Answer: When it passes in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


50. The expression ‘an eye for an eye’ has come to symbolize the principle behind what code of laws?
Answer: Hammurabi’s code.


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