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50 Top Literature Quizzes – Questions for Literature Quiz

50 Top Literature Quizzes – Questions for Literature Quiz


Online Literature Quiz Questions Answers Part 3


1. Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and what other Shakespeare tragedy is missing?
Answer: King Lear.


2. What name is given to a person authorized to vote on behalf of someone else?
Answer: Proxy.


3. Which cricket club, established in 1787, eventually became the game’s ruling authority?
Answer: Marylebone Cricket Club.


4. Winston Groom Wrote The Book And Tom Hanks Starred In The Film That Came From The Book What Was It’s Title?
Answer: Forrest Gump.


5. Which British writer, noted for a series of novels dealing with black magic and occultism, also wrote Murder off Miami?
Answer: Dennis Wheatley.


6. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet What Herb Is Said To Be For Remembrance?
Answer: Rosemary.


7. Which Shakespeare Character Says ‘Blow Winds And Crack Your Cheeks’?
Answer: King Lear.


8. Franz Kafka Wrote In German, What Nationality Was He?
Answer: Czeck.


9. Who Wrote About Noddy And Big Ears?
Answer: Enid Blyton.


10. Name the fifth book in the Old Testament.
Answer: Deuteronomy.


11. Who wrote “The Four Quartets”?
Answer: T S Eliot.


12. Which classic 1961 sci-fi novel that deals with the limitation of communication was the subject of a 1972 film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky as well as a 2002 remake featuring George Clooney?
Answer: Solaris.


13. Who Wrote The Collection Of Short Stories On Which Fiddler On The Roof Was Based?
Answer: Sholom Aleichem.


14. What ‘WG’ Wrote Lord Of The Flies?
Answer: William Golding.


15. What ‘K’ Wrote Metamorphosis?
Answer: Kafka.


Top Literature Quizzes – Questions for Literature Quiz Part 2


16. In Television Which Playwright Wrote The Drama Boys From The Blackstuff?
Answer: Alan Bleasdale.


17. What is the real name of the author Nigel West?
Answer: Rupert Allason.


18. Which author was knighted in June 2007, angering the Muslim population?
Answer: Salman Rushdie.


19. Which star of The Krays wrote a prose and poetry book called America?
Answer: Steven Berkoff.


20. Who wrote “The Pit and the Pendulum”?
Answer: Edgar Allan Poe.


21. Which William wrote the novel Lord of the Flies?
Answer: Golding.


22. In Which Novel Was It The Job Of The (Fireman) To Burn Books?
Answer: Fahrenheit 451.


23. Alfred Wainwright wrote books on which leisure activity?
Answer: Fell walking.


24. Which Author Had The Real Name Charles Dodgson?
Answer: Lewis Carroll.


25. Which dramatist and short story writer wrote The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters?
Answer: Anton Chekhov.


26. What famous novel is set in Thornfield Hall?
Answer: Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.


27. What war was the first to have authorized film coverage?
Answer: The Boer War (1899-1902).


28. Which book of the Bible tells us about the creation of the world?
Answer: Genesis.


29. Which ‘RB’ Wrote When The Wind Blows?
Answer: Raymond Briggs.


30. Which author said, “An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he becomes in her”?
Answer: Agatha Christie.


Top Literature Quizzes – Questions for Literature Quiz Part 3


31. ‘Ring Of Bright Water’ Is A Book About Which Creatures?
Answer: Otters.


32. What famous author wrote the short story Dry September in 1931 and the novel Light in August in 1932?
Answer: William Faulkner.


33. The Opening Lines Of Which Classic Russian Novel Are In French?
Answer: War and Peace Eh Bien Mon Prince.


34. Who Wrote Great Expectations?
Answer: Charles Dickens.


35. What ‘Pl’ Was The Author Of The Whitsun Weddings?
Answer: Philip Larkin.


36. In which book come the words ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ev’er done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known’?
Answer: A Tale of Two Cities.


37. Emerson Lake And Palmer Had A No.2 Hit With ‘Fanfare For The Common Man ‘ Who Wrote It?
Answer: Aaron Copland.


38. Who wrote the novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’?
Answer: Jane Austen.


39. Apart from writing Tom Jones, the English author Henry Fielding also founded which organization often called London’s first police force?
Answer: The Bow Street Runners They were founded in 1749 and originally numbered just eight.


40. What ‘EMF’ Wrote A Novel About The Raj, Recently An Award-Winning Film?
Answer: E.M Forster.


41. Who wrote the Bolero Torvill and Dean danced to?
Answer: Ravel.


42. Who Founded The London Library?
Answer: Thomas Carlyle (Waited 2 Hours Book).


43. What ‘G’ Was The Author Of The Forsythe Saga?
Answer: Galsworthy.


44. Which Famous Novel Opens In The Fictional Town Of Mudfog?
Answer: Oliver Twist.


45. Which American novelist, who was born in 1789 and died in 1851, wrote the series of historical novels known as the ‘Leather stocking Tales’?
Answer: James Fenimore Cooper.


46. What is the final book of the New Testament called?
Answer: The Book of Revelation (or Revelation or the Apocalypse).


47. Which Arthur wrote “Death of a Salesman”, a play revived in the West End in 2005?
Answer: Miller.


48. What ‘G’ Is the First Book In The Bible’?
Answer: Genesis.


49. In the Bible, in the book of Genesis what did God create on the fifth day?
Answer: Animal life in the sea and air.


50. Who wrote the song Mad Dogs and Englishmen?
Answer: Noel Coward.


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