Online Literature Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Literature


Online Literature Answers – Learn More about Literature


Online Literature Quiz Questions Answers - Learn More about Literature


Literature Quiz with Answers


1. Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and what other Shakespeare tragedy is missing?
King Lear


2. What name is given to a person authorized to vote on behalf of someone else?


3. Which cricket club, established in 1787, eventually became the game’s ruling authority?
Marylebone Cricket Club


4. Winston Groom Wrote The Book And Tom Hanks Starred In The Film That Came From The Book What Was It’s Title?
Forrest Gump


5. Which British writer, noted for a series of novels dealing with black magic and occultism, also wrote Murder off Miami?
Dennis Wheatley


6. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet What Herb Is Said To Be For Remembrance?


7. Which Shakespeare Character Says ‘Blow Winds And Crack Your Cheeks’?
King Lear


8. Franz Kafka Wrote In German, What Nationality Was He?


9. Who Wrote About Noddy And Big Ears?
Enid Blyton


10. Name the fifth book in the Old Testament.


11. Who wrote “The Four Quartets”?
T S Eliot


12. Which classic 1961 sci-fi novel that deals with the limitation of communication was the subject of a 1972 film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky as well as a 2002 remake featuring George Clooney?


13. Who Wrote The Collection Of Short Stories On Which Fiddler On The Roof Was Based?
Sholom Aleichem


14. What ‘WG’ Wrote Lord Of The Flies?
William Golding


15. What ‘K’ Wrote Metamorphosis?


16. In Television Which Playwright Wrote The Drama Boys From The Blackstuff?
Alan Bleasdale


17. What is the real name of the author Nigel West?
Rupert Allason


18. Which author was knighted in June 2007, angering the Muslim population?
Salman Rushdie


19. Which star of The Krays wrote a prose and poetry book called America?
Steven Berkoff


20. Who wrote “The Pit and the Pendulum”?
Edgar Allan Poe


21. Which William wrote the novel Lord of the Flies?


22. In Which Novel Was It The Job Of The (Fireman) To Burn Books?
Fahrenheit 451


23. Alfred Wainwright wrote books on which leisure activity?
Fell walking


24. Which Author Had The Real Name Charles Dodgson?
Lewis Carroll


25. Which dramatist and short story writer wrote The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters?
Anton Chekhov


Learn English Literature Quiz Questions and Answers


26. What famous novel is set in Thornfield Hall?
Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre


27. What war was the first to have authorized film coverage?
The Boer War (1899-1902)


28. Which book of the Bible tells us about the creation of the world?


29. Which ‘RB’ Wrote When The Wind Blows?
Raymond Briggs


30. Which author said, “An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he becomes in her”?
Agatha Christie


31. ‘Ring Of Bright Water’ Is A Book About Which Creatures?


32. What famous author wrote the short story Dry September in 1931 and the novel Light in August in 1932?
William Faulkner


33. The Opening Lines Of Which Classic Russian Novel Are In French?
War and Peace Eh Bien Mon Prince


34. Who Wrote Great Expectations?
Charles Dickens


35. What ‘Pl’ Was The Author Of The Whitsun Weddings?
Philip Larkin


36. In which book come the words ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ev’er done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known’?
A Tale of Two Cities


37. Emerson Lake And Palmer Had A No.2 Hit With ‘Fanfare For The Common Man ‘ Who Wrote It?
Aaron Copland


38. Who wrote the novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’?
Jane Austen


39. Apart from writing Tom Jones, the English author Henry Fielding also founded which organization often called London’s first police force?
The Bow Street Runners They were founded in 1749 and originally numbered just eight.


40. What ‘EMF’ Wrote A Novel About The Raj, Recently An Award-Winning Film?
E.M Forster


41. Who wrote the Bolero Torvill and Dean danced to?


42. Who Founded The London Library?
Thomas Carlyle (Waited 2 Hours Book)


43. What ‘G’ Was The Author Of The Forsythe Saga?


44. Which Famous Novel Opens In The Fictional Town Of Mudfog?
Oliver Twist


45. Which American novelist, who was born in 1789 and died in 1851, wrote the series of historical novels known as the ‘Leather stocking Tales’?
James Fenimore Cooper


46. What is the final book of the New Testament called?
The Book of Revelation (or Revelation or the Apocalypse)


47. Which Arthur wrote “Death of a Salesman”, a play revived in the West End in 2005?


48. What ‘G’ Is the First Book In The Bible’?


49. In the Bible, in the book of Genesis what did God create on the fifth day?
Animal life in the sea and air


50. Who wrote the song Mad Dogs and Englishmen?
Noel Coward

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