Politics Quiz Questions and Answers – What is Politics and How it Works


Politics Quiz Questions and Answers – What is Politics and How it Works


Politics Quiz Questions and Answers



General Politics Quiz with Answers


1) Which politician described Russia “A puzzle with in a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma”?

Answer: Winston Churchill.


2) What is the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son?

Answer: Edward.


3) Who was the first Labor Prime Minister to form government in 1924?

Answer: Ramsay MacDonald.


4) Who lived at Lambeth Palace?

Answer: The Archbishop of Canterbury.


5) Who became the first non-Communist Polish Prime Minister since the 2nd world war in 1939?

Answer: Tadeusz Mazowiecki.


6) Name the first woman Prime Minister of Israel.

Answer: Golda Meir.


7) In which self-governing country in the world did women first obtain the right to vote in a national election?

Answer: New Zealand.


8) He was a British Socialist Politician who lived between 1897 and 1960 best known as the architect of the National Health Service?

Answer: Aneurin Bevan.


9) He was the German diplomat and statesman and was chief architect of the German Empire and was known as the Iron Chancellor. Who was he?

Answer: Otto von Bismarck.


10) Which politician was chiefly responsible for the creation of the British Police force as we know it?

Answer: Robert Peel.


11) What is the name of the National Parliament of the Irish Republic?

Answer: Dail Eireann.


12) In which country is the Cortes Parliament?

Answer: Spain.


13) Two Victorian politician were known as The People’s Tribune and Dizzy. Name them.

Answer: William Ewart Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli.


14) In the World of International Alliances what is O. A. U?

Answer: The organization of African Unity.


15) What is the Icelandic Parliament called?

Answer: The Althing.


GK Questions and Answers on Politics

Stanford Political Science


16) What is the collective name of the international agreements by all the member states of the European Community?

Answer: Treaties of Rome.


17) What are the two main political parties in the Republic of Ireland called?

Answer: Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.


18) For how many years is a French President elected?

Answer: Seven years.


19) Who was the founder of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in West Germany?

Answer: Konrad Adenauer.


20) Who was the first President of Turkey?

Answer: Kemal Ataturk.


21) George Bush was the President of USA during the period of _?

Answer: 1989-1993.


22) Who was the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Canada?

Answer: Joe Clark.


23) For fifteen years, who was India’s Prime Minister?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.


24) Who was the last king of Ethiopia?

Answer: Haile Selassie.


25) Who was the first president of Indonesia?

Answer: Sukarno.


26) Who rebuilt the Democratism of Spain?

Answer: Juan Carlos.


27) Who was the first President of independent Belgian Congo?

Answer: Joseph Kasavubu.


28) Who banned slavery in America?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.


29) Who was the first prime minister of Jamaica and the founder of People’s National Party?

Answer: Michael Manley.


30) Who was the Prince of Japan?

Answer: Prince Naruhito.


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