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Human Body Biology Quiz Questions – Learn more about Human Body – Science Quiz

Human Body Biology Quiz Questions – Learn more about Human Body – Science Quiz


Human Body Biology Quiz Questions


1) How many bones are there in the Spinal Column?

Answer: 33 bones


2) Which gland in the human body is referred to as the gland of emergency with triple F-fight, flight and fright?

Answer: Adrenal gland. It is situated above the kidneys


3) What name is given to two tubes which lead from the wind pipe to the lungs?

Answer: Bronchus


4) What is the capacity of the human stomach?

Answer: Approximately four pints


5) Which gland in the body secretes the hormone cortisone?

Answer: The adrenal gland


6) Which part of your body stops moving if you suffer from ‘athetosis’?

Answer: Fingers and toes


7) Which part of the human body is affected in the disease called ‘Glaucoma’?

Answer: Eyes


8) What is the amount of blood ejected by the ventricles in one minute?

Answer: 5 liters


9) Which blood group did the first people belong to?

Answer: It belongs to group O


10) How much blood circulates on an average in the body of an adult human being?

Answer: About 5 liters of blood


11) Which prevents the bleeding of gums?

Answer: Ascorbic acid


12) What is the volume of brain of an average human being?

Answer: 1500 cubic centimeter


13) Which human bones, connected with head?

Answer: Skull


14) Which human bones connected with neck?

Answer: Atlas


15) What ailment is caused by the blockage of blood vessel by a blood clot?

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Answer: Thrombosis


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16) What is the importance of cholesterol in our body?

Answer: Cholesterol is essential to the body for the metabolism of fats and Vitamin D


17) What is the average heart-beat in a human body per minute?

Answer: 72


18) What is the function of the kidneys in the human body?

Answer: To filter the nitrogenous waste from the blood and to secrete it in the form of urine


19) What is the circulatory system in the body?

Answer: Arteries and veins


20) What causes Pneumonia?

Answer: Bacteria


21) Write about Arteries Vessels:

Answer: Arteries are the vessels which take away blood from the heart to the various parts of the body


22) What are the functions of veins?

Answer: Veins are the vessels which carry blood to the heart from various parts of the body


23) What does the nervous system contain?

Answer: It contains the brain, nerves and the spinal cord


24) How many bones are the contents of the entire frame work of the human body?

Answer: 206 bones


25) Which gland is associated with Goiter?

Answer: Thyroid gland


26) What are the three types of muscles found in human body?

Answer: Voluntary, involuntary and cardiac muscles


27) Where is heart located?

Answer: On the left side of the chest


28) What is the duration of digestion in the small intestine in the human body?

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Answer: Approximately 12 hours


29) Which gland produces hormones in human body?

Answer: Endocrine glands


30) Which gland controls the endocrine gland?

Answer: Pituitary gland


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