Electronics Quiz Questions with Answers – What is Electronics – Electronics GK


Electronics Quiz Questions with Answers – What is Electronics – Electronics GK


Electronics Quiz Questions with Answers



 General Electronics Quiz Questions – Electronics GK


1) What do you mean by electronics?

Answer: The study of behavior of electrons, their control and use.


2) The process of adding certain impurities in the crystal structure of a semi-conductor so as to improve its conductivity is called?

Answer: Doping.


3) It is a process of allowing electric current to flow only in one direction that is changing A.C in to D.C.

Answer: Rectification.


4) What is called amplification?

Answer: It is the process of strengthening weak signals.


5) What is oscillation?

Answer: It is a process of conversion of D.C in to a signal of desired frequency.


6) What is liquid crystal?

Answer: They are organic compounds resembling both liquid and crystals.


7) Which of the electronics is known as wonder child of electronics?

Answer: Transistor.


8) Which device work on the principle of thermionic emission?

Answer: Valve.


9) The function of valve depends on the phenomenon?

Answer: Thermionic emission.


10) The third electrode in a triode is known as?

Answer: Control grid.


11) Electricity is not conducted through germanium because the number _?

Answer: Free electrons are comparatively less.


12) The thermionic valve named triode has _?

Answer: 3 electrodes.


13) The impurity to be added to get n-type semi-conductor is _?

Answer: Arsenic.


14) The impurity to be added to get p-type semi-conductor is _?

Answer: Boron.


15) Current conduction in p-type semi-conductor is due to _?

Answer: Holes.


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16) Current conduction in n-type semi-conductor is due to _?

Answer: Free electrons.


17) Semi-conductor crystal having an excess of electrons by doping is named?

Answer: N-type semi-conductor.


18) Example of donor is?

Answer: Antimony.


19) Example of acceptor is?

Answer: Gallium.


20) The hole is considered as?

Answer: Equivalent of a positive charge.


21) The process of extracting audio signals from high frequency carrier waive is known as?

Answer: Detection.


22) The upper limit of audibility for a normal human ear is?

Answer: 20000.


23) Detection is a kind of _?

Answer: Rectification.


24) The reverse process of modulation is _?

Answer: Detection.


25) The middle region of transistor is known as?

Answer: Base.


26) The current carriers in PNP transistor consist of _?

Answer: Holes.


27) The current carriers in NPN transistor consist of _?

Answer: Electrons.


28) The device which can be used as an amplifier and an oscillator is _?

Answer: Transistor.


29) A function which cannot be done by a junction of a diode is _?

Answer: Oscillation.


30) Power gain is equal to _?

Answer: Voltage gain x Current gain.


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