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20 Multiple Choice Geography General Knowledge Quiz

20 Multiple Choice Geography General Knowledge Quiz


20 Multiple Choice Geography and General Knowledge Quiz



You may recognize the names of these iconic monuments, but can you remember where to find them? Test your knowledge of Stonehenge, the Bastille, and more in this quiz.


1. Where might one find the Acropolis?
A) Rome
B) Beijing
C) Moscow
D) Athens

Answer: Athens
The Acropolis stands above the Greek capital, Athens. A fortress 500 feet (150 meters) above the city, the Acropolis was completed by about 438 BCE.


2. Where is Stonehenge located?
A) England
B) Estonia
C) Stone Mountain
D) Iceland

Answer: England
Stonehenge is an ancient structure located on England’s Salisbury Plain. The giant rocks that make it up were brought from quarries more than 186 miles (300 kilometers) away!


3. Near what Chinese city are the terracotta warriors buried?
A) Beijing
B) Xian
C) Nanjing
D) Shanghai

Answer: Xian
The terracotta warriors, an army of statues protecting a royal tomb, are buried near Xian, in central China.


4. Where might one go to see giant stone heads?
A) The Kremlin
B) Stonehenge
C) Cape Canaveral
D) Easter Island

Answer: Easter Island
Easter Island, which is part of Chile, is famous for its giant stone heads.


5. Where is Hadrian’s Wall?
A) England
B) Italy
C) Yemen
D) France

Answer: England
Built at the order of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 122 CE, Hadrian’s Wall extends across northern England.


6. Where is the Temple of the Tooth found?
A) India
B) Thailand
C) France
D) Sri Lanka

Answer: Sri Lanka
In Kandy, an ancient city in the highlands of Sri Lanka, is the Temple of the Tooth. It holds a sacred relic that is said to be the tooth of Buddha.


7. Where was the Bastille?
A) New York
B) Paris
C) Rome
D) London

Answer: Paris
The Bastille was a medieval fortress that once served Paris, France, as a prison. The site of a revolt that sparked the French Revolution, its fall is celebrated each year in France as Bastille Day.


8. Where would one find the Topkapi Palace?
A) Istanbul
B) Ismir
C) Baghdad
D) Berlin

Answer: Istanbul
One of the most famous sites in Istanbul is Topkapi Palace. Built in the 15th century, it was once the home of the sultans, or kings, of the Ottoman Empire.


9. In what city would one find the Brandenburg Gate?
A) Vienna
B) Paris
C) Berlin
D) London

Answer: Berlin
The Brandenburg Gate is one of the old city gates of Berlin, Germany. It was built in the late 1700s.


10. Where might one find a leaning tower?
A) Pisa
B) Katmandu
C) Shanghai
D) Montreal

Answer: Pisa
Perhaps the world’s most famous leaning tower is found in Pisa, Italy.



Which sea borders Iran? Where is the capital of Armenia? Sort out the facts in this quiz all about Middle Eastern countries.


11. What is the capital of Pakistan?
A) Karachi
B) Lahore
C) New Delhi
D) Islamabad

Answer: Islamabad
The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.


12. What is the capital of Armenia?
A) Yaoundé
B) Yangon
C) Yakutsk
D) Yerevan

Answer: Yerevan
One of the oldest cities in the world, Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It is located on the Hrazdan River, 14 miles (23 kilometers) from the country’s border with Turkey.


13. What is the chief port of Israel?
A) Havana
B) Edirna
C) Aqaba
D) Haifa

Answer: Haifa
Haifa is Israel’s chief port. It is also the country’s third-largest city.


14. What is the capital of Oman?
A) Muscat
B) Moscow
C) Mandalay
D) Montego

Answer: Muscat
The capital of Oman is Muscat.


15. The gateway to the Persian Gulf or Gulf of Iran is the:
A) Bering Strait
B) Strait of Hormuz
C) Strait of Malacca
D) Torres Strait

Answer: Strait of Hormuz
The Strait of Hormuz lies between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, separating Iran from the Arabian Peninsula.


16. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
A) Mecca
B) Cairo
C) Jeddah
D) Riyadh

Answer: Riyadh
The Saudi capital and commercial center is Riyadh. At its center is an ancient oasis, though most of the city was built after 1950.


17. What is the capital of Tajikistan?
A) Almaty
B) Samarqand
C) Dushanbe
D) Baku

Answer: Dushanbe
Tajikistan became independent in 1991. Although it is a young country, the history of its people dates back to ancient times. The capital is Dushanbe.


18. The highest mountain in Iran is:
A) Mount Everest
B) Pamir Mountain
C) Mount Damavand
D) Lenin Peak

Answer: Mount Damavand
The highest point in Iran is Mount Damavand in the Elburz Mountains. It reaches 18,386 feet (5,604 meters) above sea level.


19. Which of these seas does Iran border?
A) Caspian
B) Sargasso
C) Caribbean
D) Mediterranean

Answer: Caspian
Iran’s northern region borders the Caspian Sea.


20. On what ocean does Oman lie?
A) Atlantic
B) Indian
C) Southern
D) Pacific

Answer: Indian
Oman lies on the Arabian Sea, a branch of the Indian Ocean.


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